11. The Spectral Hound 1961 – 1978

A Study in Infra-Red

Part eleven – The Spectral Hound

1961  1978

1961 - 1968

The Watchmen

In 1961, President Kennedy, in a statement to the United Nations, proposed “further cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control.” In response, the UN called on all of its member states to join in a cooperative world weather program. 

In 1962, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) set up a special working group which was to become World Weather Watch (WWW) in 1963.

Harold Saive outlines the curious turn of events that occurred after Wexler’s death in 1962:

In the 1960’s Geoengineering proposals to warm the Arctic took a largely unexplained U-turn when oceanographer, Roger Revelle’s research concluded that carbon dioxide was already warming the climate for free and without the need for expensive and risky geoengineering projects.

Wexler died of a heart attack while on vacation in 1962. The year following his death, 1963, the official decision to reverse direction from warming the arctic to cooling the arctic was announced when the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Atmospheric Sciences recommended appointment of a Panel on Weather & Climate Modification.”

This U-Turn of direction appeared to be a setback with the exception of those stakeholders in the energy sector who had been invested in arctic warming projects for decades. Did the CO2 story finally promise to give Exxon, BP and Shell what they wanted?

If the science of Roger Revelle’s forecast for global warming turned out to be wrong or too slow, the DoD could step in – for reasons of national security – to assist arctic warming as a secret component of the military’s classified weather modification and weapons program.

In 1966, Dr. Gordon J. F. MacDonald was Chairman of the ICAS Select Panel on Weather and Climate Modification and wrote:

“Carbon dioxide placed in the atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution has produced an increase in the average temperature of the lower atmosphere of a few tenths of a degree Fahrenheit.” Gordon MacDonald “Unless Peace Comes: How to Wreck the Environment. 

MacDonald was referring to Roger Revelle and Hans Suess paper that reversed the debate from how to warm the arctic to how to avoid warming the arctic. Revelle’s ocean research reported a rise in carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere was allegedly a result of industrial age manufacturing and coal-burning.

1966 NASA Document Reveals Goal of Engineered “Climate Modification”

The commercial aspect of the deliberate effort to melt the Arctic fits the Military/Industrial agenda like a hand in a glove.

 “If a nation’s meteorologists calculated that a general warming or cooling of the Earth was in their national interest, improving their climate while worsening others, the temptation to release materials from high-altitude rockets might exist. At present we know too little about the paradoxical effects of warming and cooling, however, to tell what the outcome might be.” Gordon Macdonald

In his article written in 1968 and speculating on warfare in the not too distant future, Macdonald outlined a potential method for inducing global cooling and concluded that the beneficiary of such a program would be some landlocked equatorial country.

Who would stand to benefit from such application? The logical candidate, would be a landlocked equatorial country. An extended glacial period would ensure near-Arctic conditions over much of the temperate zone, but temperate climate with abundant rainfall would be the rule in the present tropical regions.

Whilst the tropical regions would enjoy a temperate climate with abundant rainfall, the temperate regions would no longer be temperate, but would suffer near-Arctic conditions. 

What if we turned this hypothesis on its head? What if instead of some landlocked country, the major countries of the northern temperate zones decided to collude to influence the climate to their advantage? After all, it is clear that the global power base that would have the technology, is in this region not in some “equatorial landlocked country”.
They wouldn’
t be interested in inflicting near Arctic conditions upon themselves but the opposite, the kind of warm climate that enabled the Vikings to once settle Greenland. They would see the far northern climes opened up to commerce and exploitation for their vast resources.
The landlocked equatorial regions would suffer intense heat and drought whilst others would suffer catastrophic flooding.

In other words, a global warming would surely be the desired outcome for the global power brokers. Is this in fact, what we have seen in their scientific literature and what we are seeing in the world today? 

Chapter from Unless Peace Comes 
How To Wreck The Environment
by Gordon J. F. MacDonald U.S.A.





Seal of Approval

It was also in 1968, that the US affirmed a national policy:

“That it is the sense of Congress that the United States should participate in and give full support to the world weather program which included (1) a world weather watch – the development and operation of an international system for the observation of the global atmosphere and the rapid and efficient communication, processing, and analysis of world-wide weather data, and (2) the conduct of a comprehensive program of research for the development of a capability in long-range weather prediction and for the theoretical study and evaluation of inadvertent climate modification and the feasibility of intentional climate modification…..”

From the Congressional Record (Senate), 1 April 1968.


Rocket Fuelled Footprints

Wexler’s other proposals to destroy ozone involved chemicals:

  • To destroy the ozone layer and hence increase abruptly the surface temperature of the Earth, by spraying “several hundred thousand tons of chlorine or bromine” with a stratospheric airplane.


Since 1968, 50 km North of Fairbanks, Alaska, The Poker Flat Research Range has launched hundreds of rockets, among them those claimed by NASA to help them “understand chemical reactions in the atmosphere associated with global climate change".

From Churchill, Manitoba, Chemical Release Modules have been launched with the same aim, releasing chemicals at high altitudes, causing aurorae borealis and artificial clouds with barium particles as ice nuclei.

Since the 80’s, numerous rocket launches have injected ozone destroying chlorine into the Stratosphere.

1968 - 1978

Here we arrive at the period covered in part 5, detailing J.O Fletcher’s proposals in 1969 for melting the Arctic ice by means of cloud cover and Wallace Murcray’s later speculation in 1972 that this was actually going ahead under the guise of trails from jet aircraft.

The Ice Age Cometh

In the 1970’s many scientists warned of a coming mini-ice age based on the solar cycle and its correlation with global temperatures. The sun was due for a prolonged winding down phase which would lead to a corresponding reduction in global temperatures. The last time this had occurred was known as the Maunder Minimum in the 17th and early 18th century which lasted for 70 years.

“Much has been made of the probable connection between the Maunder Minimum, a 70-year deficit of sunspots in the late 17th-early 18th century, and the coldest part of the Little Ice Age, during which Europe and North America were subjected to bitterly cold winters.”

Sun-Climate (sunspot numbers, strip)

Solar Variability and Terrestrial Climate


Recently an article appeared in a popular newspaper suggesting that a mini ice age might be ahead.

The sun has 'gone blank' and there could be another ice age on the way

The sun has gone "completely blank" for the second time this month suggesting that Earth could be heading for a mini ICE AGE.

Earlier this month, there were no sunspots on the massive star's surface for four days - something which hadn't happened since 2011. This has since happened again.

A lack of sun spots is totally normal, but it does hint that the sun is heading for its next "solar minimum phase".

The next solar minimum phase is expected to take place in 2019 or 2020, says meteorologist Paul Dorian of Vencore Weather , who expects to see an increasing number of spotless days over the next few years.

The last time the sun saw a such a long phase with no sunspots, it ushered in what scientists refer to as a the 'Maunder Minimum' back in 1645.

This caused temperatures to plunge dramatically, and even resulted in the Thames freezing over.

Some experts think that a similar mini ice age could be coming again soon.

I put it to you that scientists in the 70’s were aware of this coming low sunspot phase of prolonged duration and instigated a campaign to prepare for it by means of melting the Arctic and warming the climate.

Recall from part 5 that schemes such as melting the Arctic ice cap by covering it with black soot or diverting arctic rivers were suggested in order to mitigate this coming ice age.

In 1972, William Gray proposed ground based dispensers of black carbon plumes for the purpose of snow/ice melting and enhancement of lower cloud convection. Gray modelled his ideas on actual carbon dust smoke plumes generated by black carbon plants and petroleum fires. 

Today we know that black carbon (soot) deposited south of 71° N, yet within the Arctic circle most likely by means of gas flaring, from industrial plants and offshore oil and gas rigs, contributes 42% of emissions to a degree around 20 times greater than anywhere else in the world in a region that is 5 times more sensitive. As offshore oil gas rigs increase in number and encroach further north, levels of black carbon will only increase.

The Cold War

This is also the period of numerous negotiations between the world powers, the US and the USSR to limit the use of methods of environmental modification to peaceful, non-military purposes. 

During the summit meeting in Moscow in July 1974, President Nixon and General Secretary Brezhnev formally agreed to hold bilateral discussions on how to bring about "the most effective measures possible to overcome the dangers of the use of environmental modification techniques for military purposes.

The Convention defines environmental modification techniques as changing -- through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes -- the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydro-sphere, and atmosphere, or of outer space. Changes in weather or climate patterns, in ocean currents, or in the state of the ozone layer or ionosphere, or an upset in the ecological balance of a region are some of the effects which might result from the use of environmental modification techniques. 

Article I sets forth the basic commitment: “Each State Party to this Convention undertakes not to engage in military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury to any other State Party. 

With regard to peaceful uses of environmental modification techniques, the convention provides that the parties shall have the right to participate in the fullest possible exchange of scientific and technological information.

In addition to the provision for mutual consultation regarding complaints and for resource to the Security Council, the revised draft establishes the framework for a Consultative Committee of Experts, which would meet on an ad hoc basis when so requested by a party, in order to clarify the nature of activities suspected to be in violation of the convention.

In 1978 the Environmental Modification Treaty was brought into effect after being signed by 51 countries in 1977 and 1978.

Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques

It is worth recalling the words of US Navy officer, Capt. H.T. Orville who reported that the USSR “had conducted numerous unpublicized but still detectable experiments apparently aimed at finding ways to speed melting of polar icecaps; and has even offered to join the United States in a project to turn the Arctic Ocean into a sort of warm water lake by melting the polar icecap.

What if this treaty was really about thrashing out a joint project to melt the polar icecap and turn the Arctic Ocean into a warm water lake, modifying the climate to one more congenial to the northern temperate zones? Ironically, this project would, in effect, constitute a long-term covert act of war against the poorer countries situated closer to the equator and, through the dislocations to global agriculture, the poor of the world. Class warfare on a global scale, if you will.

The Link in the Chain

We attain a glimpse of an overt intention to induce warming in this paper published in 1983.

Effects of Artificial and Natural Cirrus Near the Ground on Temperatures Clouds

 “Abstract.  The effects of thin to moderately thick cirrus clouds on daytime air temperature rise or nighttime air temperature fall near the ground can be approximated as linearly proportional to the change in solar heating, or nocturnal radiative cooling, of the surface, produced by the clouds. It is estimated that a uniform overcast of cirrus with a thickness comparable to an average aircraft contrail will reduce daytime heating by 10 to 20% and nighttime cooling by up to 50% compared to the heating and cooling that would have occurred in cloudless conditions.” Emphasis mine

“1. Introduction

Recently it has been shown that under some circumstances it may be cost-effective to stimulate  artificially the formation of cirrus clouds in clear ice-supersaturated air in order to reduce nocturnal cooling in urban areas during the cold season (Detwiler and Cho,1982)” Emphasis mine

Clouds could also be used to moderate temperatures in agricultural areas when extremely hot or cold conditions present problems. Changes in both surface temperatures and evapotranspiration may result if cloud cover is altered. Emphasis mine

Cloud-cover modification techniques have received little attention in the past from weather modification researchers compared to the attention given to the development of precipitation  enhancement and hail suppression techniques.” Emphasis mine

“ Changnon (1981) has speculated  that aircraft contrails already may be inadvertently moderating temperatures in portions of the  mid-western  United States. Here, we will be concerned with the production of cirrus clouds in clear, or mostly clear, air by seeding with ice-forming nucleants.” Emphasis mine

As hinted at in the paper above, the application of weather modification had been, at least officially, geared towards the development of precipitation enhancement and hail suppression techniques in the form of cloud seeding, which entered the realms of accepted science in 1946. One application of cloud seeding, that of cloud-cover modification, receives less attention but is of the utmost relevance to this study. This application is the link in the chain that draws together cloud seeding with geoengineering proposals for global warming mitigation and the inferred, actual, ongoing, clandestine geoengineering campaign aimed at global warming inducement.

After this period, the picture becomes darker. We are left with traces of such an intent, left behind unintentionally and we have to raise our powers of deduction to a higher pitch.

To be continued in part 12.