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In the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 the leaders of around 200 states decided to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases so that the temperature of the planet would fall to levels slightly higher than before the industrial age. If the plan does not succeed the dangerous consequences of climate change will be irreversible and obvious by the end of the century.

Two degrees above the level at which we find ourselves today is regarded by scientists as the tolerable ceiling for global warming. If that is exceeded extreme weather phenomena will be experienced: storms, droughts and a rise in the sea level are some of them. The consequences will be shortages of food and water and an increase in emigration as the planet becomes inhospitable. If we don’t change, this ceiling will be exceeded by 2050..

The leaderships of the countries and the great global polluters, with the attitudes they have adopted to date, can only be described as anything but trustworthy. Trump’s decision to withdraw the USA from the Agreement is the most characteristic.

Given all this, scientists in recent years have put forward many different ideas. One of them is geoengineering, that is to say manipulation of the climate which theoretically could cool the planet and stabilize the environment. There are two kinds of geoengineering: the first has to do with removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. At an industrial level this is already happening, but it is not enough to deal with the massive levels of emissions that are recorded every day. The second has to do with solar radiation management. In this more radical scenario theoretically the level of solar radiation being absorbed by the planet could be reduced by reflecting it away.

One way that this could be done, according to studies, is by spraying reflective particles in the upper levels of the atmosphere. This scheme is based on the cooling potential of volcanoes. The sulphur dioxide that is emitted during eruptions leads to the formation of sulphuric acid, which reflects the solar radiation and cools the planet. But finally the sulphuric acid could destroy the ozone layer, leaving the earth totally vulnerable to solar radiation.

Another solution, less dangerous, is – according to the experts – the reduction of high altitude cloud cover. Clouds that are formed at very high altitudes do not reflect much solar radiation but on the contrary cause a greenhouse effect. The higher they are the more intense the heating. And the warmer the environment the higher the level at which the clouds form. If sulphuric or nitric acid is introduced into these clouds their volume will decrease and they will not have such a heating effect on the surface of the earth. But if the spraying is not conducted carefully it could lead to the formation of more such clouds, with the result that rather than being cooled the planet will be further heated.

Because of these dangers, scientists emphasize that any such scheme must be implemented under very specific conditions, both chronologically and spatially, so as to have optimum effect. One such example would be ice at the poles, so as to stop the melting. But to date these schemes are being questioned by many and even the scientists that support them say that more research is needed.

Comment from W.H.: This “information” from Kouloglou. Up until now the criticism of “chemtrails” activists has mostly focused on the fact that the spraying is not a proposal but a reality. But perhaps the fraud is even worse in the sense that the spraying does not mitigate the global warming but in fact causes it.

Comment from Dylan Jones: Geoengineering is a proposal intended to cover over retrospectively the fact that spraying has been occurring since the onset of global warming and is most certainly intended to heat the planet rather than cool it.

It is an inverse version of the form of Geoengineering known as Thermal Radiation Management which involves the deployment of artificial particles (not sulphuric nor nitric acid) in optimum numbers so as to induce precipitation of higher clouds. In the ongoing reality an overseeding regime of too many particles has been established that increases higher cloud cover and consequent warming.

The form of Geoengineering known as Solar Radiation Management involving the spraying of sulphates to reflect sunlight would only be effective over regions close to the equator.

Finally, the Paris agreement cap of 2 degrees was an increase from pre-industrial levels not from today and if you think extreme weather, shortages of food and water and migration is a problem only looming in the future, you need to look out the window.

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