My name is Andrew Kaufman. I am a medical doctor and certified forensic psychiatrist. This pandemic is not a real medical pandemic. The COVID19 vaccine is not proven safe or effective because there has not been enough time. In addition there has not been any definition of any clear disease for which it can be tested against. There has not been a virus which has been purified or shown to be the cause of an illness. Thus there is no target for a vaccine. However, the bottom line is that since no additional deaths have occurred in relation to a new disease there is simply no need for a new vaccine.

Dr Hilde de Smet: Hi, my name is Hilde de Smet. I’m a Belgian medical doctor and I’d like to say that the new COVID19 vaccine is not safe and that there is no global medical pandemic. For almost twenty years the pharmaceutical industry has been trying to develop corona vaccines but never managed because they saw in the animal trials that there were serious side effects: auto-immune disorders when the animal was exposed to a new wild-type virus. These auto-immune disorders are comparable with the complications we have seen in some COVID19 patients. Now due to the excuse of a global pandemic the pharma industry has the permission to skip the animal trials. This means that we humans will be the guinea pigs and we might get severe side-effects when we are exposed to new viruses.

Nils Fosse: My name is Nils Fosse. I’m a medical doctor in Bergen, Norway. The COVID19 vaccine has not been proven safe and effective. It’s a new technology and it’s been tested on a few thousands of people in a few months. Please do your own research. This is not a real medical pandemic. They death rates in Norway are not higher than in an average year.

Dr. Elizabeth Evans: Dr. Elizabeth Evans, retired doctor and co-founder of the UK Medical Freedom Alliance. The COVID19 vaccines are not proven to be safe or effective. We believe that it is reckless and unnecessary to roll out these essentially experimental vaccines that are using a completely new MRNA technology to millions of people when there is only limited short-term safety data, no evidence that they will prevent transmission of the virus and no long-term safety data to rule out late-onset negative effects like auto-immune diseases, infertility and cancers.

Dr. Mohammed Adil: This is Dr. Mohammed Adil from the United Kingdom. I am a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of the UK and consultative surgeon. I have been working for the national health services for the last thirty years with an unblemished record. I am chairman of the Global Nishtarian Organization, All-Pakistan Medical Association UK, and recently we have developed World Doctors Alliance, in collaboration with thousands of health professionals across the world. Recently we had a very successful webinar which had been viewed by millions of people across the world. I am standing for the cause of humanity, especially in the current situation of downstating of fact in the Corona virus and the restriction imposed on the public. Many thanks.

Dr. Vernon Coleman: Doctors aren’t allowed to question COVID19 in public. Material containing the truth about the alleged disease and the vaccine is banned. In the last year I’ve been demonized and lied about and a fifty-year career and reputation trashed by those promoting a pandemic that never was and a vaccine that was never needed. The whole COVID19 scam is, as I said in March 2020, the greatest hoax in history. The principle of informed consent is essential in medicine, but patients now having vaccines can’t give informed consent because they aren’t being informed. Thank heavens for sites such as Brandnewtube, which carry uncensored videos by doctors who have been censored or banned elsewhere.

Dolores Cahill: My name is Professor Dolores Cahill. I’m a molecular biologist and immunologist and we have good news. The Corona virus and lockdown was not as severe as was thought. We know that we can treat the symptoms of COVID19 very successfully with vitamins D, C and zinc and with very safe medicines. So therefore the lockdown and the measures like social distancing, quarantining and masks were not necessary. And also a vaccine is then also not necessary. There has never been a licence or any vaccine and this is not because there have been many clinical trials but that in the safety studies there have been many adverse events and death in the animals that were used in these studies over the past twenty years.

Zac Cox: My name is Zac Cox. I’m a holistic dentist and a homeopath. I’m a founder member of the World Doctors Alliance. I believe that the pandemic is fundamentally over and was so in the summer. I also firmly believe that there is no long-term safety data on any of the COVID vaccines. This means that they are essentially experimenting on us, which is against the Nuremberg Code. I will not be taking the vaccine.

Dr. Anna Forbes: Hello. I’m Dr. Anna Forbes. I’m a UK medical doctor here representing the UK Medical Freedom Alliance. This is a growing body of scientists, academics, doctors and lawyers. We believe that there has been an overestimation of the public health risk from SARS-COP2 due to misrepresentation of data and inappropriate use of the PCR test. We call for the preservation of informed consent, medical choice and bodily autonomy. As doctors we believe this is absolutely crucial to maintain. Thank you.

Dr. Ralf ER Sundberg: I am Ralf Sundberg M.D., Ph.D. former associate professor in transplant surgery at Karolinska Institutet. My opinion of this corona virus crisis is that the PCR test is inaccurate. It actually causes so many false positives. So we are scared to vaccination and I don’t trust this vaccine.

Johan Denis: My name is Dr. Johan Denis from Belgium. The corona vaccine is not proven safe or effective. There is no medical emergency. It is a fake pandemic. The corona virus is in terms of harmfulness, mortality and transmissibility comparable to a seasonal flu and I can only reject the extreme disproportionate measures taken by our governments. There is no emergency situation. It was all orchestrated to make you fearful enough to take the vaccine. This vaccine is just not proven safe. It has been developed too quickly. We have no idea what the long-term effects will be. It needs much more investigation. There is no hurry or emergency. It might possibly change your DNA. This is irreversible and irreparable for all future generations. An experiment on humanity. I would never give it to myself, my patients or my loved ones. We are no guinea pigs.

Dr. Daniel Cullum: Hi. I am Dr. Daniel Cullum, chiropractic physician from Turpin Oklahoma USA. This is not a real medical pandemic the world is enduring at this time. The vaccine has not been proven safe or effective, and I will not be taking and/or recommending it because there is no safe vaccine. Period.

Moritz von der Borch. My name is Moritz von der Borch. I am working as a journalist in science and medicine and I’m from Germany. Do not take this vaccine. This vaccine is dangerous. This pandemic is a fraud.

Dr. Anne Fierlafijn. My name is Anne Fierlafijn. I’m a medical doctor from Belgium, specialized in chronic infectious diseases such as Lyme, Epstein-Barr, Maltz, etc. The COVID19 vaccine is not proven safe nor effective and I think it is unacceptable that all liabilities have been waived for the companies that are producing it. If pharma doesn’t take responsibility for the product they make, how can they expect doctors to inject them to their patients without doubt of doing harm? More and more, we see that this is not a medical pandemic. The measures for Corona cause far more collateral damage than the virus causes itself. World wide we see that the numbers of cases are falsely presented in order to drive the population to obedient behaviour and to vaccination. So please be critical. Do your own research. And don’t let the media manipulate you. I think it’s time to react, time to stand up for your freedom, for the future of your children. Don’t give in to anxiety, to polarization, to governmental control and to restriction of your freedom. All under the false pretext of a virus. Because that’s what’s happening.

Dr. Tom Cowan: Hi, this is Dr. Tom Cowan and I just want to remind people that we have to remember that health does not come from the injection of toxins into our bodies but rather from deciding what it means to be human and pursuing that with all your heart.

Dr. Kevin Corbett: I’m Dr. Kevin Corbett, a retired registered nurse and health scientist in the United Kingdom. The COVID vaccines are not proven safe or effective. COVID is not a real medical epidemic. The vaccines use synthetic products that will alter your genes, allow monitoring of your vaccination status and produce dangerous chemical reactions. Scientists are therefore demanding that all COVID vaccinations be immediately stopped. The real epidemic is fear and hysteria. It started in China and quickly spread via the World Health Organization. The hysteria was accelerated by corporations who gain financially through selling fast-tracked flawed medical tests, toxic anti-viral drugs and now unproven and potentially dangerous vaccines. Standard precautions, which normally protect the public, have been disregarded due to ignorance, hysteria and profits. For example, the vaccines have not undergone proper phase 3 tests. The COVID test, the PCR, is fatally flawed. It was never examined in the standard way by the United Kingdom National Health Service and it should never have been used on sick people or those with no symptoms. You can read about the flaws in the PCR test at www.

Dr. Carrie Madej: My name is Dr. Carrie Madej. I am an internal medicine physician from the United States of America. I own my own clinic and I’ve been medical director of two different clinics as well as being an attending physician for medical students over the last nineteen years. I’m here to tell you that there is no world-wide pandemic for COVID19. We’re using testing mechanisms called PCR that have never been indicated or created to diagnose any infection. This is not the way we should be diagnosing. In addition hospitals and doctors are getting financial incentives to diagnose COVID19. On top of that we have multiple lab errors happening around the world over and over, indicating more false positives. On top of that I am here to tell you that I will not take the COVID19 vaccine and I will not recommend the COVID19 vaccine for any of my patients. This vaccine is experimental on the human race, because they are proposing to use modified messenger RNA or modified DNA. synthetic to the human body. This is the first time ever this will ever be launched on the human race. We don’t know what could happen to us. In addition they are proposing to use nano-lipid technology or nanotechnology on the human race as well. There are so many different awful things that can happen to us and we need to investigate this before we go forward. This is my alarm call to the world.

Dr. Barre Lando: My name is Dr. Barre Lando and I’ve treated many vaccine damaged children. Due to the lack of proper testing and the spurious conditions surrounding the alleged pandemic I would highly caution anyone considering taking the COVID19 vaccine.

Kate Shemirani: I am Kate Shemirani, natural nurse in a toxic world. Do I believe there is a pandemic? Absolutely not. There is no evidence of that. Do I believe that COVID19 exists? Absolutely not. It has never been proven. Do I believe that the population need this new COVID19 dangerous vaccine that has not had the safety trials done, and it hasn’t ever been done before? Absolutely not. No-one needs it. Do I believe that our government should be arrested for possibly genocide? Absolutely.

Sandy Lunoe: I am Sandy Lunoe, retired pharmacist and I live in Norway. The COVID19 vaccines are not proven safe or effective. I focus on just two safety issues. The vaccines carry the risk of immune enhancement. Instead of protecting against infection the vaccine can actually make the disease worse when a vaccinated person is infected with the virus. Secondly, in the UK the Medicines and Health Care products Regulatory Agency has made an urgent request: “The MHRA urgently seeks an artificial intelligence software tool to process the expected high volume of COVID19 vaccine adverse drug reactions.”

Boris Dragin: My name is Boris Dragin and I am a licensed acupuncturist based in Sweden. I have been running a private complementary medical clinic for over forty years. This COVID pandemic is not a real pandemic. This is an assault on our human rights, our freedom and our societies. You’d have to be completely mad to accept untested experimental vaccine from a criminal manufacturer that rushes its safety programs and profits enormously from pressuring people to take it. And do you really think that there is an insurance company somewhere in the world that would dare to insure such a vaccine? Let our “leaders” and all other proponents of this toxic mix take it.

Dr. Piotr Rubas: My name is Piotr Rubas. I come from Poland. I work as an intern in Germany. I strongly disagree to getting vaccinated with this experimental preparation called the corona vaccine. Firstly each and every new vaccine has to undergo a period of clinical trials, which is at least five years. Secondly, why should I expose my body to something unknown due to a virus whose mortality rate is similar to that of seasonal influenza virus.

Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo: The COVID19 vaccine is not proven safe or effective. This is not a real medical pandemic.

Dr. Rashid Buttar: I want you to remember that each one of you, every single one of you, independently, is a beacon of light for those around you. So set the example. Stand up. Continue to fight. Continue to speak out. Especially for your children. Let your children see what it means to be free. Allow your children to witness your heroism and that you are willing to stand up and do what’s right, regardless of what’s going on around you.

Dr. Nour de San: The problem is not the principle of the vaccine. The problem is that they want us to believe that it was possible to develop a new vaccine in less than one year, against a new disease, using new adjuvant technologies and to do so on such a very very large scale. It’s not just the target population that will be vaccinated. They plan to vaccinate nearly every person on earth. Anyone who has worked on vaccinations knows that it requires time, so that we are able to collect enough data to ensure its efficacy and safety, and properly understand the long-term effects on our health.

Dr. Kelly Brogan: For the better part of a century vaccination has relied on corrupt science, propaganda, and systemic suppression of true informed consent. With the COVID vaccine we reach an inflection point where the truth is available for all to see. Will you trust GMO, pharmaceutical and 5G subsidizing eugenicist technocrats with your health? Or will you see through their claims to a transhumanist agenda that aims to dispossess you of trust in your body, of any agency around your own life and even of the fabric of your own humanity. Vaccination is penetration of the body, mind and spirit by the State. The COVID19 vaccine is not proven safe or effective. This is not a real medical pandemic.

Prof. Konstantin Pavlidis: My name is Konstantin Pavlidis and I’m a professor of collective science, a biomedical researcher and an integrated health care practitioner in London. I feel that the COVID19 virus is not a real medical pandemic and for this reason the vaccine that is being produced is not proven safe or effective because there are four stages: the latent asymptomatic stage, the developmental stage where there is a manifestation of symptoms: the virus convinces the T-cells that it’s not an invader and that it hacks into the the immune system, and finally the fourth stage is the decline in the virus’s presence where it is undetectable by any test and it is not present in the body liquids. The viral DNA becomes part of the DNA’s host immune cells. So for this reason no COVID tests are truly accurate. And no produced vaccine could be accurate as it tricks the immune system into reacting as if there is a real viral attack. And this triggers monocytes in the attempt to access the immune memory cells. These actions appear as viral symptoms, for example chronic fatigue, muscular contractions or mental health disorders ranging from depression to suicidal tendencies. And all of these are in fact side-effects of the vaccine’s influence.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Know that when they develop this it’s under the umbrella of the 2005 Prep Act. They have complete liability protection. You can’t sue them and you have no recourse if this vaccine harms you. They have been trying to develop a Corona virus vaccine since 2002, since we had SARS, and every animal study that they’ve done, particularly the ferret study, which the ferret’s immune system most mimics the human adult immune system, ferret studies, rats and rabbit studies, all the animals ended up with a paradoxical immune response in which the antibody levels that were very high actually accelerated the infection, made it much worse, and allowed the pieces of the virus to go inside of the cell and be incorporated into the DNA of the recipient of that vaccine, by a process called transduction. That transduction irreversibly puts that virus, snip of virus, into your DNA and transforms your cells.

Senta Depuydt: Hello, I’m Senta Depuydt. I’m a freelance journalist and I represent Children’s Health Defense in Europe with Robert F. Kennedy junior. We want to alert you to the fact that the current COVID vaccines are an experimental product based on the injection of genetic materials into our cells. And the risk of using these new technologies on humans and the environment are unknown, while they could have irreversible consequences. In April the Pandemic Accelerator Act of the European Union allowed vaccine producers to have a free pass for safety and on July 15 the European Parliament agreed to remove the need of risk evaluation requested under the GMO regulation. That decision was made in ten days. There were no scientific reports, no hearings in health commission, no debate and no amendment prior to this vote. So Children’s Health Defense Europe has asked for the annulment of this decision in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. Please share this information as it is extremely important to understand that the current COVID vaccines are not proven safe. All legislators have abandoned the principle of precaution by putting blind faith in a dangerous experiment.

Dr. Heiko Santelmann: My name is Heiko Santelmann. I’m a German medical doctor now working in Norway. I have been working with general practice for forty years, doing research for twenty years, the last ten years especially on vaccines. I have to shout out that this is not a real medical pandemic and the COVID19 vaccine is not proven to be safe or effective. I agree with the British Medical Journal that the testing is not done honestly. The claimed 90% effect us really only a 0.2% if you study the results. I wonder, why did Gates and his conspiracy theorists spend billions to develop vaccines that can sterilize men, women, and even their unborn children.

Dr. Margarita Griesz-Brisson: Uniform enforcement measures, medical measures, are unethical and cannot be implemented on a defenceless population, neither as tests nor as vaccines. Any medical intervention, testing, treatment or vaccine can only be implemented in an ethical and legal way based on an individual medical consideration, well-informed patient consent and clinical evidence of harmlessness beyond doubt. Thank you.

Dr. Mikael Nordfors: My name is Mikael Nordfors. I’m a medical doctor from Sweden and I’m working with integrative medicine. And there is no pandemic. And the vaccine is neither safe nor effective. And to give untested vaccine to entire humanity, use them as guinea pigs, is complete madness, and we must stop it. Now. And it’s even more madness to give it to children when children don’t suffer from COVID19. Nobody died under the age of fifty in my country so far. And there is only side-effects and risks. And costs. And that’s a waste of money and a waste of human life. And safety. So stop it now. And I also bet that there will never be a vaccine as safe and effective as vitamin D, that can reduce mortality between fifty and ninety-five percent depending on the level of vitamin D you have in your blood.

Dr. Elke F. De Klerk: Hello, I’m Elke de Klerk, I’m a medical doctor from the Netherlands. I have informed myself about the vaccine and I want to tell you about three things. First of all this vaccine could be sterilizing women and girls, secondly this vaccine could cause a viral interference, a priming and then it can cause a cytokine storm, which is very dangerous for your health, for people. This has been seen in humans and animals, animal testing with other corona virus vaccines. And thirdly this vaccine could change your genetic blueprint, your genetic codes, your DNA forever, and we don’t know what it’s going to bring. Thank you very much. Inform yourself, protect yourself, protect your children and look it up. Thank you.

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