The views of Arthur Firstenberg on electrical power – a comparative examination

W. Hall

To the best of my knowledge the “Meeting on Energy” is mostly a creation of the ecological milieu generated out of a problematic on renewable energy sources, i.e. solar and wind energy, which had been promoted by ecologists but started to be subjected to criticism not only by supporters of rival technologies but also from within the ecological milieu itself. Internationally known figures such as Michael Moore added their voices to this negative discourse , causing embarrassment to the ecologists and leftists who had dismissed as conspiracy theorists the people embracing the views they now heard being put forward by Michael Moore.

In the first months of 2020 the insistent condemnations of anthropogenic climate change denial by the school pupil Greta Thunberg was suddenly withdrawn to make room for horror over the corona virus COVID19. The quarantines and lockdowns put paid to a myriad of functions. De facto they necessitated a change of orientation. A prerequisite for investigation of the energy issue, or any other issue, was restoration of political normality.

I would like to introduce two analyses of the derailment of the previous normality. The first is focused on deceit, fraud. It is the study entitled “What on earth is going on? , translated from French by Claire Edwards, former United Nations official who was also one of the authors of the “International Appeal: Stop 5G on Earth and in Space“. The original text of “What on Earth is going on” was compiled by a group of French reserve army officers. Here is the English text.

I quote an extract from the study: “5G is a much larger power of electromagnetic energy than what we have seen before.

It is not just an update of 3G or 4G, which are already harmful enough, but a whole

new part of the electromagnetic spectrum, millimetre waves, more powerful than

anything we have seen before.

The human body is an electromagnetic field.

The brain communicates with the rest of the body, and the cells process thoughts,

information, electrically. When this electromagnetic field is in equilibrium, we are

healthy. When in imbalance or disharmony, we feel malaise, we suffer from diseases, which are manifested in the form of what we call physical or psychological diseases.

We are now bombarded 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by electromagnetic fields generated by technology and WiFi. And in this period of restriction justified by this “virus”, we see 5G being installed in more and more places.

Each rise in the level of radiation results in an epidemic.

Doctors and scientists from 41 countries signed a petition calling for a ban on 5G.

The impact of 5G on health has not been studied, otherwise it would never have seen the light of day. 5G satellites are irradiating every square centimetre of the Earth.

Certain people want this to happen because they seek to manipulate humanity. 5G

poisons the cells; they are poisoned by the electromagnetic field. The cells release the exosomes, and they will test you positive for COVID-19.”

Claire Edwards’ approach emphasizes the element of fraud and disinformation, exposing her to reproach from the official spokespersons for European policy. For example:

“Disinformation in the field of health is thriving, including in relation to the new COVID19 Corona virus. It is important to rely only on trustworthy sources to receive correct information on the outbreak of the virus” the Commission, and its president Ursula von der Leyen, stress.

The Commission notes that the EU maintains the world’s highest standards for consumers.

“This is the reason that we can go into a shop and feel sure about the products we buy. For 5G in particular it can be said that these exceptionally high standards are maintained. In reality our standards are much higher than those indicated in the international scientific data – because in the European Union people come first.

As has been made clear, there is no link between 5G and COVIC-19 and the virus cannot be transmitted via mobile telephone networks.

The corona virus spreads from one person to another through droplets when people sneeze, cough or exhale. 5G is the new generation of mobile telephony, transmitted through radio waves. There is no evidence that 5G is harmful to human health.”

Thus spake the Commission.

The task of exposing the disinformation of official sources at a time when they control almost the entirety of the mass media has the appearance of the labours of Sisyphus. It is something that Arthur Firstenberg does not seem even to attempt. Instead of that, in his book “The Invisible Rainbow” he presents a critique so radical that few will be prepared to face its implications, i.e. that the impasse of present-day civilization is a product of the advent of electrification.

Firstenberg reminds us that electricity was seen first as a component of life, of living organisms. It was employed for nearly two centuries in medicine before it began to be exploited intensively for lighting and powering machines. Initially electricity was direct current because alternating current does not exist in nature except in lightning. The Earth’s magnetic field operates with direct current.

“To some degree”, says Firstenberg “all man-made electrical energy is harmful. To some degree the damage can be controlled, for example through shielding around a wire. Of course, as soon as alternating current is introduced , the shielding problem is made more complicated, but not totally. The difference between the dangers of the past and those of wireless technology is that suddenly it is being broadcast deliberately to every square inch of the Earth. That cannot be fixed.”

The first electrical technology to be harnessed outside medicine was telegraphy. Simultaneously with the appearance of telegraphy a new disease began to be reported in the medical literature. It was called “neurasthenia”. Subsequently, 1889 saw the introduction of alternating current. This new form of electricity, almost unknown in nature, was developed by Nicola Tesla and adopted by Westinghouse. 1889 was also the year of the first modern influenza.

In 1918, when the United States entered the First World War, the intensive use of radio technology began in the context of the war effort. According to Firstenberg the flu epidemic which broke out after the war was caused by the sudden change in the Earth’s electromagnetic environment brought about by the world-wide use of radio for the first time.

Firstenberg acknowledges that “the world will not easily accept the idea that influenza is not an infectious disease”. Because the opposite conviction is so deeply rooted in society, the European Commission’s position that the Corona virus – and indeed influenza – “cannot be transmitted via mobile telephone networks” but spreads when people sneeze, cough or exhale” will remain predominant. A hundred years ago, at the time of the Spanish flu of 1918, persistent efforts were made to prove the infectious nature of influenza. Doctors in various universities recruited hundreds of healthy people, brought them into contact with flu patients and tried to infect them. They tried to infect them by collecting secretions and mucus, throat swabbings from very sick people, and had healthy people swallow it. They put it in their eyes, up their nose, they injected them with sick people’s blood. They were totally unable to infect a single healthy person with influenza from sick people. The same thing was tried with horses. They tried to infect healthy horses with secretions from sick horses, and again they failed. The influence of a flu virus is well-established, says Firstenberg, but the relationship between the virus and the disease is open to question. In contrast, the relationship between influenza and electricity is strong.

While the theses of the study “What on earth is going on?”, translated by Claire Edwards, reproduce the viewpoints of people stigmatized as conspiracy theorists, Firstenberg’s positions are more nuanced. He does not dismiss the possibility that that the activists campaigning over climate change might be in the right. He simply believes that the problem of 5g is much more immediate.

“They asked me if I think the Corona disease is caused by 5g and my answer is: not directly. But the parallel with 1918 is impressive. The 1918 flu didn’t start from a virus but from the proliferation of radio technology to such an extent that it transformed the electromagnetic environment of the Earth. The first, milder, wave of influenza in the winter, spring and summer of 1918 waves was caused by the spread of thousands of wireless telegraph stations, each with limited geographic range. The second wave, which lasted three whole years, caused disease in one third of humanity and killed ten percent of those who fell sick. It was caused by the upgrading of radio technology from the telegraph to the radio, from part-time implementation to full-time implementation, acquiring planetary dimensions.”

Arthur Firstenberg interview