An examination of the global aerial spraying project in light of “the end of the Cold War”.

The position of the Enouranois group on geoengineering.

This presentation was prepared as introduction to a discussion (on the VMedia channel) with the Greek section of Greenpeace. It was formulated carefully so as not to offend any of the familiar “taboos” of Greenpeace. There were no references to chemtrails/contrails, to conspiracy theories, to the New World Order, to the Illuminati, to Agenda 21. The presentation does not promote anthropogenic climate change skepticism. The objective was to determine where exactly Greenpeace could disagree with the formulation of the Enouranois group, given that this international ecological organization declares itself opposed to most forms of geoengineering. In fact the person responsible for climate change issues at the Greek Greenpeace could not find any point of disagreement with the text.

But in the end he explained, evidently on instruction, that although Greenpeace is opposed to geoengineering, it does not propose to enter into public discussion of the subject.

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  1. These are not contrails. Chemtrails are not the same. Got to and click on the research link. Persistent contrails/chemtrails are real. There are some who believe that HAARP, chemtrails and the recent strange sounds heard all over the world during the second week of January are all connected somehow. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.I do know that we have an international airport hence, protected airspace. That means no plausible deniability. Now, just for fun, try to find out what these planes are spraying up there and by whose authority. Enjoy the ride!

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