Global March against Chemtrails and Geoengineering 25/4/2015


The next Global March against Chemtrails and Geoengineering will be held on Saturday 25th April 2015 in many parts of the world.

In Athens a rally will be organized at 2.00 p.m. in Syntagma Square, to be followed in the evening by a public address and discussion, indoors.

Although many activists believe that geoengineering, and specifically solar radiation management, as a supposed mitigating measure against “global warming”, is not the real objective of the spraying, the fact remains that the only publicly acknowledged discourse on the idea of spraying the planet’s skies with toxic metals (albeit as a “future prospect”) is being conducted in this framework. This year (2015) in particular the relevant dialogue is being continued through a series of international meetings culminating in the big United Nations climate conference in Paris in December.

In these meetings and in the media (e.g. in Greece in the recent programme on the SKY channel) ( a single-minded attempt is under way to legitimate geoengineering and particularly solar radiation management, in defiance of the reservations of the more “ecologically-minded” elements in the climate movements and in spite of the fact that geoengineering has always been the preferred “solution” for the lobbies that have maintained that there is no problem of anthropogenic climate change.

Τhe insistence of the political mainstream on consigning all this high-level discussion to the purported garbage dump of “conspiracy theory” is not up to the standards of the new situation in Greece where we are believed to have a government that is setting an example of courage and integrity for the rest of Europe.

Attica Action Group against Chemical Aerial Spraying

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  1. All of this is granted and I think that pehpras you may end coming around on this issue yet. It would seem you’re unaware of some key information. Chemtrails and cloud seeding is exactly the same thing. Chemtrails ARE Geo-engineering efforts by using aluminum, barium salts and strontium to effect the formation of clouds for the purpose of weather modification. You can hire private companies to do this for your farms or ski resorts. The airforce experiments with steering hurricanes by releasing massive amounts of carbon to create warm fronts along side the paths. They also wrote white papers on flood/drought for our enemies, please see Weather as a force multiplier: owning the weather by 2025 a military paper available on the internet.There are serious side effects of causing rain or snow though. In the adjacent region they will experience severe drought, a la Texas 2011. I recommend What in the world are they spraying? as a movie with footage from inside a geo-engineering conference to hear them openly talking about aerosolized particles being released into the atmosphere to alter the climate. We interviewed the creator of the movie, Michael Murphy. You can also see in soil samples from around the country an thousands of a percent increase in aluminum and barium in isolated waters and trees that can only get their water from rain.The 1905 photos are interesting but part of the problem is that in the absence of information people search for answers and some people think every cloud they see is man made. But without the geo-engineering crowd forced to share their research with the public we don’t know what the difference is between an engineered cloud and a real one. I know I see black clouds literally falling out of the sky on days of heavy spraying which usually precedes a storm by two days. They are black clouds that float slowly at about 1000ft and they look really awful.

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