Part 6 – Saviours or Shysters?

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  • Part 6 – Saviours or Shysters?

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    Part 6 – Saviours or Shysters?



    “…Whatever we do is likely to lead to death on a scale that makes all previous wars, famines and disasters small…”

    James Lovelock

    A constellation of evidence points towards the reality of an ongoing, clandestine, climate modification campaign, originating, at the very least, from the 1970’s, of unprecedented proportions and the utmost audacity and arrogance. Its overarching aim is to convert the Arctic ice into a meltwater, opening it up for its vast resources of oil, gas and minerals and to alter the global climate to one more favourable to the northern temperate zones and less favourable to equatorial and semi-tropical zones. The scientific establishment up to 1975 seemed also to have been concerned that the earth was entering a long-term Ice age. This may have been a genuine concern but may also have been a means of drumming up support.

    To this end, the campaign has employed such methods of modification as:

    • Use of Black Carbon, in alignment with William Gray’s proposals, to:

    • Alter the surface albedo of ice and snow.

    • Artificially induce convection, enhancing lower cloud formation which has a warming influence in the Arctic region.


    • Altering the nature and frequency of cloud type ratios in order to effect a warming of the globe, predominantly the northern hemisphere, and, in particular, the Arctic.

    The third primary method, outlined in 1965 by the US scientist J.O. Fletcher:

    “…(3) increasing the inflow of warm Atlantic water into the Arctic Ocean.”

    This has been achieved by extending the cirrus cloud over-seeding to encompass the globe.






    The Polar Express

    The heat that builds up in this fashion finds its way eventually to the poles by means of the atmospheric convection cells:


    Expanding tropics pushing high altitude clouds towards poles, NASA study finds


    It also travels by means of the major ocean currents. We see that 90% of warming goes into the giant heat sink that is the ocean and is transferred to the Arctic where it accelerates the melting of the under-ice surface.


    global heat content



    Thermohaline Overturning – at Risk


    At the Arctic itself, local geoengineering ensures that this heat does not escape so easily.

    Race for the Pole

    Whatever the cause of the Arctic melting, it is happening and the Industrialists are indeed moving in.

    More than half of the Arctic Ocean was covered in year-round ice in the mid-1980s. Today, the ice cap is much smaller. Alarming evidence of this warming trend was released last week when the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released satellite evidence that perennial Arctic ice cover, as of February, rests on less than 30 percent of the ocean.

    For the first time in recorded history, this past summer the entire Northwest Passage between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans was ice-free, according to scientists.

    In the eyes of oil and gas companies, like U.S-based Arctic Oil & Gas Corp., these open waters are potential treasure chests. As the Arctic Ocean resembles less like a gigantic ice sheet and more an ocean of frigid water, energy companies are racing to profit from the melting sea.

    However, Arctic Oil & Gas Corp. does not yet have official rights to its claim. Development rights in the Arctic Ocean are heavily disputed between the United States, Russia, Canada, and Norway. All four countries are debating how far their continental shelf extends into the ocean and therefore grants them rights to drill.

    In the seas north of Russia and Alaska, expanded oil-and-gas development is already under way. The U.S. Department of Interior last month sold a record-breaking $2.6 billion in development bids throughout the Chukchi Sea, just above the Bering Strait..”

    Arctic melting may lead to expanded oil drilling

    This returns us to the conflict of interest we observed in part 1 when we have an ex-CEO of Big Oil, now US secretary of state, giving the stamp of approval for projects that would hamper the gratification of the Oiligarchs’ arctic avarice.

    Unless of course, these projects achieved the opposite of their stated claims. There would certainly be no conflict of vested interests were that to be the case…


    Engineering Geoengineering?

    Even the stated goal of the recent Climate Change conference in Paris of limiting average global temperatures to 2°C, would seem to be in harmony with Wexler’s proposals to bring about similar temperatures of 1.7°C.

    A 2°C increase in global average from 1975 would mean Arctic warming of around 8.3°C. Or, looked at it another way, if the Arctic were warmed to 8.3°C, it would mean a global warming of 2°C.


    Perhaps this is the point where official geoengineering future proposals to cool the planet will really be brought in to play in order to maintain this optimal figure for Arctic Modification and Catastrophe Capitalism.

    It could simply mean that once the ice is melted, and arctic amplification is self-sustaining the geoengineers will simply step down their current activities and claim the glory for saving the world. Or perhaps it will be necessary to prevent the leviathan of methane mass expulsion from wiping out humanity.


    Academics call for geoengineering preparation in wake of Paris Agreement’s 'deadly flaws'



    The action plan laid out by AMEGArctic Emergency Methane Group, ostensibly made to avert climate catastrophe, contains geoengineering proposals such as:    

    • Preparing supply and logistics for spraying reflective aerosol precursor in large quantities, preferably into the lower stratosphere.

    • Establishing the positive and negative net forcing from contrails, and encouraging flight paths of commercial airplanes to reduce positive or increase negative net forcing.  Reintroducing the ban on polar flights, lifted recently.

    • Financing the development and deployment capability for cirrus cloud removal. Stock-piling of suitable cloud seeding chemicals.  Kitting out of aircraft to spray these chemicals.

    • Financing the development of, and deployment capability for, marine cloud brightening

    • Considering techniques for reducing Arctic storms and their strength.

    • Considering techniques for un-sticking of blocked weather patterns.

    • Considering techniques for improving surface albedo of sea, lakes, snow and ice by brightening water with bubbles, covering snow and ice with white granules or sheets to prolong albedo, draining pools on ice, forming ice on pools, depositing snow on ice (as fresh snow has a higher albedo) and on land, discouraging growth of plants with low albedo, etc.  AMEG founder member, Peter Wadhams, supported a new idea for improving surface albedo by means of white granules. Professor of Ocean Physics, and Head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group at the University of Cambridge, Wadhams has spent over 40 years measuring the sea ice in the Arctic from underneath by means of Submarines.


    “A key factor is the Arctic sea ice, whose reflection of sunshine keeps the planet cool.  Remove the sea ice, and not only does the planet start to overheat, but the whole climate is suddenly changed.  The global weather systems, on whose predictability farmers rely, are dependent for their stability on there being a temperature gradient between tropics and the poles.  Remove the snow and ice at one pole, and the weather systems go awry and we have “global weirding”.  Peter Wadhams

    AMEG Strategic Plan


    The warnings and recommendations provided by the AMEG group may align with the intentions of the Philanthropist Power Structure to melt the Arctic and rape its resources, bringing about global climatic changes to preserve and extend its dominion over humanity.

    A Convenient Lie


    Just before you relinquish sovereignty to the planetary police state in the cause of saving the planet from the consequences of your existence, it may be worthwhile to consider a possibility.


    Rather than the loss of Arctic ice loss and its ensuing amplification being an exacerbation of CO2 induced global warming, it may be the other way around.


    We know it was the intention of the global powers to first initiate Arctic ice loss and its ensuing amplification in order to bring about a favourable climatic change to the northern latitudes. Perhaps this became a reality and that CO2 induced warming rather than being the driver, is in fact the exacerbation. But the Script Writers wouldn’t let the truth get in the way of a good story and have transferred the guilt and the costs of this clandestine climate modification campaign onto you and me, all of us. If everyone is guilty, no one is guilty as the Italians say.


    But consider this, it has been estimated that nearly 1,000 children are now dying every day due to climate change and 400,000 people every year. How many have died already? Drought, flood and the most savage killer of all – hunger.

    If the theory set forth here is correct then it would seem that this Single Psychopathic Syndicate will stop at nothing, including the disruption of the climate, the ensuing deaths of countless innocents, the murder of honest scientists and the monopolisation of truth itself to maintain and extend its empire based on ignorance and fear.

    It is left to the virtuous minority, people of all political persuasions or none, to break this monopoly.

    There is only one way out of this prison built on implied consent – the truth.