Unify and Conquer the Divide et Impera Mantra


Let’s not be divided, let’s not criticize each other. If you disagree with someone, OK let it go, let’s work together on the things that we share in common.”


These are the words of Edward G. Griffin, his mantra. They are good words, but Mr Griffin seems to have broken faith with them in joining Dane Wigington in a senseless death spiral.

For me there is only one way out, the truth. That is the only way the truth movement can move.

In order to do that, we have to see past petty infighting so we can frame the fearful symmetry, the big picture, of which each player holds an important piece.

The false-dichotomy of the bi-polar climate change debate has divided the truth movement, including anti-geoengineering activists, into two warring camps those who believe global warming is occurring and those who believe it is a hoax. These prejudices have prevented each camp from seeing what the actual purpose of clandestine geoengineering might be.

This process has reached its apogee in the handbag swinging between these two prominent figures.

Updated, Is Global Warming “An Inconvenient Lie”? A Public Response to Ed Griffin

Before we examine the disagreements, “let’s work together on the things that we share in common”

What do they share in common?

Well, Ed and Dane both hold the view that:

  • That there is an insidious agenda afoot.

  • This agenda has been set by the power structure, the ruling elite.

  • The agenda involves foisting lies on the general public that need to be exposed.

  • Geoengineering is occurring now.

  • The denial that geoengineering is occurring now, is one of those lies.





Now, disagreements. 

These are not the bugbears that they are made out to be.

If you disagree with someone’s view, don’t  let  it  go, but agree to disagree. Personal animosity does not need to come into it. This way division and internal conflict need not occur. 

Why hold onto disagreements of view? 

Because it may be possible to achieve a deeper resolution later, as the plot unfolds.

“I ought to know by this time that when a fact appears to be opposed to a long train of deductions it invariably proves to be capable of bearing some other interpretation.”

Sherlock Holmes”

To be thoroughly honest with oneself, one must endure this tension of contradiction until the relevant facts have been ascertained.

Of course, it may also be possible that the other’s view is simply wrong or that even, God forbid, one’s own view is simply wrong.

Yet another possibility is that one or both views may be correct but of little or even of no relevance whatsoever to the topic under discussion.

But, sometimes, the two poles, the thesis and the anti-thesis may profoundly resolve into something bigger than the sum of both, the synthesis.

What do Ed and Dane disagree about?


  • The planet appears to be going into a global cooling because solar activity is declining, and when this happens, the temperature of the earth declines too, as history has shown.

  • Geoengineering, although real, may not be connected to the global warming agenda.


  • Global warming is not only real, but also something exacerbated by geoengineering in the long term. Frontline footage and facts, such as the actual temperature of the earth prove this warming is a reality. The narrative of global cooling is exactly what the power structure and the climate engineers want the public to believe.

  • One of the primary objectives of the temporary and highly toxic, geoengineering cool downs is to confuse the population as to the true extent of planetary warming. These chemically nucleated events are further contributing to the overall warming.




Ed makes this statement from 7:00:


"When Solar activity declines, the temperature of the earth declines too"

This point is of vital importance. It is correct for all of history up to around 1970, the onset of global warming. The relationship breaks down from this point onward.




Solar cycle length (red) vs Northern Hemisphere temperature (blue) (Stauning 2011).



Griffin stops short of examining the change in the actual global temperatures.


We would indeed be experiencing global cooling, were it not for the reality of the clandestine climate modification campaign to warm the atmosphere.


By applying the method of exclusion, we thus infer that the sun, although absolutely central to climate, cannot be responsible for the unprecedented warming of the last 35 years or so.


I suggest that it was this projected future decline in the sunspot cycle that galvanised the power structure into stepping up their climate modification activities.


Eyebrows would be raised high if it were to be disclosed just how much, during the same period as the onset of global warming, the 70’s, and further back, prominent scientists, government agencies and the banking and industrial oligarchs that owned them, were interested in raising global temperatures by means of such schemes as melting the Arctic ice cap by covering it with black soot or diverting Arctic rivers and altering cloud formation in order to ward off a supposed ice age, and of course, profit immeasurably.


What if the scientists were right about the oncoming mini-ice age and actually prevented it by means of an undisclosed geoengineering program?"


Mainstream scientists are well aware of the historical correlation between the sunspot cycle and global temperatures. They use the breakdown of that correlation from around 1970 to argue the case for anthropogenic CO2 induced warming.


However, CO2 as a gas, although emitted mostly in the northern hemisphere, is dispersed evenly throughout the globe by the atmospheric circulation. 


Click here to watch video

This does not sit well with the heat signature of the planet covering the same period.

This even spread does not correlate with the uneven distribution of global temperature changes.

Fig 1: Global map





Fig 2: Zonal averages map



This NASA GISS map and graph above show the trend in temperatures annually (Jan-Dec) from the period 1980 - 2014.

Again, by the methods of observation and exclusion we have established that this thermodynamic footprint points towards something other than CO2 alone.


Ed and Dane both agree that there is, in all likelihood, an ongoing global, clandestine campaign involving aircraft of military, commercial and undisclosed origin emplacing particulate matter into the upper troposphere for the purpose of seeding vast artificial cirrus cloud formations that can last for extended periods of time. 

Dane holds that these aerosol spraying operations and the concomitant artificially produced cirrus clouds are, in alignment with geoengineering proposals, for the purpose of mitigating global warming. According to him, at the cost of short-term cooling comes an overall, long-term warming and other disruptive climatic and weather events.

A clandestine campaign to cool the atmosphere only makes sense in the context of a warming world.

Mediarologists, on one of those black swan events when they actually address the possibility of actual, ongoing geoengineering operations, brush them aside with their characteristic lack of grace.


However, occasionally, perhaps they let something slip about the true nature and purpose of persistent aviation-induced cirrus. In this one-sided but candid interview with Wigington, they attack his stance on the cooling intention of covert geoengineering yet also reveal an opening in their screaming omerta.


“But if there was a conspiracy to use jet produced clouds to cool the atmosphere, would it work? No.” Meteorologist, Chris Edwards, on Detroit’s WXYZ News, bluntly answers his own question and defers to a heavyweight.  


“Contrails that are spreading, that you can identify as contrails, those would tend to warm the atmosphere, everything that we know about, would say that.” Joyce Penner, UN IPCC Climate scientist, weighs in on the debate. Emphasis mine


Contrails, or as Wigington prefers to call them, particulate trails, in addition to forming line-shaped clouds, spread out to form aviation induced cirrus clouds. The higher cirrus clouds, unlike the lower clouds, have an overall warming effect on the globe. Penner is correct on that one.


“But if there was a conspiracy to use jet produced clouds to cool the atmosphere, would it work? 

No.” Emphasis mine


But what if we were to turn Edwards’ question on its head?

If there was a conspiracy to use jet produced clouds to WARM the atmosphere, would it work?


You see where I am going here? 

What if there was an ongoing global, clandestine campaign involving aircraft of military, commercial and undisclosed origin emplacing particulate matter into the upper troposphere for the purpose of seeding vast artificial cirrus cloud formations that can last for extended periods of time, in order to bring about a global warming?

Jacked Frost

As we have ascribed the role of warming the globe primarily to climate modification by means of an artificial cirrus cloud over-seeding regime, we are now faced with a conundrum. Those anomalously cold regions are also subject to climate modification. Chemtrail activists usually associate chemtrails with covert attempts to mitigate global warming and/or to poison the population. 

There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”

Sherlock Holmes

If it were only for cooling then why would it succeed in only a few isolated regions but catastrophically fail everywhere else?

So, we have the thesis, the notion that clandestine geoengineering has a warming effect – let’s call it the red pill.

We also have an apparently discordant notion, the anti-thesis that it has a cooling effect - let’s call it the blue pill.

Which is it to be red or blue?

I ought to know by this time that when a fact appears to be opposed to a long train of deductions it invariably proves to be capable of bearing some other interpretation.”

Sherlock Holmes

The “other interpretation”, the synthesis, is that both pills are in play. 

We have the red pill - warming climate modification. This is the predominant form and has been around since at least 1970. 

It involves (but is not limited to):

  • The laying down of particulate trails in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere with an over-seeding regime giving rise to gigantic, persisting, artificial cirrus (upper) cloud formations.  Cirrus clouds have a net warming effect. Increasing their frequency and duration in that region will contribute towards warming. 

  • The use of frequency beams in the Arctic region generated by ionospheric heaters and radar technology which strip the electrons from the air in the regions ionised. Electrons radically enhance cumulus cloud condensation. Cumulus (lower) clouds in the Arctic have an overall net-warming effect in all seasons except summer. 

However, we also have the blue pill - cooling climate modification. This form occurs less frequently, but over heavily populated regions, leading people to believe that the planet is cooling. This method is employed primarily for psychological deception.

It entails:

  • The laying down of particulate trails in the lower atmosphere. This form of cloud seeding gives rise to cumulus clouds. Cumulus (lower) clouds have a net cooling effect. Increasing their size, frequency and duration will contribute towards cooling.

  • The use of rotating frequency beams generated by Doppler radar which strip the electrons from the air in the regions ionised. Electrons radically enhance cumulus cloud condensation. Condensation also releases latent heat which further lofts the water vapour up to the upper levels of the troposphere where it is captured by the aerosols, speeding the process of precipitation. 

  • The laying down of particulate trails in the upper troposphere with an over-seeding regime over the Pacific, west of the US, whilst shutting down precipitation as the many ice nuclei require more water, eventually results in flooding in the east as the optimal nuclei size is attained. This steals water from the west and dumps it in the east. 

  • Artificial water vapour generated in the east and transported up to the upper levels by rotating frequency, speeds precipitation, reducing cirrus cloud coverage and invigorating cumulus cloud formation lower down as the particulates and associated ice descends and melts. This has a cooling effect.

  • More intense results can be achieved through the use of artificial ice nucleating agents such as potassium nitrate, ammonium nitrate and even urea and bacteria that will enhance this process by driving temperatures above freezing to below. This brings about snowfall that would not otherwise occur and leads to the events misleadingly named Polar Vortices. Misleading because they originate not from the North Pole nor even the Arctic circle but from regions over Western Canada. 

In addition to obfuscation and outright denial, geoengineering is also employed to cool selected regions, particularly the heavily populated eastern US, leading many people to believe that the planet is cooling. 




Looking at the population distribution of the US, it is no wonder that most people who are aware of them, think that chemtrails are a clandestine operation to mitigate global warming.