Part 1 – Hordes of Hurricanes

  • Part 1 – Hordes of Hurricanes
  • Part 2 – Herding Hordes of Hurricanes
  • Part 3 – A Low Yankee Trick
  • Part 4 – Calming the Furious Storm?
  • Part 5 – How to Modify a Hurricane
  • Part 6 – Red Pill or the Blue Pill?
  • Part 7 – Rain Trance
  • Rain Dance

    Part 1

    Hordes of Hurricanes


    It never rains it pours….


    The most extreme precipitation event in American history has been witnessed before the world`s very eyes. This mightiest of wind storms parked itself over the Texas coast, obliterated oil fields, wrecked rigs and refineries, released enough water to fill a trillion-gallon hat, washed away lives and livelihoods and the Mediarologists barely batted their lids.

    Harvey was followed by Irma, Jose, Maria and Lee all major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher.


    In this warming world, with perfect storms without precedence, of ever greater intensity, brewed from oceans transformed into gigantic heat reservoirs, it should be no surprise when one eventually turns up at your door. However, surprises a plenty are in store.


    First up, despite nearly five decades of ever increasing average temperatures, it has been twelve long years since a major hurricane has reached US soil.


    A conundrum indeed.


    We know that in a warming world, storms, whether reaching hurricane status or not track further north and there is a broad consensus that tropical storms have been growing in intensity (wind speed) and duration since the mid-1970s.


    The trend in the number has been more controversial. Yet, despite the prolonged “drought” of major hurricanes hitting the US coast, and the lack of a clear trend in the frequency of tropical cyclones globally, in the North Atlantic there has been a 40% increase in tropical storms since around 1990.


    It seems that hurricanes that would have been hurtling into the US have instead been herded up the North Atlantic.


    So those who claim that climate change has played a role are onto something but there is more to the story.


    Now, if you think I`m here to bang on about anthropogenic global warming, to attempt to browbeat you into submission for your personal contribution to planetary demise, you are mistaken.

    You have been framed, set up by a psychopathic syndicate that cares not a jot about this world nor the welfare of its inhabitants.


    To be sure, that notorious gas has played its part but from the very beginning, when Svante Arrhenius first confirmed its effects, it was seen as something to be secretly encouraged by those vested interests dreaming of a warming world. A boon to mankind. Well, rich mankind anyway.


    So much so that it seems they conspired to accelerate this vision by means of a clandestine climate modification campaign, originating, at the very least, from the 1970’s, of unprecedented proportions and the utmost audacity and arrogance. A constellation of evidence points towards this reality, its overarching aim to convert the Arctic ice into a meltwater, opening it up for its vast resources of oil, gas and minerals and to alter the global climate to one more favourable to the northern temperate zones and less favourable to equatorial and semi-tropical zones.


    I outlined this campaign at great length in a series of articles entitled A Study in Infra-Red in honour of Arthur Conan Doyle`s immortal detective.


    A significant aspect of this is the compulsion on the part of these Oiligarchs to nurture and transport these giant latent heat engines north towards the Arctic ice.

    This, in my view is the reason for the 12-year US hurricane drought and simultaneous increase in North Atlantic tropical storm frequency.


    Obviously, Harvey, if engineered, had a different purpose. Before speculating about that purpose, we should first establish whether indeed Harvey had any of the hallmarks of an engineered hurricane.