• Chemtrails Project UK 1: The Paris Report
  • Chemtrails Project UK 2: What you can do now
  • Committee on Petitions: Objections to closure of Petition nº 0964/2013 – Climate Manipulation . Skyguards
  • George Perdikis – Cypriot Parliamentarian “Geoengineering”/clandestine spraying The resistance from European citizens: From the municipal council of Aegina to the European Parliament
  • Global March against Chemtrails and Geoengineering 25/4/2015
  • GREECE: Cypriot Greens Call for Chemtrail Investigation
  • California Board Votes to Investigate Covert Climate Engineering (17/6/2014)
  • Public meeting on chemtrails, convened by Arizona state senator Kelli Ward (25/6/2014)
  • Successful anti-chemtrails meeting in Kiato, Corinthia (13/04/2014)
  • 25th March 2014 – European Parliament accepts the Skyguards petition on aerial spraying/HAARP
  • Demonstration in Athens against chemical aerial spraying and climate manipulation (15/2/2014)
  • European Elections 2014 – Open letter to candidates
  • Reply from Committee on Petitions
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