An exclusive interview with Dr Roger Hodkinson


VACCINES could cause “mass male infertility”, Anthony Fauci is a “dead man walking” and the inquest into the pandemic will leave “blood in the gutter” with reputations torn to shreds for their sheer “idiocy”.

Dr Roger Hodkinson says there is “sufficient evidence in the literature” to show the spike protein expresses in the placenta and the testes – and could kill unborn babies in current pregnancies and permanently stop men having children.

He also said no one should listen to the likes of Prince Harry advocating the jab because he has “nothing between his ears”.

Dr Hodkinson is a pathologist by training, with a wealth of knowledge in infectious disease, virology and evidence-based medicine, who was educated at Cambridge University and University College Hospital Medical School in London, before moving to Canada in 1970 and training at the University of British Columbia.

He came to notoriety for his speech to the Edmonton City Council on November 13 last year regarding their vote on extending mandatory mask orders, saying the response to Covid was “the biggest hoax perpetrated on an unsuspecting public”.

And now, despite describing the vaccines as “incredibly smart theories”, Dr Hodkinson has issued another impassioned plea, calling for a halt to the rollout in order to carry out further investigations.

By Stefan Schultz

He said: “I’m a serious evidence-based career pathologist who has done everything in pathology at national and provincial levels and I take evidence-based science very, very seriously. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I’m none of the above. But when I see certain things in the literature that could – underlined – have serious potential long-term sequelae, I think it’s my duty to stand up and blow the whistle and say ‘hey, stop the train, have you seen this? It needs to be looked at. I hope it’s wrong but show me the data’.

“The data I’m talking about is well-described in the literature, that of the significant expression of the ACE 2 receptor in both the placenta and the testes. And more importantly, in the testes it’s the cells that actually produce the spermatozoa, the precursors, called spermatogonia. Clearly there is an excess of spike protein circulating as a result of an unexpected surge in some people who get the vaccine.

“And that circulation takes the spike protein everywhere, including the placenta of women who happen to be pregnant at the time, which is a one-time hit for that particular pregnancy, probably not for subsequent ones. But there is also potential for a hit on the testes, which of course is not a one-time hit, it could be a permanent hit.

“In a world where we know that sperm counts have dropped 40 per cent over the last 10 or 20 years – a massive unexplained drop in sperm counts – we don’t need some additional hits on male fertility.

“There have been disturbing reports, to be verified, of increased miscarriages following vaccination. I’m concerned about that for sure but I’m more concerned of the potential of male infertility which could be permanent. A lot of this is could, maybe etc, etc, it’s merely appropriate caution given the scientific literature.

“You cannot test for fertility in a trial that lasts six months. Last time I checked, pregnancy lasts nine months. And in order to test for sequential pregnancies and the need for longer-term fertility studies, it cannot be done outside of a two-to-four years window, which is the normal time frame for a new vaccine trial.”

Over the past few days, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has described as “great news” the fact that all aged 32 and over can now book their Covid vaccine, repeating the mantra that it is both safe and effective. And the call to vaccinate children is growing louder, with Hancock saying last week: “I’ve been closely following the results from the clinical studies from Pfizer that show that the vaccine is safe and effective among children between the ages of 12 and 18.”

Dr Hodkinson said: “It is absolutely outrageous. Look, children are not dying of this condition, at least in my own province, they have been no deaths under 19 recorded at all. It is the same internationally.

“Children are not dying of this condition first of all, they are not even suffering from this condition. The vast majority just brush it off without even knowing they’ve got it. So it’s not a problem for children. And if it’s therefore not any more of a problem than a trivial cold for children, then why in God’s name are we subjecting them to an untested vaccine? It is not an emergency, it is not needed and it has potential complications on fertility and therefore it’s utterly reckless.

“It could be described as the single event in medical malpractice in medical history, because there is no informed consent. For them to say a single word with four letters without any qualifiers at all, to say that this is safe is a massive distortion of not just the English language but makes you extremely culpable in court, if they weren’t protected by statute for being sued as bureaucrats and politicians. Any individual physician who did that would be hauled before his college before he could spit for failure of informed consent.

“Vaccinating children is absolutely obscene – obscene. They are not at threat and you are putting them at risk.”

The level of coercion, however, is also on the increase. The NHS app has now morphed into a Vaccine Passport and there are discussions taking place this week – including with football’s Premier League – to introduce them at domestic level. Royal Ascot could be used as a pilot for the scheme.

Nevertheless, Prince Harry, who moved to America for more privacy but who has bathed in the limelight ever since, appeared at a Vax Live event calling for people to get the jab.

Dr Hodkinson said: “If he had anything between the ears he might be worth listening to. Who cares what film stars and royalty say about this? They are all congenital idiots in my opinion.

“Let me just paint the big picture here for the contrast between vaccinations and other forms of therapies. If in fact this is an emergency as they claim, which I contest, but let’s take their word for it, they are using it to vaccinate people without an appropriately tested vaccine. If you accept that a potentially dangerous vaccine, for which there is growing evidence of danger, contrast that with the prohibition of physicians to prescribe ivermectin, or vitamin D for that matter.

“Here we have individual physicians relating to their individual patients who are traditionally expected to give a judgment for the patient to decide in full consent. But ivermectin has, on paper, enormous evidence of effectiveness, while at the same time, in contrast to the vaccine, shown to be incredibly safe, billions of doses over many years of use.

“So here we have an agent that, OK it may not be effective, we accept that, it’s still an uncertainty to a certain degree, but it may work and it is safe. So you can’t have it both ways. If you’re saying you’re vaccinating people because it’s an emergency, you should take the dogs off physicians to allow them to decide individually if an agent is potentially effective and should be used because it is safe. You can’t have it both ways.”

Dr Hodkinson does not believe many of the theories out there and says what is happening is nothing more than politicians refusing to admit that they are wrong.

“They are constantly trapped in a mistake of their own making in which they cannot admit they were wrong and therefore they double down on it,” he said. “It’s nothing more than that and they can’t fess up. And so they want to wrestle this to the ground – zero Covid and all that idiocy that from a scientific perspective is ludicrous. It cannot conceivably happen.

“This virus is everywhere. It’s in an aerosol in every aisle in every foodstore whether you are walking past someone or not. It’s the roulette game of life, you may get it, you may not. And if you get it and you’re under 65 and you’re otherwise well, it’s going to be nothing more than the regular flu, except for a small number of people who sadly are going to get a severe infection and some of them will die. It is really tragic and I’m not being callous saying this but it happens every single year with the flu. In fact children die of the flu every year.

“There is a greater risk of a teacher driving to school and dying of a head-on collision than there is of a teacher dying of Covid that she thinks she might have caught in the school. So do we take cars off the road? No we don’t do we. We live with the risk of a head-on collision every time we pass a car on the road. It’s part of the risk of everyday life. These Governments want to control every single risk of life. And this is merely one example.

“I do not think this is some big internationally coordinated conspiracy by the great resetters, not at all. Are they taking huge advantage of it? Unquestionably. And despicably so. But as to why it is being maintained, I think you have to look at a number of factors. The first way it is being maintained is because of asymptomatic testing showing a huge number of false positives, certainly when you start getting up to cycle thresholds above 35, the vast majority, 90 per cent, are false positives.

“That drives a graph in the morning paper that supports the hysteria in the population because they haven’t got any information to counter what’s going on. And the politicians use those graphs to double down on the idiocy that’s already underway.

“It’s now morphed from lockdowns into vaccines and then it will morph again into vaccine passports, all in lockstep. But the second reason the hysteria in continuing is the ruthlessly efficient international censorship of the three usual sources of information for the general public outside of Government and that is individual politicians, who have been kicked out of their party, at least in Canada, for daring to speak up, the journalists, mainstream media is corrupt internationally, at least in Canada, they have been bribed into silence by money being chucked at them by the bucketload – you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. But more importantly physicians, who are the most respected and best source for the general public for anything that is relevant to this issue.

“Listen, I’m in the game here and you cannot imagine how petrified – I’m using that word advisedly – how petrified physicians are in this country of their regulatory bodies, so-called colleges of physicians and surgeons. They have the ability to take away your livelihood by a click of the finger.

“It’s like the star chamber of the middle ages, you’re guilty until proven innocent, you have to fund your own defence and they have a history of winning or bankrupting you along the way. So the typical physician shuts up.

“It’s not just the colleges who may censor you, it’s the institutions in which you work who can deny you privileges. At least with the college there is the chance to contest the decision. With institutions that award you privileges to operate for example, they have a hotline directly to the ministries and it wouldn’t be recorded, it would just be “get this guy” click. And you’re done. You’re done. You don’t operate any more.

“But this is the classic situation of politicians honouring that most important principle in politics – never apologise, you simply morph it into something else and you move on. They got themselves into this hole immediately because of that idiot at Imperial College London, Neil Ferguson, who’s not a physician or an epidemiologist, he is a theoretical physicist, he was notoriously wrong by an order of magnitude in his predictions from previous epidemics and no one internationally did due diligence on his latest idiocy based upon largely the things that were going on with the elderly in Milan.

“They all assumed it was Armageddon coming. With the speed of modern communication the media picked that up, the media gorges on crises and that basically landed on every premier and prime ministers desk the next morning with the demand of their No2 that something must be done that is visible that I’m doing something because Armageddon is coming.

“So they did all this stupid stuff for which there is no evidence in the medical literature whatsoever for effectiveness and when it was shown not to be working they simply doubled down on it, again and again. It’s the classic situation as I said of politics playing medicine, which is an extraordinarily dangerous game.

“But I don’t think it [the virus] was an intentional leak by the lab in Wuhan, it’s certainly a consequence of Gain of Function research that Anthony Fauci directly funded. It’s a made-in-USA virus. So they dug themselves into this hole and rather than admitting it and apologising and getting back to normal like they are in Florida quite effectively, most jurisdictions are simply doubling down on the idiocy and hoping it will go away because it always does in the summer when the sun comes up and we all start making vitamin D again.

“But they will claim they rattled it to the ground because the cases were dropping. The classic fallacy trap is of course that just because B follows A doesn’t mean that A caused B and they will claim credit for the disappearance over the summer.

“That is why we are in this ongoing mess is because they didn’t put their big pants on and say ‘I was wrong’ and just doubled down on it.

“Look at Fauci, if one mask doesn’t work, well maybe two or three or perhaps 10. If you wear 10 I guarantee you will not get Covid because you will actually be dead of hypoxia. Let me tell you explicitly: masks don’t work. Period. Period. Nothing works. Nothing could work. Nothing did work. And nothing will work. It should be life as normal with personal responsibility used to control it in the usual way.

“When you are standing behind someone lined up in a food store, you don’t tap them on the shoulder and say ‘hey excuse me can I suck the snot out of your nose’? We don’t do that do we. We behave responsibly. We get it, we pass it to our family, we get herd immunity the natural way. You don’t need the Government involved in this mess whatsoever. Protecting the people in nursing homes should be the only thing that’s done. And there are way to do that without vaccination even for older people.

“But that guy [Fauci] is corrupt. He’s an idiot and corrupt. He has his fingers in the pie in various patents and so on. And he is trying to dodge the bullet which is getting closer and closer to him. There was one interview that he gave in which he looked straight at the camera and said  in very precise lawyered words: “We did not pay for Gain of Function research in the Wuhan lab”. He is wriggling off the hook in prime time television.

“But they’re going to get him. He’s the walking dead right now. He should be jailed. Head in the sand. These lockdowns are killing people. Quite apart from the quality adjusted life years lost, with all the depression and near suicides and bankruptcies and all the tragedies of people not attending funerals and weddings cancelled and school closures and so on and so on, this is the kind of stuff that you go to jail for in civil society.”

And he added: “It’s not even a conspiracy theory as to what’s in the vaccines. These are incredibly smart vaccine theories which are being used and they may well be incredibly successful in other future vaccination programmes. The science is remarkable and I take my hats off to them.

“But it’s a new technology and these adverse events that are being recorded not least of which by the way the deaths shortly following vaccination, which have taken off remarkably.“The deaths that are being reported are an order of magnitude greater than previous vaccine programmes and that should get people’s attention. We are trying to save people here. But it looks like we’re actually killing people.”

Dr Hodkinson also ridiculed the fearmongering over variants, with the Indian and Yorkshire version both being ramped up seemingly ready to kill off any hope of the full opening here in the UK on June 21, saying: “Our immune system is so unbelievably efficient and these variants, only the nucleic acid sequence varies only about three per cent from the original version, so the reality is that the rest of the virus is going to be attacked by the immune system whether it’s a variant or not.

“But what is unconscionable here is that every time you turn around they are using a statistic the wrong way. For example, imagine I’m a doc visiting you and you’re granny in a nursing home and you’ve got Covid, proven, let’s accept it was accurate. You have symptoms to go along with it.

“So I say ‘hey granny, you know what, your risk of dying from this is three or four times greater than it is with the flu. And you’d say ‘that sounds bad’.

“Next day I walk in to see granny and I say ‘hey granny, looks like you have Covid but let me give you some assurance here. If this was the flu you’d have a 99 per cent chance of surviving and with Covid you have a 96 per cent chance of surviving. Granny would say ‘hey doc that doesn’t sound too bad, can you let me go now’?.

“It is exactly the same statistics which get warped to maintain the narrative. Their job should be to assuage concern not to amplify it.

“It’s not just lesser lights like me. You’ve heard Jay Bhattacharya say publicly as one of the most esteemed epidemiologists in the world from Stanford “lockdowns have been the single biggest mistake ever made in public health. It is that scale of stupidity that is going on.

“When the history of this madness is written, and there will be hundreds of books on it over the next few years, reputations will be slaughtered. There will be blood in the gutter because of the obvious insanity of what’s happening on a scale that’s never been seen before.”

Globalist Technocrats Poised to Press the Great Reset Button

WH: Is there any hope of Yanis Varoufakis giving up his attempt to steal the role of Prince Charles, and instead focus at long last on being a genuine left-wing revolutionary rather than a fake and/or muddlehead? What is needed today is a champion footballer, not a rival referee.


Not one area of life will be left untouched by The Great Reset plan, which aims to reform everything from government, energy and finance to food, medicine, real estate, policing — even how we interact with our fellow human beings.

Story at-a-glance:

  • The globalist technocracy is using the COVID-19 pandemic to bypass democratic accountability, override opposition, accelerate their agenda and to impose it on the public against our will.
  • The Great Reset refers to a global agenda to monitor and control the world through digital surveillance. You’ll be tied to it through an electronic ID linked to your bank account and health records, and a social credit ID that will end up dictating every facet of your life.
  • The Great Reset is about getting rid of capitalism and free enterprise, and replacing them with technocracy, publicly referred to as “sustainable development” and “stakeholder capitalism”.
  • There’s not a single area of life that is left out of this Great Reset plan. The planned reform will affect everything from government, energy and finance to food, medicine, real estate, policing and even how we interact with our fellow human beings in general.
  • Privacy protections are a major hurdle in this plan, which is why every effort is made to get people to loosen their views on the right for privacy. In the U.S., we also have the Constitution that stands in the way, which is why efforts to undermine, circumvent, ignore or nullify it are increasing.

What is this “Great Reset” we’re now hearing about? In a nutshell, the Great Reset refers to a global agenda to monitor and control the world through digital surveillance.

As explained by journalist James Corbett in his Oct. 16, Corbett Report above, the Great Reset is a new “social contract” that ties every person to it through an electronic ID linked to your bank account and health records, and a social credit ID that will end up dictating every facet of your life.

It’s about getting rid of capitalism and free enterprise, and replacing them with “sustainable development” and “stakeholder capitalism” — terms that belie their nefarious, anti-humanity intentions. As noted in the book, “Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order”:

“… Sustainable Development is Technocracy … The Sustainable Development movement has taken careful steps to conceal its true identity, strategy and purpose, but once the veil is lifted, you will never see it any other way. Once its strategy is unmasked, everything else will start to make sense.”

The grand plan 

In her blog post “The Great Reset for Dummies,” Tessa Lena summarizes the purpose behind the call for a global “reset”:

“The mathematical reason for the Great Reset is that thanks to technology, the planet has gotten small, and the infinite expansion economic model is bust — but obviously, the super wealthy want to continue staying super wealthy, and so they need a miracle, another bubble, plus a surgically precise system for managing what they perceive as ‘their limited resources.’

“Thus, they desperately want a bubble providing new growth out of thin air — literally — while simultaneously they seek to tighten the peasants’ belts, an effort that starts with ‘behavioral modification,’ a.k.a. resetting the western peasants’ sense of entitlement to high life standards and liberties (see awful ‘privilege’).

“The psychological reason for the Great Reset is the fear of losing control of property, the planet. I suppose, if you own billions and move trillions, your perception of reality gets funky, and everything down below looks like an ant hill that exists for you. Just ants and numbers, your assets. Thus, the practical aim of the Great Reset is to fundamentally restructure the world’s economy and geopolitical relations based on two assumptions:

“One, that every element of nature and every life form is a part of the global inventory (managed by the allegedly benevolent state, which, in turn, is owned by several suddenly benevolent wealthy people, via technology).

“And two, that all inventory needs to be strictly accounted for: be registered in a central database, be readable by a scanner and easily ID’ed, and be managed by AI, using the latest ‘science.’

“The goal is to count and then efficiently manage and control all resources, including people, on an unprecedented scale, with unprecedented digital … precision — all while the masters keep indulging, enjoying vast patches of conserved nature, free of unnecessary sovereign peasants and their unpredictability.”

Global asset reallocations will not benefit “the people”

These new global “assets” can also be turned into brand new financial instruments that can then be traded. An example of this was given by Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., in my interview with her.

In it, she explained how India is headed toward Zero-Budget Natural Farming — a brand-new concept of farming in which farmers must trade the carbon rate in their soil on the global market if they want to make a living. They’ll get no money at all for the crops they actually grow.

There’s not a single area of life that is left out of this Great Reset plan. The planned reform will affect everything from government, energy and finance to food, medicine, real estate, policing and even how we interact with our fellow human beings in general.

Privacy protections, of course, are a major hurdle in this plan, which is why every effort is made to get people to loosen their views on the right for privacy. In the U.S., we also have the Constitution that stands in the way, which is why efforts to undermine, circumvent, ignore or nullify it are increasing.

“To sum it up, the desired end result is a giant, joyless, highly controlled global conveyor of everything and everybody where privacy is tremendously expensive, dissent is unthinkable, and spiritual submission is mandatory.

It’s like a 24/7 medicated reality, except the medications are both chemical and digital, and they are reporting you back to the mothership, which can then punish you for bad behavior by, say, blocking your access to certain places or by putting a hold on your digital bank account — perhaps without any human intervention at all,” Lena writes.

Stakeholder capitalism

An Oct. 5, Winter Oak article addressed the “technocratic fascist vision” of professor Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the WEF who wrote the book, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Schwab announced the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Initiative in June 2020, which includes stripping all people of their privately owned assets.

In addition to being a staunch technocrat, Schwab also has a strong transhumanist bend, and he has spoken of a near future in which humans merge with machines and in which law enforcement will be able to read our mind.

Winter Oak — a British nonprofit social justice organization — points out that Schwab and his globalist accomplices are using the COVID-19 pandemic “to bypass democratic accountability, to override opposition, to accelerate their agenda and to impose it on the rest of humankind against our will.”

“Ultimately, the Great Reset will result in two tiers or people: The technocratic elite, who have all the power and rule over all assets, and the rest of humanity, who have no power, no assets and no say-so in anything.”

This is no conspiracy theory. The plan is out in the open. As noted by Time magazine, “The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a unique opportunity to think about the kind of future we want.” The same statement has been delivered by a number of politicians and organizations around the world in recent months.

Schwab’s book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset” also urges industry leaders and decision makers to “make good use of the pandemic” and “not letting the crisis go to waste.” Incidentally, the owner of Time magazine and founder of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, is also a board member of the WEF, so he’s clearly familiar with the reset plan.

The problem is that while the plan is being sold as a way to, finally, make life fair and equitable for all people, the required sacrifices do not apply to the technocrats running the system. Ultimately, the Great Reset will result in two tiers or people: the technocratic elite, who have all the power and rule over all assets, and the rest of humanity, who have no power, no assets and no say-so in anything.

While technocracy is not a political system but an economic one, in practical terms it does resemble fascism. None of it is being sold under the banner of fascism, of course. Instead, they use financial terms like “stakeholder capitalism,” described by Forbes magazine as “the notion that a firm focuses on meeting the needs of all its stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, the community and society as a whole.”

In that same article, Forbes points out that this strategy has already been tried and failed. It failed because balancing conflicting stakeholder claims was near-impossible and only led to mass confusion and poor returns. The failure of this strategy is what led big businesses to focus on maximizing shareholder value instead.

Now, at a time when big business finds itself under attack for “single-mindedly shoveling money to its shareholders and its executives at the expense of customers, employees, the environment and society as a whole,” the answer, they say, is to return to stakeholder capitalism. But if it didn’t work before, what makes us think it will work now?

Great reset plan for big food 

A Nov. 9, article in The Defender, a new media platform by the Children’s Health Defense, also points out the problems with the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan for the food industry:

“The architects of the plan claim it will reduce food scarcity, hunger and disease, and even mitigate climate change. But a closer look at the corporations and think tanks the WEF is partnering with to usher in this global transformation suggests that the real motive is tighter corporate control over the food system by means of technological solutions.”

Aside from the food industry, partners include data mining giants, telecommunications, weapons manufacturers, finance, drug companies and the biotechnology industry.

Looking at that list, it should come as no surprise that the WEF insists the future of food and public health hinges on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), laboratory-grown protein, drugs and industrial chemicals.

The EAT Forum and the rise of food imperialism

To further the fake food takeover, the WEF has partnered with the EAT Forum, which will set the political agenda for global food production. The EAT Forum was cofounded by the Wellcome Trust, which in turn was established with the financial help of GlaxoSmithKline.

EAT currently collaborates with nearly 40 city governments across Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia, and maintains close relationships with imitation meat companies such as Impossible Foods, which was co-funded by Google, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

As noted by The Defender, the ultimate aim is to “replace wholesome nutritious foods with genetically modified lab creations.” To this end, EAT is working with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to establish global dietary guidelines and sustainable development initiatives.

The “Planetary Health Diet” developed by EAT is a diet that is supposed to replace all others. Federic Leroy, a food science and biotechnology professor at University of Brussels told The Defender:

“The diet aims to cut the meat and dairy intake of the global population by as much as 90% in some cases and replaces it with lab-made foods, cereals and oil.”

Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., has raised harsh critique against the proposed diet saying it “is not about nutrition at all. It’s about big business and it’s about a corporate takeover of the food system.” The Defender adds:

“According to EAT’s own reports, the big adjustments the organization and its corporate partners want to make to the food system are ‘unlikely to be successful if left up to the individual,’ and the changes they wish to impose on societal eating habits and food ‘require reframing at the systemic level with hard policy interventions that include laws, fiscal measures, subsidies and penalties, trade reconfiguration and other economic and structural measures.’

But Shiva said this is the wrong approach, because ‘all of the science’ shows that diets should be centered around regional and geographical biodiversity. She explained that ‘EAT’s uniform global diet will be produced with western technology and agricultural chemicals. Forcing this onto sovereign nations by multinational lobbying is what I refer to as food imperialism.’”

The future of food and health care

You can get a feel for where the future of food is headed by analyzing the WEF’s strategic intelligence map. As you can see, this top-down approach ties food production to a wide range of sectors, including biotech, the chemical industry, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and the digital economy.

For more details on Schwab and the WEF’s strategic intelligence plan, see Covert Geopolitics’s article, “Breaking Down the Global Elite’s Great Reset Master Plan.”

If any of this raises your concern, you’re probably not going to like what the World Health Economic Forum has in store for health care reform either. As detailed on their website:

“Our current capital intensive, hospital-centric model is unsustainable and ineffective. The Platform for Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare leverages a data-enabled delivery system and virtual care, integrated across the continuum of care from precision prevention to personalized care delivery …”

Aiding the WEF in this health care transformation are the biggest corporate criminals in the history of the modern world, including Bill GatesAstraZenecaBayerJohnson & JohnsonMerckPfizerNovartis and a host of others.

These companies have at various times been found guilty of all sorts of crimes that they have paid tens of billions of dollars in fines for. They are also loaded with conflicts of interest in nearly every venture they are involved with. Yet we’re now supposed to believe these companies are going to put aside their profit incentives and fix the whole system?

Build back better 

As noted in a July 21, 2020, WEF article, the economic devastation caused by COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns “has the potential to hobble global prosperity for generations to come.” The answer is to come up with stimulus measures, such as infrastructure development, that can allow countries to move forward.

But while at it, countries are urged to make sure the economic system is “built back better.” Make no mistake, this catchy slogan is part and parcel of the Great Reset plan and cannot be separated from it, no matter how altruistic it may sound. As reported by Fox News:

“A radical movement called the Great Reset embraced by some Democrats poses a grave threat to liberty and free markets in the United States and around the world … The Great Reset is perhaps the biggest danger to capitalism and individual rights since the collapse of the Soviet Union …

“It would destroy the current capitalist system and replace it with progressive and modern socialist systems, with a special emphasis placed on eco-socialist policies … Policy ideas offered by ‘Great Reset’ advocates include government-provided basic income programs, universal health care, massive tax increases and the Green New Deal …

“For example, at a campaign event on July 9, Biden said we need to end the ‘era of shareholder capitalism,’ a major part of the Great Reset proposal that would alter how companies are evaluated, elevating social justice causes and climate change concerns over property rights …

“The Build Back Better plan comes straight from the Great Reset’s playbook … As recently as July 13, the WEF promoted ‘building back better’ through ‘green’ infrastructure programs as part of the Great Reset …”

Part of the “building back better” is to shift the financial system over to an all-digital currency system, which in turn is part of the system of social control, as it can easily be used to incentivize desired behaviors and discourage undesired ones.

An Aug. 13 article on the Federal Reserve website discusses the supposed benefits of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). There’s general agreement among experts that most major countries will implement CBDC within the next two to four years.

Many uninformed people believe that these new CBDCs will be very similar to existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but they would be mistaken. Bitcoin is decentralized and a rational strategy to opt out of the existing central bank controlled system, while these CBDCs will be centralized and completely controlled by the central banks and will have smart contracts that allow the banks to surveil and control your life.

The Great Reset psyops guide

It goes without saying that to achieve that kind of radical transformation of every part of society has its challenges. No person in their right mind would agree to it if aware of the details of the whole plan. So, to roll this out, they had to use psychological manipulation, and fear is the most effective tool there is.

As explained by psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, there’s an entire school of public health research that focuses on identifying the most effective ways to frighten people into accepting desired public health measures.

By adding confusion and uncertainty to the mix, you can bring an individual from fear to anxiety — a state of confusion in which you can no longer think logically — and in this state, you are more easily manipulated. The following graphic illustrates the central role of fear mongering for the successful rollout of the Great Reset.

Social engineering is central to technocratic rule

In closing, keep in mind that technocracy is inherently a technological society run through social engineering. Fear is but one manipulation tool. The focus on “science” is another. Anytime someone dissents, they’re simply accused of being “anti-science,” and any science that conflicts with the status quo is declared “debunked science.”

The only science that matters is whatever the technocrats deem to be true, no matter how much evidence there is against it. We’ve seen this first hand during this pandemic, as Big Tech has censored and banned anything going against the opinions of the World Health Organization, which is just another cog in the technocratic machine.

If we allow this censorship to continue, the end result will be nothing short of devastating. We simply must keep pushing for transparency and truth. We must insist on medical freedom, personal liberty and the right to privacy.

One fight in particular that I don’t see us being able to evade is the fight against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. If we don’t take a firm stand against that and fight for the right to make our own choice, there will be no end to the medical tyranny that will follow. As noted in the Covert Geopolitics article.

“As you might have guessed, ‘the most important anchor of recovery is for a COVID-19 vaccination … The implication is that without a vaccine the world will be unable to return to any sense of normality, particularly in terms of open interaction with your fellow man …

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal’s ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.”

Published with permission from Mercola.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Children’s Health Defense.

Αναγκαιότητα της απαγόρευσης κυκλοφορίας;

Ο Δρ Roger Hodkinson, μέλος του Royal College Ιατρών και Χειρούργων του Καναδά

Κύριε Πρόεδρε, είμαι ο Δρ Hodkinson. Ήθελα απλά να σας ενημερώσω ότι περιμένω.

Ω, εντάξει, ωραία. Θα θέλαμε πολύ να σας ακούσουμε. Ο λόγος είναι σε εσάς.

Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ. Εκτιμώ την ευκαιρία που μου δίνετε να σας μιλήσω για αυτό το πολύ σημαντικό θέμα. Θα εκφραστώ με απλό και ευθύ λόγο. Αυτό που θα πω είναι αντίθετο στο κεντρικό αφήγημα και για να μην σκεφτείτε αμέσως ότι είμαι κομπογιαννίτης, θα περιγράψω εν συντομία τα διαπιστευτήριά μου, ώστε να καταλάβετε από πού προέρχομαι όσον αφορά το υπόβαθρο γνώσεων για όλα αυτά.

Είμαι ιατρός ειδικός στην παθολογία, η οποία περιλαμβάνει την ιολογία. Εκπαιδεύτηκα στο Πανεπιστήμιο του Cambridge στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο. Είμαι ο πρώην πρόεδρος του τμήματος παθολογίας της ιατρικής ομοσπονδίας. Ήμουν προηγουμένως επίκουρος καθηγητής στην Ιατρική Σχολή, με μεγάλη διδακτική εμπειρία. Ήμουν Πρόεδρος της εξεταστικής επιτροπής του Royal College of Physicians του Καναδά στην παθολογία στην Οττάβα. Αλλά περισσότερο σχετικό με αυτό που συμβαίνει, είμαι σήμερα ο πρόεδρος μιας εταιρείας βιοτεχνολογίας στη Βόρεια Καρολίνα, που πουλάει ένα είδος τεστ COVID19. Και θα μπορούσατε να πείτε ότι ξέρω λίγο για όλα αυτά.

Η ουσία είναι απλώς αυτή: υπάρχει εντελώς αβάσιμη δημόσια υστερία, καθοδηγούμενη από τα μέσα ενημέρωσης και τους πολιτικούς. Είναι εξωφρενικό. Αυτή είναι η μεγαλύτερη απάτη που διαπράχθηκε ποτέ σε ένα ανυποψίαστο κοινό. Δεν υπάρχει απολύτως τίποτα που να μπορεί να γίνει για τον περιορισμό αυτού του ιού, πέρα από την προστασία των πιο ευάλωτων ατόμων. Θα πρέπει να θεωρηθεί ως τίποτα περισσότερο από μια κακή σεζόν γρίπης. Δεν είναι έμπολα. Δεν είναι SARS. Είναι η πολιτική που αναλαμβάνει το ρόλο της ιατρικής, και αυτό είναι ένα πολύ επικίνδυνο παιχνίδι.

Δεν απαιτείται καμία ενέργεια, πέρα από αυτό που έγινε πέρυσι, όταν κρυολογήσαμε. Μείναμε στο σπίτι. Φάγαμε κοτόσουπα. Δεν επισκεφθήκαμε τη γιαγιά και αποφασίσαμε πότε θα επιστρέψουμε στη δουλειά. Δε χρειάστηκε κανένας να μας το πει.

Οι μάσκες είναι εντελώς άχρηστες. Δεν υπάρχει καμία αποδεικτική βάση για την αποτελεσματικότητά τους. Οι μάσκες από χαρτί και οι μάσκες από ύφασμα είναι απλά “virtue signaling” (επίδειξη νομοφροσύνης). Δεν φοριούνται καν σωστά τις περισσότερες φορές. Είναι εντελώς γελοίο, να βλέπεις αυτούς τους ατυχείς ανεκπαίδευτους ανθρώπους – δεν το λέω αυτό υποτιμητικά – να βλέπεις αυτούς τους ανθρώπους να περπατούν σαν αρουραίοι, να υπακούουν χωρίς κανένα υπόβαθρο γνώσης, στο να βάλουν τη μάσκα στο πρόσωπό τους.

Η κοινωνική αποστασιοποίηση είναι επίσης άχρηστη επειδή το COVID εξαπλώνεται μέσω αερολυμάτων, τα οποία ταξιδεύουν περίπου 30 μέτρα πριν να κατλήξουν στο έδαφος. Και η απαγόρευση κυκλοφορίας είχε πολύ τραγικές ακούσιες συνέπειες. Παντού θα έπρεπε να είναι ελεύθερη η κυκλοφορία αύριο, όπως αναφέρθηκε στη Διακήρυξη του Great Barrington που κοινοποίησα πριν από αυτήν τη συνάντηση.

Και μια λέξη για τα τεστ. Θέλω να τονίσω ότι ασχολούμαι επαγγελματικά με τα τεστ για το COVID. Θέλω να τονίσω ότι τα θετικά αποτελέσματα των τεστ ΔΕΝ (υπογραμμίζοντας το με νέον) σημαίνουν κλινική λοίμωξη. Αυτό απλά οδηγεί σε δημόσια μαζική υστερία και όλα τα τεστ θα πρέπει να σταματήσουν, παρά μόνο σε όποιον παρουσιάζεται στο νοσοκομείο με κάποιο αναπνευστικό πρόβλημα. Το μόνο που θα έπρεπε να γίνει είναι να προστατευτούν οι ευάλωτοι και να τους δοθεί σε όλους, στα γηροκομεία που βρίσκονται υπό τον έλεγχό σας, να δώσετε σε όλους και τρεις έως πέντε χιλιάδες διεθνείς μονάδες (Ι.U) βιταμίνης D, κάθε μέρα, το οποίο έχει αποδειχθεί ότι μειώνει ριζικά την πιθανότητα μόλυνσης. Και θα ήθελα να σας υπενθυμίσω ότι χρησιμοποιώντας τα στατιστικά στοιχεία της επαρχίας (δηλαδή της επαρχίας της Αλμπέρτα) ο κίνδυνος θανάτου κάτω των 65 ετών σε αυτήν την επαρχία είναι ένας στους 300.000. Ένας στα 300.000. Πρέπει να το καταλάβετε αυτό. Η κλίμακα αντιμετώπισης που εφαρμόζετε χωρίς αποδείξεις είναι εντελώς γελοία, λαμβάνοντας υπόψη τις συνέπειες του τρόπου δράσης που προτείνετε. Όλα τα είδη αυτοκτονιών, κλεισίματος επιχειρήσεων, κηδειών, γάμων κ.λπ. κ.λπ. Είναι απλά εξωφρενικό. Είναι μόνο μια ακόμη κακή γρίπη. Και πρέπει να το σκεφτείτε αυτό. Αφήστε τους ανθρώπους να πάρουν τις δικές τους αποφάσεις. Θα έπρεπε να μην έχετε δικαίωμα άσκησης του ιατρικού επαγγέλματος, αν δέχεστε να γίνεστε αντικείμενο εμπαιγμού με αυτόν τον τρόπο από τον ιατρικό επικεφαλή υγείας αυτής της επαρχίας. Είμαι απόλυτα εξοργισμένος που αυτή η κατάσταση έχει φτάσει σε τέτοιο επίπεδο. Θα έπρεπε όλο αυτό να σταματήσει αύριο. Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ.

Mysterious blood clots in COVID-19 patients have doctors alarmed

Some hospitals are putting all COVID-19 patients on low doses of blood thinners.

As doctors learn more about what makes COVID-19 so severe for some patients, they have discovered a mysterious and potentially lethal complication of the disease: blood clots.

Many doctors have reported seeing an alarming number of COVID-19 patients with blood clots — gel-like clumps in the blood that can cause serious problems, such as heart attack and stroke, according to news reports.

“The number of clotting problems I’m seeing in the ICU [intensive care unit], all related to COVID-19, is unprecedented,” Dr. Jeffrey Laurence, a hematologist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City, told CNN.

Some doctors started to notice that their COVID-19 patients were developing clots in their legs, even while they were on blood thinners, according to The Washington Post. Others reported trouble with dialysis machines for COVID-19 patients, because clots in the patients’ blood would clog the machine tubing, according to CNN.


Washington Post: A mysterious blood-clotting complication is killing coronavirus patients

Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy?


Examine the narrative for yourself. Photo: MMN

UPDATE — 23/12/19 | The mainstream media are now in damage control over the spread of this type of discussion. Australians are waking up! Keep spreading the word!

Australia is committed to the Agenda 2030 plan, which advocates for the implementation of radical changes to the central role of ownership rights of land and natural resources over the next decade.

Linking this plan, authorities are currently developing a number of smart city initiatives in direct response, promising locations full of ‘sustainable’ programs that monitor a variety of human activities.

Could it be that current bushfires across the country are part of this plan as well? What is the hidden agenda?

In the following, we explore the Australian bushfire ‘crisis’, including the course of events, weather and geoengineering, CLARA’s high-speed train network proposal and links to the UN-driven smart city agenda.


Before examining the deeper questions behind this narrative, let’s use objectivist logic to take a look at the path that led to these fires taking place and inconsistencies with the official story.


In the latest state budget, $12.9 million in expenses was cut from Fire & Rescue NSW, while the Office of NSW Rural Fire Services — a service run by volunteers — lost $26.7 million in expenses.

Byron Bay, which is currently being torn apart by fires, was promised $5.85 million for a new fire station in Kingscliff. The funding has yet to arrive.

Many firefighters are currently battling the blazes with bore water, as New South Wales is currently experiencing a severe drought and was already running out of resources before the fires began.

As a result, thousands of residents have been told not to expect help from the NSW Rural Fire Services and were left to evacuate for themselves.

As we have explored previously, natural cycles are a common occurrence in this country, and the temperatures and heat experienced is certainly not a new phenomenon.

Instead, the key point to note is that conditions regularly get so dry that if a variety of bushfires were to start at any point across the country, they would leave a distinct mark and spread quickly — especially if there was no response to contain them.


Today, there is over 100 fires spreading, many of which have been lit at the same time. Do we really have a ‘climate emergency’? Or do we have an arsonist emergency? Who is starting these fires?

Recent policies over the last few years have also made hazard reduction activities more difficult, including a cut back in back-burning, where authorities identify at-risk areas close to developments and ‘reduce the load’ with controlled burning in preparation for bushfire season.

As we learn more about the ongoing bushfire ‘crisis’, many mainstream media news reports are suggesting that most of the fires were intentionally lit. This includes seven by an RFS volunteer.

Furthermore, experts estimate about 85% of bushfires are caused by humans and not by ‘unprecedented conditions as is being described.

They are killing us. Firefighter
blames government for Australian bushfire crisis

Recently, three ’12-year-old boys’ have been “dealt with” under the Young Offenders Act for deliberately lighting bushfires, as blazes ravage the New South Wales South Coast.

Police are currently appealing for information about fires at Moonbi, Berkeley, Balgownie, Turramurra, Katoomba, Morisset and the Royal National Park near Loftus.

There have also been reports of people stealing firefighting equipment, as NSW Police probe several “suspicious” blazes around the state.


Another initial question surrounding the bushfires is related to ongoing abnormal phenomenon in the natural world in anticipation for this mass event, including reductions in rainfall.

On one day, for the first time in Australian history, there was no rainfall at any parts across the country, with the unusual reading leaving the Bureau of Meteorology teams scratching their heads.

“The team can’t comprehensively identify a day in our records where there hasn’t been rain somewhere on continental Australia,” a bureau spokesman said.

At the same time, there were also many ‘strange weather occurrences’ happening at the Queensland/New South Wales border, with ‘echoes’ of metal or plastic fibres being recorded:

Reports also suggested in September that a “rare event” took place 30 kilometres above the South Pole and was expected to impact Australia’s rainfall outlook.

Known as sudden stratospheric warming (SSW), experts predicted just a few months ago that this could deepen the current Australian drought and will effect the skies north of the pole.

Is rainfall being intentionally blocked to bushfire areas? We all know this technology is possible.


For over five decades in Australia, the study of clouds, rain and the atmosphere has been largely hidden from the public, as a secretive network of government agencies and private business interests continue to manipulate the weather around us to their personal benefit.

Geoengineering, or weather manipulation, has now become commonly accepted as the deliberate intervention or large-scale manipulation of the climate system of Earth to counteract ‘global warming’ or to influence the environment.

In Australia, cloud seeding was first trialed in Australia in 1947 when the CSIRO used Royal Australian Air Force aircrafts to drop dry ice into the tops of cumulus clouds.

Following the success of initial trials, CSIRO scientists would continue this work until 1952, soon expanding to include theoretical, laboratory and airborne investigations of cloud structure.

As technological advancements began to take shape, so did the scale of programs and cooperation between countries to advance these techniques in the 20th Century.

One of the largest operations in Australia, compared similarly to HAARP in the United States, is the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN), where BAE Systems will undertake significant upgrades through a $1.2 billion enhancement over the next 10 years.

Modern operations include weather and water experimental company, Snowy Hydro, based out of the Snowy Mountains in NSW, authorised by the Snowy Mountains Cloud Seeding Act 2004.

Hydro Tasmania and Australian Rain Technologies are also usual characters in this field.

In December 2006, the Queensland government announced $7.6 million in funding for “warm cloud” seeding research to be conducted jointly by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the United States National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Weather Modification, Inc. also supported the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency during their 2008 ‘Feasibility Study for the Augmentation of Rain & Air Chemistry Monitoring’ – providing an instrumented aircraft and crew for cloud seeding.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced in 2007 that $10 million from the Australian Government Water Fund will be given to the investigation of an ‘untried technology’ that aims to trigger rainfall from the atmosphere, even when there are no clouds.

This is where things that getting interesting.


For those who are unaware, the Australian government has committed to a new “Smart Cities Plan”, which sets out the government’s vision for ‘productive and livable cities’ in the near future.

The plan represents a framework for cities policy at the federal level, and it will guide action across various portfolios to deliver ‘sustainable’ outcomes for cities and the people who live in them.

The Smart Cities Plan sets out the Australian government’s vision for our cities, and it includes three pillars: Smart Investment, Smart Policy and Smart Technology.

Key domestic initiatives include the Smart Cities PlanCity Deals, the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program and the National Cities Performance Framework.

Australia is building
‘smart city’ infrastructure

Coupled with a sophisticated surveillance grid to monitor and control a created environment, a UN-driven desire to make Australian cities more ‘livable and prosperous’ is driving the integration of information technology into city management programs at this very moment:

Smart city initiatives have been instrumental in the development of China’s draconian social credit system, and we have expressed concerns that a similar system will soon reach Australia.

Ultimately, these fragmented projects will develop and connect together to make up the smart city vision, and we are already seeing small examples of this come to light.

But why is this important? And what does it have to do with current Australian bushfires?

The links are clear once you begin to scratch beneath the surface.


Is a deeper picture being revealed? Photo: AWW

Enter the Consolidated Land and Rail Australia company, better known as CLARA, which made a proposal to the Australian government in 2017 for a high-speed rail train line from Brisbane to Melbourne, including a vision of new smart cities to be built along the southern route of the plan.

The consortium is headed by Nick Cleary, and the company has sold bureaucrats and ministers on a vision so large it’s almost eye-watering: a high-speed rail network that would open the way for not one, but eight new cities, each between 200,0000 and 600,000 people, along its route.

“The policy on population has failed because we have failed to overcome the tyranny of distance,” Cleary says. “Between now and 2061 we are going to grow the population by 15 million. Our plan is to build cities at scale connected by high-speed rail.”

According to their official websiteCLARA is Australia’s most ambitious master-planning project: eight compact smart cities across Victoria and NSW connected to Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney by high-speed rail. Liveable, connected and sustainable. Self-sufficient in energy and water use. 

The first network of cities worldwide designed around people, not private cars, in 100 years. The first CLARA city is proposed near Shepparton in Victoria’s north.”

It’s a vision to transform the settlement patterns of Australia entrenched for more than 200 years. And all to be achieved by the private sector, with only minimal government involvement.

ASIC searches show a web of companies behind CLARA, and Cleary says there is a separate consortium agreement and “a number of firms that are funding us while we pass milestones”.

Until recently, there have been serious doubts that the project would even get off the ground, after being predicted to cost north of $100 billion to fully clear land and develop infrastructure.

Could there be something going on beneath the surface?


Cleary says they have secured crucial land to begin this mass project around the sites of the first two new cities, stating “we have some land in our control around those locations. It’s around those areas, about 10km from Shepparton.”

When investigating this, one must ask the question:

Is it merely a coincidence that this area is one of the locations under serious threat from fires? –

This is not simply an isolated incident or ‘coincidence’.

Closer examination shows many of the current fires along the east coast correspond to the proposed route for the high-speed rail line and locations that are part of the CLARA proposal.

Let’s take a look below at the proposed smart city train line:

Now let’s take a look at the bushfire path across Australia:

Notice anything similar?

On further investigation, Shepparton is also revealed to be a region inside of CLARA’s documents explaining various locations the train line will run!


Government funding contribution to the CLARA proposal is up to $8,000,000, a fact sheet on high-speed rail says, and in the aftermath of the loss of these fires, both will have a perfect opportunity to snatch up land that is now being cleared (by fires) to make way for the rail line.

Those who have lost property to fires along the proposed rail route will likely not be allowed to rebuild on their land, instead encouraged to rebuild in the areas designated for new smart cities.

In fact, CLARA has already signed agreements with landowners along the proposed route for the high-speed train, which have now lapsed and leave a bitter taste for farmers in the areas.

Could we be seeing the intentional burning of Australia? How is this all ultimately connected?

AGENDA 21/2030

The significant linkage here is that the government fully admits smart cities are part of Australia’s significant contribution toward achievement of Agenda 2030 ‘Sustainable Development Goal’ 11.

In September 2015, 193 Member States of the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to make up the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Agenda 2030 will change our economies, our environment and our societies, while reshaping old mindsets, behaviours and patterns of living forever.

Included in the document are Sustainable Development Goals and 169 individual targets, adopted by world leaders in at an historic UN Summit, objectives expected to guide the actions of the international community over a 15-year period (2016-2030).

The UN takeover
of Australian society

Australian government coordination on implementation of the 2030 Agenda is led by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C), in collaboration with individual departments for each individual SDG.

Many sustainable development targets, such as energy and water, health and wellbeing, gender equality, climate change, resource distribution and more, have already seen many organisations introduce policies and procedures to align with intended goals.

The fire phenomenon we are witnessing is being used to promote climate change hysteria, which has driven the UN to call for an overhaul of world trade systems to begin ‘tackling’ these issues.

Today, most of Australia’s resources are being taken over by foreign entities, including our gas and electricity supplieswater reserve entitlementssurveillance technology and much more.

Conditions will continue to effects most of regional Australia, until the population is forced into highly-controlled, smart city monoliths, connected by high-speed trains currently in the works.

Drought by Design
– The Genociding of Australia

Through the introduction of new laws and regulations to restrict the people’s use of the land and water in the future, as well as the introduction of carbon taxes on almost every human activity in the pretence of ‘saving the environment’.

The stage is being prepared for the introduction of Agenda 2030 in Australia and the ongoing bushfire ‘crisis’ is just the beginning of much larger things to come.