by Yanna Myrat


It is a sad reality that while Greeks have been brought to their knees by the politics of austerity and befuddled by the terrorism of “what is going to happen with the debt, with wages….” etc. etc., certain individuals are proceeding unperturbed with their crimes against the people and organizing conferences for better imposition of Agenda 21 and for defence of their own particular interests.

A Global Conference on Global Warming will be held in Athens from 24th to 27th May 2015, with generous sponsorship from the Mytilineos group of companies.

Who is organizing this conference?



All of this is no more or less than Agenda 21 and the way it is being implemented. NGOs are set up which, although they are not state-run, function under the aegis of the state. They appropriate funding and sign contracts with companies. This is the species of corruption that is called Agenda 21 – (sustainable development).

Some of the subjects that will concern the conference:


  • “Making Europe stronger in energy and innovations through a more active science-policy dialogue”, Prof. Peter Lund, Chair Energy Programme European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC).
  • “Energy Technologies for minimum carbon footprint”, Prof. Shozo Kaneko, Professor of the Endowed Research Unit : Advanced Energy Conversion Engineering, Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, Deputy Director, Collaborative Research Center for Energy Engineering.
  • “Transport sector adaptation actions and prospects”, Prof. George A. Giannopoulos, Professor Emeritus Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Director of the Hellenic Institute of Transport, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas.
  • “First-Mover Advantages of the European Union’s Climate Change Mitigation Strategy”, Prof. Pantelis Kapros, E3MLab, National Technical University Athens.
  • “Reduce CO2 emissions by using the UN FoRFITS tool”, Konstantinos Alexopoulos, Secretary Rail Secretariat Transport Trends and Economics Secretariat UNITED NATIONS Economic Commission for Europe.

Now, all of these people agree on one thing: that the planet is overheating and we have climate change. Without this assumption they would not be able to sell their new products. They would not be able to introduce changes in transport that would go so far, in the near future, as abolishing the drivers of every species of vehicle, to “propose” new Green taxes, to make deals and put their lobbyists to work. For Agenda 21 and all these vested interests we MUST have climate change, whatever needs to be sacrificed!

And the sacrifice is occurring. It is being achieved through the spraying of the planet, night and day. We see it happening before our eyes every day. And with the high-tech resources available to the globalists the climate is being manipulated, producing the required extreme phenomena everywhere on earth.

The other sacrifice is the financial investment being made in the global propaganda of climate, the global Climategate.

Here the global elite is divided. On the one side are those who think we should have industries, for them to make profits from them. On the other are those who want degrowth and investment in “innovative ideas”, renewable energy sources, new technologies of robotics and informatics that will enable abolition of millions MORE jobs, to add to the growing catalogue of global unemployment and hunger.

They are divided, but still winning. Both tendencies stand to profit. The former are demanding wage reductions and “reforms”, brandishing the threat that this is the only way to stay competitive. The other side wants the same, so as to be able to launch new companies, with limited numbers of employees, so that they too can be competitive. In other words, everything for the elite.

And this their reason for spraying the climate, the climate which irrespective of propaganda from scientists is said to be cooling, as the warming stopped eighteen years ago and carbon dioxide plays no role in the heating of the planet.

(Comment by Enouranois: there are grounds for believing that this cooling could also be the result of climate modification: the reverse side of the warming of the Arctic. Cooling is engineered for the places where it is politically expedient to encourage global warming skepticism, e.g. in the United States.) Yanna continues: But these views are not so easy to find. You have to go looking for them. Because the United Nations, with whose blessing the spraying is taking place, wants Agenda 21 to go forward and Rockefeller is investing large sums to achieve just this. The ideas are not heard because Russians, Americans, Norwegians and Canadians are doing what they can technologically to melt the ice and gain access to the mineral resources of the far North.

Why Mytilineos?

The Mytilineos group of companies “came out of the crisis unscathed”. Apart from the fact that Mytilineos clearly has a direct line to God and advises Him on business strategy, it has reasons to be interested in the climate:

  • With its METKA company it undertakes big EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) projects to build electrical power installations, involving every form of energy.
  • Its Protergia company runs thermal installations, burning natural gas, but it also employs renewable energy sources.
  • Its M&M Gas company promotes alternative means for supplying natural gas.
  • Its Aluminium of Greece company produces various metals, but mainly aluminium, which it also exports.
  • And despite the fact that this Group of companies is deeply involved in energy questions, for the sake of Aluminium of Greece it lodged an appeal with the European General Court and secured annulment of the European Commission’s decision whereby the pricing of electricity by the Greek Public Power Corporation S.A. to Aluminium of Greece during the period from January 2007 to March 2008 was qualified as State aid. The initial court action had been launched by the Public Power Corporation. Now the patriotic Group is demanding that it be reimbursed to the amount of €17.4 million, (but, with interest, in total, €21.3 million) and for the situation, and the performance, of the Group to be assessed on this basis.

I cannot but reflect on a peculiar association of ideas: aluminium – spraying. Spraying with large quantities of aluminium. Mytilineos – aluminium. Climate manipulation – spraying – climate change – aluminium. Aluminium – sponsorship. Global warming.

I could continue until tomorrow. But it all boils down to Agenda 21 and some strange business.

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