10. END – European Nuclear Disarmament initiative

wanEND was the key British voice of the “non-aligned” anti-nuclear movement in the 1980s.

END grew out of the European Nuclear Disarmament initiative, launched in London in April 1980. The text of the Appeal for European Nuclear Disarmament declares that: “We must act together to free the entire territory of Europe, from Poland to Portugal, from nuclear weapons, air and submarine bases and from all institutions engaged in research into or manufacture of nuclear weapons.We need to mount an irresistible pressure for a Europe free of nuclear weapons.”



In November 1996, when it became clear that India and Pakistan were refusing to sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Nea Ecologia invited all the organizations of the ecological milieu (including Greenpeace), and the political parties to participate in a demonstration outside the embassies of India and Pakistan.

The demonstration went ahead finally, with eight members of Nea Ecologia and the Greek branch of IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War), accompanied by about two hundred and fifty policemen, marching from one embassy to the other and presenting petitions at both.

There was absolutely no mention of the demonstration in the mass media, either before or after the event.


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