Chemtrails Project UK 2: What you can do now


Activists Testify at the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington DC

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After great success exposing weather manipulation and ongoing climate engineering being a lesser known cause of climate change with accompanying negative health and environmental side effects at the Paris Conference, ( See our Paris report here)  Max Bliss and Patrick Roddie pushed on to influence US legislature and joined  fellow activists, Jim Lee, creator of  Climate Viewer  Michael Saraceno and  Amanda Baise, in  Washington DC on August 11th  2015.

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They  all made brilliant groundbreaking testimonies at the Environmental Protection Agency during a public hearing titled  “A Proposed Finding That Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aircraft Cause or Contribute to Air Pollution That May Reasonably Be Anticipated to Endanger Public Health and Welfare and an Advance Notice of Proposed Rule Making Regarding Aircraft Engine Greenhouse Gas Emissions” on July 1, 2015 (80 FR 37758)”

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Activist Max Mogren from Washington DC  describes how our hero activists exposed the EPA’s ignorance by saying…”In typical Establishment fashion, the EPA’s proposed ruling only focuses on six greenhouse gasses emitted by airplanes: CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride. This is blatant institutionalized ignorance at its worst: airplanes produce a wide variety of pollutants, not just six greenhouse gasses. Several of these pollutants — like lead, aluminum, and barium — pose a much more direct threat to public health and welfare than non-toxic substances like CO2.

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The EPA’s proposed ruling cites IPCC reports as justification for ignoring the impacts of aviation induced cloud cover, metallic particulates released by airplanes, high altitude water vapor emitted by airplanes, and other significant factors affecting planetary and human health. ( The Administrator’s proposed findings come in response to a citizen petition submitted by Friends of the Earth, Oceana, the Center for Biological Diversity, and Earthjustice (Petitioners) requesting that the EPA issue an endangerment finding and standards under section 231(a)(2)(A) of the Act for the GHG emissions from aircraft. The EPA is not proposing or taking action under any other provision of the CAA.)

Fortunately, several prominent pro-science, pro-logic, pro-planetary health personalities showed up and spoke in opposition to covert chemical spraying, climate engineering, and official obfuscations of the climate change issue.”

Here follows the testimonials made by the activists. (You can view the entire hearing here.)

Jim Lee

Jim Lee​’s  testimony (transcript here) raised the question, among many others, of leaded gasoline and what effect “aviation induced cloudiness” has on the climate. He requested mandatory, random testing a of jet exhaust immediately and lidar observations to prevent possible terrorist attacks using aerosols.

Michael Saraceno

Michael Saraceno brought to light environmental factors contributing to Autism and NextGen Sky Highway pollution.

Amanda Baise

Amanda Baise commented on how disillusioning the Environmental Protection Agency is, how countless agencies were unresponsive and she demanded no more run around passing off accountability and responsibility about this issue.

Patrick Roddie

Patrick Roddie’s Testimony (transcript here) noted the rising health effects of persistent contrails that he believes are artificially nucleated with Solar radiation Management patented chemicals presently in full deployment around the world today since the 1990’s.

Max Bliss

Max Bliss’s testimony (transcript here) highlighted numerous examples of weather modification and scientific evidence for intentional and deliberate cloud cover generation to influence the climate to instigate the UN Agenda 21’s ushering in the despotic New World Order.

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What You Can Do NOW-

Please Send The Directive to Ban Geoengineering to the EPA in Washington DC.

It’s not just for people in the US- people world wide can comment..the atmosphere has no boundaries!

 Have your voice heard to influence the law pertaining to jet emissions and aerosol injection induced cloudiness.

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We heartily encourage you to submit your comment to the EPA in Washington D.C. via Email and backed up snail mail by Aug 31st to make sure it is received.

We received word via EPA’s Lucy, a receptionist @ +1 734 214 4850 who stated, “there is a software problem and over 20,000 comments are in a limbo because of it.”


Submitting Comments

The deadline is 31st August, 2015.

Please ensure you include the reference “Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2014-0828-0001” in your correspondence and submit by one (or preferably more) of the following methods:

Please include The Directive to Ban Geoengineering (either by pasting this link – – or by downloading the Directive and attaching it to your email / form submission) along with your comments.

Additionally, including our Climate Change Sense document or a link to the Climate Change Sense website – – will help highlight the fraudulence of the IPCC’s underlying claims.


D.C. Dream Team

John Vibes investigative journalist says ” The EPA actually has no concern for the environment, they just happen to use the environment as a cover story to create laws and gain an advantage for the companies that lobbied for exemptions to the agency’s regulations, and to collect money in fines. There are real solutions outside the common government paradigm, and that is mainly the ability for individuals, not governments, to hold polluters personally and financially accountable.”

Please help bolster the testimonies of these dedicated activists by demonstrating to the EPA that the activists’ words represent the sentiments of the general public around the  world who look up and know something is deadly wrong with our skies – that we are being denied the truth, disclosure and investigation into our polluted atmosphere that is being altered and poisoned daily without our permission nor consent.
And don’t forget, just as the SRMGI concedes, and that was noted in the Directive,
we “have the power to stop it.”


 The Washington Times wrote an article of the hearing and critics said “Mr. Obama, deeply concerned with securing his place in history as the first U.S. president to truly address climate change, is meddling unnecessarily in an industry that has demonstrated its ability to get cleaner without government interference.

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“Such regulations would increase the price of airfare for Americans and harm our domestic carriers. Over the last fifty years, the fuel efficiency of jetliners has increased by 70 percent,” said Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican and chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee. “Incentives are already in place to make air travel more energy efficient. This proposal is the next leg of a nonstop journey by the EPA to control how Americans live, work and travel.”

And fellow activist Terry Lawton commented, the article “failed to mention the testimonies given by Amanda Baise aka Madison Star Moon  Patrick Roddie Jim Lee Max Bliss and Michael Sarenceno, which accounted for 40% of the testimonies given on the day. All of their brilliant testimonies it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, this is an absolute outrage and totally unacceptable. So its up to every activist out there to get this out on social media as best we can. All of these dedicated and passionate anti climate engineering activists put alot of hard work and preparation into their efforts on behalf of humanity. Please share far and wide.”

Reminder: The deadline to submit your comments to the EPA is 31st August, 2015.

madison star moon

Please realise how important it is that every  person concerned about this issue raised by our “Warriors of The Deep Blue Sky,” write your concerns to the EPA and share, share, share this info with friends and family through your email lists too. Thank you!