The toxic rhetoric of climate change

Τwo comments:

Y: In our media-dominated era, spectacular figureheads such as Martin Luther King, Mandela and, yes, Greta Thunberg, whatever their real value and action, have become necessary to draw people’s attention toward needed change. So we have to accept and use their impact… never forgetting that the real groundwork by groups of dedicated and efficient volunteers is what ultimately gets results.

W: It would be preferable not to be drawn into the Greta Thunberg/Naomi Seibt divide-and-rule game. There are climate scientists such as Judith Curry who make the same critique of Greta Thunberg without them being either right-wing in their politics or climate-change-sceptic in their science. Is it through laziness that we haven’t discovered them and don’t promote them? Or is there another reason? Greta says that she should be in school, not doing what she does, and she is right. Who is stopping her from being in school? Why instead of Greta going back to school is another young girl simply introduced to say the opposite of what Greta says?

There is nothing divinely ordained about “our media-dominated era”. And there is no reason to include references to free markets or the Holocaust in a discussion of climate.”

The toxic rhetoric of climate change (post by Judith Curry)

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