Protagonists – Are they spraying us?

Οι πρωταγωνιστές (The Protagonists) Do they spray on us? from Bill Sig on Vimeo.

Here is Stavros Theodorakis’ mainstream television would-be hatchet job on aerosol spraying activists that attempts to put us in the same category as people who think that Elvis Presley is still alive. S. Theodorakis is regarded as a “leftist” and his mentality is the mentality that prevails in the dominant sections of what is now the main Greek opposition party, Syriza. For S. Theodorakis the no-no idea is “populism” and he explores the sins of “populists” in collaboration with a sports journalist. Now that this programme has English subtitles the world can see just through what techniques mass consciousness is kept at as low as possible a level in Greece. Subtitles and translation by Enouranois.

Extract with the section specifically on the aerosol spraying and on relevant Greek parliamentary questions.

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