Geoengineering Watch and the Australian fires

This is Geoengineering Watch’s take on the Australian fires:

Dane Wiginton never tires of exhorting “the masses”, without discrimination, to “wake up”. He has for years been sounding the alarm on climate engineering. He came to the subject through his experiences with his own solar power generation equipment, whose efficiency was being downgraded by the effects of climate engineering (i.e. the chemtrails, or contrails, to use the non-“conspiracy-theorist” word, were diminishing the performance of his solar panels). Where he differs from e.g. Max Igan is the relentlessly hectic tone of his rhetoric and his insistence on “waking the masses” and absence of any differentiated political strategy. (e.g. oriented to conservative people on the one hand, who in Australia might be prepared to petition the monarchy, and on the other to people who would be prepared to stage a general strike).

Look at this video, screened by Enouranois at a seminar on the margins of the COP21 climate summit in Paris.  The video would seem to support the concerns of the anti-coal lobby. But is the support being utilized, or even perceived?  No. Why not? When one starts a mass campaign, as promoted e.g. by Extinction Rebellion is it too dangerous to provide it with information rather than disinformation? Must Greta Thunberg be given preference to e.g. Marvin Herndon?  Adolescent tantrums rather than adult comprehension of all the factors involved?

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