Part 6 – Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

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    Part 6

    Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

    Warming Modification or Cooling Modification?


    Today, manipulation of a hurricane most probably involves a primary modification of the high and low-pressure systems (the wind field) around it. Such modification employs two forms of geoengineering:


    We have the red pill - warming climate modification. This is the predominant form and has been around since at least 1970.


    It involves (but is not limited to):


    • The cross-hatching of the skies with an over-seeding regime of particulate trails which give rise to gigantic, persisting, artificial cirrus cloud formations. Cirrus clouds have a net warming effect. Increasing their frequency, coverage and duration in a given region will lead towards a warming of an entire air mass as well as shutting down precipitation. Unlike CO2 which as a gas spreads evenly across the planet, artificial cirrus cover can be laid down anywhere in the upper troposphere over any region of the earth to whatever degree is deigned desirable to the covert geoengineers. Most of the planet is the current configuration has been since the 70`s.


    How does all this relate to hurricane manipulation? Well, first we need to understand how the high and low-pressure systems work like cogs in the machine of the atmospheric convection system. There are three bands of weather systems for each hemisphere that encircle the earth.

    The first band known as the Hadley cell is where hot, moisture-laden air rises at the equator as a low-pressure system, spiralling in and up in an anti-clockwise direction and falls as a high-pressure system at around 30 latitude on average, as dry air descending and spiralling out in a clockwise direction.

    Air rising at the equator would sink at the poles as one convection cell were it not for the fact that the planet is revolving. The Coriolis force causes the spiralling motion that we see in weather systems but also causes the air to descend at around 30 degrees and ascend at around 60 degrees. The downward and upward motion drags the air of the middle cell with it. This band, called the Ferrell cell, is thus the only one not powered by differences in heat energy, but by friction where the air is in contact with the other two.

    The third band, known as the Polar cell is where the ascending air at around 60 travels pole-wards and descends as cold, dry air at 90 degrees as a high-pressure system and spirals out in a clockwise direction.

    A side view of the atmospheric convection cells of the northern hemisphere looks like this:

    The northern hemisphere’s large-scale atmospheric circulation systems.

    Note the cross-sections of the jet streams along the boundaries of the convection cells. Yes, there are four jet streams, two in each hemisphere. When Mediarologists refer to the “jet stream”, they are usually talking about the Polar jet stream.


    Jet Stream - Public doman, National Weather Service

    Mediarologists love the “jet stream” almost to the point of adoration. They present it as some kind of serpentine weather deity that bestows drought and deluge according to its chaotic whims. Jet streams are important components of the atmospheric systems that they are embedded within but they do not just decide to up-sticks and wander drunkenly over Chicago by themselves.

     “Specifically, the jet stream is caused by the meeting of air masses just under the tropopause where winds are the strongest. When two air masses of different densities meet here, the pressure created by the different densities causes winds to increase. As these winds attempt to flow from the warm area in the nearby stratosphere down into the cooler troposphere they are deflected by the Coriolis Effect and flow along the boundaries of the original two air masses. The results are the polar and subtropical jet streams that form around the world.

    The Jet Stream


    As the jet streams are the result of the temperature differences between air masses they move along with the shifts in the atmospheric convection cells, not the other way around.


    Now, the boundaries of the atmospheric convection cells are not themselves rigidly confined to the latitudes of 60 and 90 of course. They shift and move according to the seasons, further north in the summer of the northern hemisphere and further south in the winter, which is summer in the southern hemisphere.


    It has also been established that under a warming world, the Hadley cell expands and the subtropical high-pressure region shifts further along the latitudes pole wards.

    Applying the same logic, the low altitude winds from the Pole should warm and rise at a greater rate, leading to a corresponding contraction in the Polar cell. The Hadley cell expands, the Polar cell contracts. This results in all the cells being shunted north along with their associated subtropical and polar jet streams. As the northern hemisphere and the Arctic, in particular, are warming at a faster rate than the equator and the southern hemisphere, this effect is more pronounced the further one travels northward. The Polar cell contracts more than the Hadley cell expands.


    The Horse Latitudes


    The dry, sinking, high pressure region normally around 30 degrees North, associated with the world’s deserts, is known at sea as the horse latitudes. This strange name originates from the often stagnant conditions of the ocean experienced here where early explorers were frequently forced to dump their cargos of dead and dying livestock.


    horse latitudes

    What are the horse latitudes?


    An expansion of the horse latitudes poleward of several degrees due to warming would centre them over the region of the San Joaquin valley (36.6 degrees in latitude).

    This explains somewhat the question as to why the multi-year drought that California has been experiencing is so unusual. It also links the drought to other areas of the world experiencing similar conditions such as Mexico, Brazil, southwestern Australia, southern Africa, northern Africa, the mid-Mediterranean and southern Europe. All these regions lie on the edge of the planet’s mid-latitudes.




    Due to this warming world, which again, I attribute mainly to warming climate modification, the red pill, we should expect the cells to be shifted poleward with the shift in the polar cell being more pronounced. Any form of jet stream manipulation, must be the result of a prior manipulation of the temperatures of the giant air masses that underlie them. The red pill, unlike CO2, can be applied over any region to any degree required and so the shift in some regions can be more pronounced than in others.


    The Ice Curtain


    This GISS map below shows the departure from average high temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere winter (Dec-Jan-Feb) from the period 2013-2015.



    We see most of the northern hemisphere being warmed during the period of the California drought but note also the anomalous region of cooling over the eastern US and North Atlantic. Also note the how this cold region has no continuity with the Arctic over a three-year period, counter to the claims of certain scientists who maintain that, beyond all logic, global warming causes polar vortices to wander off all the way to Florida. The cold should weaken as it encroaches further south, not intensify.