Part 7 – Rain Trance

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    Part 7

    Rain Trance

    Towers of Babble?


    Image result for images of cooling tower clouds


    Anyone who has read any of my articles will note that the works of two prominent anti-geoengineering figures feature largely in them. One of these figures is Dane Wiginton of and the other one is the individual who posts under the name of WeatherWar101. The great contribution that each has made to this field of endeavour is, in my mind, indisputable.


    However, it may be a surprise for some to learn, and no surprise for others, that these two champions don`t exactly see eye to eye. In fact, a bitter war of words has been waged between the two and their followers for a few years now.


    The argument centres around the role that artificial water vapour generation plays in weather modification. It wasn`t always like this. It was WW101 who really developed the idea and documented the reality that NEXRAD and other Doppler radar could also behave like miniature HAARP arrays and it was they and not the Alaskan array itself that were really operating to influence the weather on such a scale.

    The role they play is covered in How to Modify a Hurricane.

    All this used to be admitted by Dane and posted on his website but he has now forgotten that.


    The trouble began when WW101 started linking the phenomena of clouds induced by the emission of superheated water vapour from cooling towers to the network of national and global weather modification technology. Sequential in-place water vapour generation, as he calls it, originates primarily from the power grid and its associated cooling towers.








    Dane did not receive this theory kindly and wrote a scathing article ridiculing the notion that cooling towers provided all the moisture for storms. Now, this is an example of where Dane`s social skills fall short. Instead of contacting WW101 and attempting to convince him of his “fallacy”, he decided to publicly ridicule it online.

    This set up the series of verbal attacks that they both have launched at each other since that time.


    Now when WW101`s ideas were first waved aside as “ludicrous” by Dane, I wasn`t quite ready to dismiss his claims out of hand, I began searching for any scientific studies that may have been carried out on the potential effect of cooling towers on the weather. I eventually struck gold with this paper written in the seminal (to my mind) decade of the 70s.


    Effect of Cooling Tower Effluents on Atmospheric Conditions in North-eastern Illinois


    It seems clear that the scientific community even back in the early seventies took the potential effects of cooling towers on weather quite seriously. This study was made on the Zion plant. They cited several other studies that also considered this phenomenon.


    Although they concluded that the moisture content was not significant in relation to that in the atmosphere, the effect of both the moisture and the latent heat “could conceivably produce an imbalance that would result in intensification into a severe weather state.” This would be dependent on “favourable atmospheric conditions”.


    “…it appears quite possible that the cooling tower addition to existing convective clouds might be sufficient occasionally under a favourable set of atmospheric conditions to intensify natural cloud processes, resulting in additional precipitation downwind and possibly other undesirable intensification of naturally occurring

    weather events.” Emphasis mine


    Looking back from today, it is obvious that the “favourable” atmospheric conditions are now abundant. The study concluded that this potential would increase with increasing demand for electric power.


    “The time to do this is now, not in 1980 or later, when the problems (whatever they may be) associated with cooling tower effluents will have increased many times with the rapidly increasing demands for electric power.”


    Would it not be possible, I speculated, to extrapolate from this study and lend solid support to Weatherwar101’s claim that the water vapour output of power stations is being manipulated in a strategic manner to amplify existing conditions already favourable for severe weather events? The amount of water and latent heat released is a product of the power output. It would simply be a matter of coordinating power output.


    I posted the link to the paper on the comments section of Dane`s article ridiculing WW101`s concept. I made the point that although not accounting for all the water in the atmosphere, this phenomenon, today with 7,000 plants in the US, could easily act to influence weather systems and certainly should not be considered ridiculous.


    The post was promptly removed. I received an email though from Dane in which he basically stated that only the conclusion that cooling towers were producing the moisture for storms was “ridiculous” and that he didn`t say they couldn`t contribute to artificial cloud cover. Obviously if you contribute water to artificial cloud cover, in this case, cumulus clouds, then of course you are going to provide extra moisture for storms so the statement made no sense. I really didn`t understand the resistance to this idea.

    These days when Dane attacks this argument, he makes no reference to WW101 at all, he always states that cooling towers cannot possibly contribute to all the moisture for storms and often cynically conflates this theory with other, less scrupulous theories of artificial cloud generation that WW101 has never spoken about at all.


    And this is another particularly frustrating aspect of this disagreement. After I passed the Zion Plant paper onto WW101 himself, he ran with it but ignored the reservations it had about the degree of water vapour generated in relation to that already in the atmosphere. And so, WW101 himself plays a role in accepting the strawman argument that Dane makes, namely that WW101 claims that cooling towers provide virtually all the moisture in the atmosphere. That basically is his argument:

    “We are not talking about “augmenting” or “altering” storms. We are talking about the daily observable manufacture of storm systems in this country and around the world that cause the wholesale destruction we have witnessed, most recently with Harvey and Irma. These storms aren’t being ‘augmented,’ they would not exist at all were it not for massive and continuous effort to create them, and it is much easier to understand this reality than anyone would think.” Emphasis mine


    “This single most important component is “Water Vapor Generation” which provides the fuel for storm like Irma, and which can be observed on a daily basis.” Emphasis mine


    “The concept is very simple. In the Natural Water Cycle, Slow Evaporation from bodies of water (lakes, oceans, etc.) slowly collects to form clouds, then those clouds combine to become a storm system. In the natural cycle, this would obviously take some time to develop, and would be a relatively ‘even’ process.” Emphasis mine


    “However, that is not what we see at all with daily storm formation. For any storm system, what we see is sudden and massive circular bursts of Water Vapor which occur in-place and in sequence, and which combine together quickly to form a storm system. Then that storm system quickly drops its Water Vapor as flash-flood deluge, shortly after formation itself.” Emphasis mine


    These Rapid Evaporation Burst are the only way storm systems form in 2017, and there is nothing natural about the creation or origin. These bursts can easily be traced to and observed emanating from a ubiquitous piece of equipment present at almost all power plants on the planet – WSAC (Wet Surface Air Coolers) or Cooling Towers.” Emphasis mine


    “Boiling water, creates Water Vapor. Water Vapor, makes clouds. WSACs can vaporize tens of thousands of gallons of Water Vapor per minute. There are 7,000 power plants in the country (62,500 worldwide), and almost all of them have huge banks of WSACs / Cooling Towers capable of tremendous Water Vapor Generation. These WSACs / Cooling Towers can be SEEN WITH YOUR OWN EYES, creating the Water Vapor Bursts and cloud systems that I say they are creating, and this really can be correlated with daily GOES satellite data.” Emphasis mine


    “Again, these systems aren’t being “augmented,” they are being created from scratch. As for what evidence there is of that reality, I suggest all come and spend some time with my 300+ irrefutable videos. As I said, this reality and this system has been in place for at least 50 years, and there is 50 years of satellite evidence to prove it – once one knows what Manmade Rapid Evaporation is and looks like.” Emphasis mine


    Hurricane Maria: Mike Adams – Dane Wiginton Interview Fraud


    A careful examination of the evidence he presents, and the basic scientific facts of nature show that his extreme interpretation, that all the water vapour for weather systems throughout the planet is artificially generated cannot be true. It is a vast overstatement and actually lends support to Dane`s attacks on his theory which is extremely unfortunate because the revelations still have great significance to the field of covert weather/climate modification research. Let us address his points in a step by step fashion:


    1: WW101 claims that global warming has led to a disruption in the water cycle leading to a necessity for the geoengineers to artificially generate the water in the atmosphere, without which there would be no rain.


    However, Science tells us that global warming will lead to an amplification of the water cycle.

    In a warming world, more water evaporates. Over land it sucks moisture from the ground, increasing atmospheric humidity but intensifying drought. Over the oceans, however, there is a virtually limitless supply of moisture, the atmospheric humidity is far greater and there is no land to denude of water.

    In a world mostly of ocean, there is absolutely no reason for global warming to cause the atmosphere to be depleted of water vapour, the opposite is the case. Even WW101`s favourite video he uses to educate people on evaporation agrees with that. More warming, more water in the atmosphere. That water is taken from land, intensifying drought and from the ocean, it doesn`t cause a drought, but intensifies convection systems which can lead to vast precipitation events (deluges) over oceans and certain regions of land, where it leads to flooding.


    Global warming ramps up and distorts the water cycle, it doesn`t shut it down.


    2: WW101 claims that in the “Natural Water Cycle”, Slow Evaporation from bodies of water slowly collects to form clouds which then combine to form storm systems. This process takes time to develop and would be relatively “even” in the “natural cycle”.


    This is a simple concept, but it overstates the case. WW101 is fond of telling us that Einstein claimed every theory should be capable of being explained to a child. Einstein also stated, however, that “everything should be as simple as possible, but no more.

    Of course, Slow Evaporation occurs in nature but Rapid Evaporation also occurs in nature.


    Latent heat, the fuel for storms, in turn causes the air and clouds to lift even higher, further reducing the pressure beneath. As the air and clouds lift, more high-pressure air rushes in to feed the void that is left. The high-pressure air is simply trying to restore equilibrium as regions of high-pressure move towards regions of low-pressure. The greater the difference, the greater the wind speed. As it moves, the Coriolis force of the earth`s rotation causes it to rotate in an anti-clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere.

    Now wind also increases evaporation. As this self-feeding latent heat engine expands, rises and intensifies so does the rate of evaporation due to extra heat released by condensation reducing the pressure below and the more rapid winds that result. Rapid evaporation. So far this is an entirely natural phenomenon. Under the right atmospheric conditions these systems can develop extremely quickly and take people by surprise as sailors throughout maritime history will testify.

    Nor is this process a “relatively even” one. A storm is basically a convection cell, groups of cells can occur relatively sporadically in nature. They can organise together to form supercells and hurricanes but they are also independent entities. Convection cells also occur when you boil the water in a saucepan. Observe how independent cells arise at a certain temperature. When WW101 shows us weather cells bursting out of existence, seemingly from nowhere, that, in itself, doesn`t tell us that they have been artificially generated.


    Now all this is not too say that these systems have not been artificially augmented or even that individual cells have not been generated. Indications that this has been the case are when a storm intensifies against all predictions as is the case with Harvey just before land fall. Also, as WW101 has documented extensively and impressively, when the same regions keep forming the same bursts of visible cloud formation with repeating sequences and patterns and degrees of intensity, that do not look at all natural. But this is a far cry from creating entire weather systems from scratch.

    For me his most impressive work is that covering the land of the US where footage is available and many bursts can be traceable to cooling towers and Nexrad stations.


    His least impressive work is that covering the oceans. It is of course difficult due to the lack of footage. He tells us not to get hung up on this but here is where his ideas, when taken to their extreme, fall apart. Showing a sped-up time lapse video of a vigorously developing storm system over the ocean in no way proves the existence of artificial water vapour generation for the reasons outlined above. They occur in nature. Footage of actual cooling towers forming cloud formations is a different story of course but there aren`t any over the ocean.


    When he claims these:

     “unnatural concentrated bursts are visible at the Equator and elsewhere for the last 50 years, platforms or even buoys of some kind are the most logical methods, but boiling water in the ocean – is not difficult to do, and clearly hasn`t been – for over half a century.”


    We know he is overreaching. He would have us believe the belts of intense cumulus cloud formation around the equator reaching horizontally across the globe, driving the trade winds and atmospheric convection, known throughout maritime history, are man-made by “platforms or buoys of some kind”.


    Ironically, Joanne Simpson, the one-time head of Project Storm Fury, described this region as the “Hot Towers” meaning towers of cumuli, powered by condensation and latent heat. It`s a natural hurricane factory. Hurricane modification first came from studying how nature does it. No amount of swirling cloud footage on satellite is going to prove that AWVG alone is responsible. More detail is required just as he provides on land. He is quite correct when he states that pointing at an anomaly and declaring that it was caused by HAARP is not proof. However, pointing at something that is not even an anomaly and declaring that it was caused by artificial water vapour generation is also not proof.


    I speculate that his confusion on this issue arises due to a curious feature of atmospheric convection. I outline it in one of my articles but boiled down, it is basically due to a shift pole-wards in the three atmospheric convection cells. This shift results from global warming (which is real but I attribute it primarily to geoengineering and not CO2).

    Normally there is a region at around 30 degrees latitude North, associated with the world`s deserts where dry, high pressure air sinks and makes its way back to the equator. This also occurs over the oceans where the region is called the horse latitudes. This strange name originates from the often, stagnant conditions of the ocean experienced here where early explorers were frequently forced to dump their cargos of dead and dying livestock. An expansion of the atmospheric cells poleward of several degrees due to global warming (summer also shifts them poleward) would centre the descending air over the region of the San Joaquin valley (36.6 degrees in latitude). It is no coincidence that region has been suffering from intense drought in the last few years. In fact, I ascribe the phenomenon of highly persistent high pressure over the north eastern Pacific Ocean dubbed “The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” to be down to excessive laying down of artificial cirrus clouds by means of aircraft (“chemtrails” if you want to risk accusations of tin foilery). The intentional laying down of artificially-induced cirrus cloud cover by means of aircraft, is one of the primary means of achieving elevated temperatures across the globe in general. This activity can be intensified in strategically important zones such as the Bering Sea, the Gulf of Alaska and the West Coast of the US. They also lock up water of course, to eventually fall later as deluges as the clouds migrate east due to the prevailing winds and the ice crystals reach precipitation size.


    This zone of descending air, described as a fair-weather, is anything but fair to clouds. It is where clouds go to die. Clouds need low pressure to form effectively but evaporation is greatly impeded over high-pressure regions. This is why hurricanes struggle to get through this region and remain as hurricanes without help.


    As to the California drought and others, WW101 claims that this is not intentional. He thinks the geoengineers are constantly and desperately trying to resolve the drought. He thinks drought would exist without them doing anything. He believes they are trying but failing to compensate for global warming and the “broken water cycle.” This includes failing to get sufficient water vapour to California. According to him, massive in-place water vapour generation is necessary to create and fuel any rain event and so, for him, the only thing needed to cause drought is the absence or inability to generate artificial water vapour and guide it to desired regions. Sequential water vapour generation works by building up water vapour and clouds as the weather systems move over several power plants. This continues until the system is pushed past saturation and rains down further east as a deluge. The problem for California is that it is the first state in the geoengineering cycle and so has no states before it (west to east) to generate sufficient water vapour mass. He states there are certainly AWVG  means in the Pacific but they are rarely effective at getting enough water vapour to California to push it past saturation before it dissipates.


    I am convinced that the shift in the atmospheric convection cells is a better explanation for this region of insufficient evaporation than WW101`s “broken water cycle” for the reasons outlined previously. I also believe that, in contrast to WW101, it is the side effect of quite deliberate geoengineering to warm the planet, strategic regions in particular.


    On chemtrails. He doesn`t hold that they are for breaking up natural rain. They aren`t sprayed to stop storms, they are sprayed to help create and control them. Chemtrails absorb and combine with the massive water vapour generation and provide CCN, cloud condensation nuclei. They provide the frequency controllable components that are required for the NEXRAD doppler grid to manipulate storm systems. NEXRAD doppler frequency has little effect on pure water vapour. This is the reason for the heavy metal Nano-particles found in chemtrails around the world. He claims that they also contain components for frequency activated artificial ice nucleation.



    I hold that they can be deployed for both.


    • Warming/blocking rain – over-seeding increasing cirrus cover and reducing cumulus cover.

    • Cooling/forcing rain – optimal seeding and ice nucleation components reducing cirrus cover and enhancing cumulus cover.




    Now onto WW101`s claims that all the water in the atmosphere is being artificially generated. If you don`t like maths, feel free to skip this bit.


    The amount of water vapour in earth`s atmosphere is 2-4% of the total depending on where one is looking. Let`s say 3% on average.


    This is around:


    37,500,000,000,000,000 gallons


    Which is 37.5 quadrillion gallons in the atmosphere at any one time.


    Now cooling towers:


    Conservative estimates of a single cooling tower`s output of water vapour are around 14,700 gallons per minute although it can range from 10,000 to 100,000 gallons per minute).


    Assuming 2 cooling towers per plant (most have at least 4):


    We can estimate around 30,000 gallons per minute for one plant.


    1,800,000 per hour for one plant

    43,200,000 per day for one plant


    There are around 62,500 power plants in the world.


    That`s around 2,700,000,000,000 gallons per day


    Which is 2.7 trillion gallons per day

    This is about 0.007% of the total water in the atmosphere.


    For 1 year: it`s around 985,500,000,000,000 gallons per year which is 985.5 trillion gallons per year.


    This is about 2.5% of the total water in the atmosphere produced in 1 year.


    This is not a small amount but not quite all the water in the atmosphere.


    Let`s be generous and assume that all these powerplants have been going for 50 years:


    That`s 49,275,000,000,000,000 gallons over 50 years which is 49.275 quadrillion gallons over 50 years.

    That`s 125% of the total water in the atmosphere at any one time.


    Let`s not forget though that the total amount of water in the atmosphere is a balance between the amount of evaporation and the amount of precipitation.

    Total evaporated is roughly equal to total precipitated:


    505,000 km3 per year = 133,406,885,876,987,790 gallons per year


    Which is 133.4 quadrillion gallons per year evaporated and precipitated



    Again, for cooling towers:


    For 1 year: it`s around 985,500,000,000,000 gallons per year which is 985.5 trillion gallons per year.

    This is about 0.74%.


    If all the cooling towers in the world were going full bore and assuming 4 cooling towers per plant then around 10 times the amount of water would be generated

    Which is 9,855,000,000,000,000 gallons per year as the upper range. This is 9.86 quadrillion gallons per year.

    This is about 7.4%.

    So, we have a range of 0.74 – 7.4% of total global water evaporation per year generated by the 62,500 cooling towers around the planet over a year.


    Again, it is not all the water in the atmosphere being generated but it is actually a significant amount.


    It is important to note that 85-90% of water is evaporated from the oceans but only 10% of that water makes it back to land. 77% of all precipitation falls over the oceans.


    As noted previously, the oceans don`t need help generating water for weather, but perhaps the land does over certain regions vulnerable to drought. Cooling towers generate moisture to supplement land evaporation.


    The Water Cycle



    In an interview with Mike Adams, when discussing this issue, Dane asks this question:


    “Are power plant cooling towers emitting all the moisture for storms?” Emphasis mine


    Of course, not all, but let me ask a couple more questions:


    “Are aerosol deployment operations providing all the aerosols for cloud formation, whether cumulus or cirrus?”


    Of course, not all. It`s a small amount relative to those naturally occurring but enough to modify the weather and climate.


    “Are microwave transmitters providing all the heat energy for storms?”


    Of course not. Microwave transmitters from Nexrad and other doppler radar and those fitted on aircraft such as Hurricane hunters or similar are most likely employed, not the HAARP array in Alaska. The transmitters are not powerful enough to heat the air with sensible heat. They would simply fry anything in their path anyway if that were the case. They work by the process known as microwave breakdown of air, releasing latent heat by sustained exciting of the electrons in the air until an avalanche takes place. The electron cascades accelerate cloud condensation which releases latent heat, the fuel for storms. It is far subtler, like using a key to open a door rather than a sledgehammer.

    Let us look at how cooling towers also play a subtler role in influencing weather systems, even hurricanes. As Dane says, the facts:


    An average Hurricane rains about 2.4 trillion gallons of water per day.


    That`s 2,400,000,000,000 gallons per day.


    Harvey rained 27,000,000,000,000 (27 trillion) gallons over 6 days covering Texas and Louisiana.

    That`s 4,500,000,000,000 (4.5 trillion) gallons per day.

    About 2,250,000,000,000 (2.25 trillion) gallons per state per day.


    Conservative estimates of a single cooling tower`s output of water vapour are around 14,700 gallons per minute although it can range from 10,000 to 100,000 gallons per minute).


    Assuming 2 cooling towers per plant (most have at least 4):


    We can estimate around 30,000 gallons per minute for one plant.


    1,800,000 per hour for one plant

    43,200,000 per day for one plant


    There are over 7,000 power plants in the US.


    That`s around 302,400,000,000 (302 billion) gallons per day


    There are 50 states in the US.

    That`s around 6,048,000,000 (6 billion) gallons per day per state.

    That`s the conservative estimate.

    The upper range, assuming double the number of towers going full bore will give ten times that amount:

    Around 60 billion gallons per day per state.



    Power plants are not evenly distributed across the US.


    Over Texas and Louisiana, we can assume double the average which would double the output:

    Giving around 120 billion gallons per day per state.


    This amount is around 20 times less than that rained by Hurricane Harvey or 5% for one state such as Texas.

    Again however, a weather system can build up as it moves over one power plant to another.

    At any rate, 5% of a hurricane`s rainfall is not insignificant and the water in Texas was emitted after hurricane Harvey hit land and was downgraded to a sub-tropical storm.


    Consider that Harvey`s rainfall was equivalent to a year`s rainfall in London and eastern England! Trust me it rains a lot over here! The water generated by cooling towers in one state in one day was equal to around 18 days for London and eastern England.


    Now, to say that this amount of accumulated water vapour can have no effect on weather systems, including hurricanes, is patently false.

    But that is not all. Power plants also have smoke stacks. They are not the same as cooling towers which emit water and waste heat. They emit the waste products of combustion. Along with CO2, they release soot, coal fly ash and sulphuric acid. Coal fly ash is a particularly efficient cloud condensation nucleus. During debates on rainmaking in the 50’s, it was argued that the most promising method would be coke furnaces and not aircraft.


    This is still not all. The water emitted from cooling towers is hot. There are vast quantities of sensible and latent heat in the water emitted. Latent heat is the fuel for storms waiting to be released by condensation.


    So, we have significant quantities of superheated, artificially generated water vapour combined with the release of coal fly ash, which is normally captured as it travels up the smokestack, in a sequentially timed manner, resulting effectively in gigantic ground based cloud-seeding generators dotting the eastern US. Fly ash is also the prime suspect for the particulate most commonly used for the global cirrus cloud over-seeding operation.


    In conclusion, we can say that despite the bitter dispute, WW101`s theories when adjusted for reality, actually mesh very well with Wiginton`s own on the need for the geoengineers to supply water vapour for geoengineering operations in the east of the US. It is ironic that they both accuse each other of being dis-info agents. Accusing someone of this never works whether they are guilty or innocent of the charge.

    In my view, real dis-info agents operate in the background of both sides of a polarised debate, whispering sweet nothings and bitter somethings into the ears of prominent figures, sowing division and discord wherever they can. It works. The only way around this in my view is to develop an immunity to them and stay focused on the truth.