The 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit (COP15) – Looking back (from Aegina)

The 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit (COP15) is generally seen as being a catastrophic failure.

There was, however, one little-reported meeting in the context of COP15 that looked as if it might be pointing to future discussions on other – and better – terms, namely the ETC Group’s discussion of geoengineering, including “solar radiation management”.

Activists in Aegina publicized this ETC Group meeting, screening the presentation, and even more importantly, the following discussion.

The Introductory Address at the Aegina meeting gave a summary of the activism of the day, some of which has withstood the test of time, but much not.

What has prevailed internationally is that instead of the deficiencies of the climate debate being addressed, the whole debate has been rejected by official politics in the USA as “a hoax”. (In fact President Trump has said: “A lot of it is a hoax. It’s a money-making industry.”) It has been left to the Chinese to lead contemporary discussion on the (defective) terms of the climate summits.

The ETC group made a timid attempt to rescue τηε subject of climate manipulation from the stigma of being “conspiracy theory”. But they have not succeeded.

Neither has the activism against “geoengineering” succeeded that was initiated in Aegina.

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