17. Hyperborea: Behind the North Wind

A Study in Infra-Red

Part seventeen – Hyperborea:  Behind the North Wind


“…And thorough this distemperature we see

The seasons alter: hoary-headed frosts

Fall in the fresh lap of the crimson rose”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

In part 16 we observed that the global, clandestine climate modification campaign to warm the planet primarily by means of aircraft laying down an over-seeding regime of aerosols and consequent enhanced cirrus-cloud cover, has resulted in a pronounced shift in the atmospheric convection cells and the associated jet streams further north. This has led to the high-pressure zone being shunted further north over regions lying on the edge of the planet’s mid-latitudes, including western and southwestern US, and intensifying the droughts experienced there.

Distortions in the pattern of precipitation have also contributed to the droughts as vast quantities of water are locked up by the aerosols to later fall as deluges as the cloud formations migrate to the eastern US, entraining more ice as they move.

A Study in Blue

Daniel Swain has linked the warmth and drought in the West to the cold, flooding and snow to the east:

"The warmth in California and the cold weather in the rest of the country—those events are not unrelated," he said. "The trough on the other side of this ridge is partly what allowed the polar vortex to meander from its typical home in the Arctic into Michigan."

And more recently:

“This so called “Warm Arctic/Cold Continents” pattern has been prominent during a number of recent winters, but has been especially noticeable over the past couple of months as unprecedented warmth has pervaded high Arctic despite the onset of polar night.”

The California Weather Blog

The Terribly Tenacious Trough

Mainstream scientist, Professor Jennifer Francis notes that the persisting high-pressure ridge dubbed “The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” has its counterpart in the equally persisting low-pressure trough that she has named “The Terribly Tenacious Trough

A melting Arctic and weird weather: the plot thickens

She correctly states that jet streams exist due to differences in air temperature. In the case of the Polar jet, the “jet stream” that the media usually refers to, it’s the contrast between cold air masses moving south from the Arctic and warm air masses moving north.

She then addresses the role that climate change plays in alterations to jet stream configuration.

Because the globe is warming and the Arctic more than anywhere else, the temperature difference between the air masses is getting smaller resulting in a weakening of the jet stream. According to her, this also leads to the jet wandering along a north/south meridional (wavy) pattern.

This she believes is what enables the Arctic to drunkenly stumble over Chicago.



Comparing Francis’s theoretical diagram above with the actual GISS departure from normal temperature map below in the Northern Hemisphere winter (Dec-Jan-Feb) from the period 2013-2015, astute readers will notice a discrepancy. The cold temperatures are not coming from the Arctic, which shows an intense warming, but seem to be isolated in particular over the eastern side of the US and in the North Atlantic. The “north winds” originate further south.

Fig 1: Global map


The mediarologists claim that the amplified warming of the Arctic resulting in a reduced temperature gradient (difference) between pole and tropics, will result in a weakening of the polar jet stream and thus more wavy (meridional) patterns. This leads to greater extremes of temperature in the mid-latitudes – weird weather patterns. Hot in the west and cold in the east or vice versa.

However, we see that contrary to what the mediarologists claim, global warming and a reduced temperature gradient between the North Pole and the Tropics will not result in extreme weather. Temperature fluctuations should decrease, and so cold snaps should also become less frequent. This is the conclusion of climate scientists from ETH Zurich and California Institute of Technology.

Climate change does not cause extreme winters, new study shows

Logically, warming at the pole will result in reduced pressure leading to a contraction of the polar convection cell and its associated polar winds.

In short, it is impossible for the observed cold region anomalies to have been caused by global warming.


The Two-headed Beast

As we have ascribed the role of warming the globe primarily to climate modification by means of an artificial cirrus cloud over-seeding regime, we are now faced with a conundrum. Those anomalously cold regions are also subject to climate modification. Activists usually associate atmospheric geoengineering with covert attempts to mitigate global warming and/or to poison the population.

There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”

Sherlock Holmes

If it were only for cooling then why would it succeed in only a few isolated regions but catastrophically fail everywhere else?

So, we have the thesis, the notion that clandestine geoengineering has a warming effect – let’s call it the red pill.

We also have an apparently discordant notion, the anti-thesis that it has a cooling effect - let’s call it the blue pill.

Which is it to be red or blue?

I ought to know by this time that when a fact appears to be opposed to a long train of deductions it invariably proves to be capable of bearing some other interpretation.”

Sherlock Holmes

The “other interpretation”, the synthesis, is that both pills are in play.

We have the red pill - warming climate modification. This is the predominant form and has been around since at least 1970.

It involves (but is not limited to):

  • The laying down of particulate trails in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere with an over-seeding regime giving rise to gigantic, persisting, artificial cirrus (upper) cloud formations.  Cirrus clouds have a net warming effect. Increasing their frequency and duration in that region will contribute towards warming.

  • The use of frequency beams in the Arctic region generated by ionospheric heaters and radar technology which strip the electrons from the air in the regions ionised. Electrons radically enhance cumulus cloud condensation. Cumulus (lower) clouds in the Arctic have an overall net-warming effect in all seasons except summer.

However, we also have the blue pill - cooling climate modification. This form occurs less frequently, but over heavily populated regions. When coupled with intense and selective media activity, this leads many people to believe that the planet is cooling or to succumb to the false notion that cold weather should not exist in a globally warming word. This method is employed primarily for psychological deception and fuels one side of the perpetual, polarized debate that distracts people from the truth.

It entails:

  • The laying down of particulate trails in the lower atmosphere. This form of cloud seeding gives rise to cumulus clouds. Cumulus (lower) clouds have a net cooling effect. Increasing their size, frequency and duration will contribute towards cooling.

  • The use of rotating frequency beams generated by Doppler radar which strip the electrons from the air in the regions ionised. Electrons radically enhance cumulus cloud condensation. Condensation also releases latent heat which further lofts the water vapour up to the upper levels of the troposphere where it is captured by the aerosols, speeding the process of precipitation.

  • The laying down of particulate trails in the upper troposphere with an over-seeding regime over the Pacific, west of the US, whilst shutting down precipitation as the many ice nuclei require more water, eventually results in flooding in the east as the optimal nuclei size is attained. This steals water from the west and dumps it in the east.

  • Artificial water vapour generated in the east and transported up to the upper levels by rotating frequency, speeds precipitation, reducing cirrus cloud coverage and invigorating cumulus cloud formation lower down as the particulates and associated ice descends and melts. This has a cooling effect.

  • More intense results can be achieved through the use of artificial ice nucleating agents such as potassium nitrate, ammonium nitrate and even urea and bacteria that will enhance this process by driving temperatures above freezing to below. This brings about snowfall that would not otherwise occur and leads to the events misleadingly named Polar Vortices. Misleading because they originate not from the North Pole nor even the Arctic circle but from regions over Western Canada.


Polar Vortex in Summer? Not Exactly, Experts Say



This GISS map below shows the departure from average high temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere winter (Dec-Jan-Feb) from the period 2013-2015.


Fig 1: Global map


This time period correlates with that of the persisting drought in the western US from 2013-2015. Note the anomalously low temperatures in the Eastern US and in the middle of the North Atlantic. Also, note the how this cold region has no continuity with the Arctic over a three-year period, counter to the claims of certain scientists who maintain that, beyond all logic, global warming causes polar vortices to wander off all the way to Florida. The cold should weaken as it encroaches further south, not intensify.

In combination, the warming modification acting as the “background”, interspersed with periodic cooling interventions, these opposing forms of climate engineering give rise to the weird jet stream configurations that are being observed in recent times.