00. Introduction: Phil-anthropogenic Global Warming

Phil-anthropogenic Global Warming




Clandestine Climate Modification Campaign

A constellation of evidence points towards the reality of an ongoing, clandestine, climate modification campaign, originating, at the very least, from the 1970’s, of unprecedented proportions and the utmost audacity and arrogance. Its overarching aim is to convert the Arctic ice into a meltwater, opening it up for its vast resources of oil, gas and minerals and to alter the global climate to one more favourable to the northern temperate zones and less favourable to equatorial and semi-tropical zones. The scientific establishment up to 1975 seemed also to have been concerned that the earth was entering a long-term Ice age. This may have been a genuine concern but may also have been a means of drumming up support. 

To this end, the campaign has employed such methods of modification as:

  • Use of Black Carbon, in alignment with William Gray’s proposals, to: 

  • Alter the surface albedo of ice and snow. 

  • Artificially induce convection, enhancing lower cloud formation which has a warming influence in the Arctic region.


Gray studied the carbon dust smoke plumes generated by carbon black plants and petroleum fires and found them to be typical of the type of carbon plume which would be used for weather modification. Today, plumes from flare stacks contribute to Black Carbon levels in the Arctic to a degree around 20 times greater than anywhere else in the world in a region that is 5 times more sensitive. This will increase as Arctic offshore oil and gas rigs grow in number and encroach further north.




  • Altering the nature and frequency of cloud type ratios in order to effect a warming of the globe, predominantly the northern hemisphere, and, in particular, the Arctic. This is accomplished by two primary means.


  • The establishment of a cirrus cloud over-seeding regime. Popularly termed “Chemtrails”, this refers to a form of artificial cirrus cloud formation carried out as part of the deliberate, clandestine, world-wide geoengineering campaign. What activists claim to be chemtrails and skeptics claim to be persisting, spreading contrails, have the common factor of originating from particulates emitted from jets that act as ice nuclei and seeds for human-induced cirrus clouds. Orchestrated under the guise of commercial air traffic, this involves aircraft of military, commercial and undisclosed origin emplacing particulate matter, primarily coal fly ash, into the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere for the purpose of seeding vast artificial cirrus cloud formations. These can last for extended periods of time and have a net-warming effect, observable within one day/night cycle and more pronounced the closer they occur towards the poles, to winter and night. 

West coast contrails



  • The radical enhancement of cumulus (lower) cloud formation by means of lower flying aircraft, ground and sea-based seeding devices, and electro-magnetic pulses emitted via ionospheric heaters and ubiquitous radio and radar technology. The term “Haarp” should actually refer to the technology behind both an overt and covert, global network of land-based antenna arrays, sea based mobile platforms, drilling rigs, satellites, land-based radar stations (particularly Nexrad), and radar located on vehicles (such as tornado chasers), boats, submarines and aircraft. This technology is based on the idea that electromagnetic beams sustained and focused at the correct frequency can bring about changes in the atmosphere, stripping electrons from targeted regions, creating plasma clouds. Plasma is ionised gas consisting of protons and electrons. Free electrons accelerate cloud formation. The enhanced cumulus cloud cover, resulting from this process, has an overall net-warming effect in the Arctic.




  • Atomic bombs, rockets and electromagnetic pulses have been used to alter the upper atmosphere over the Arctic, destroying ozone, allowing more UV radiation through and enhancing the formation of Polar Stratospheric Clouds, which further warm the region.

  • Nurturing unprecedented perfect storms and hurricanes of ever greater intensity and frequency, brewed from oceans transformed by Philanthropogenic Global Warming into giant heat reservoirs. Augmented by Black Carbon laid down ahead, sea-based radar platforms, aircraft and ships fitted with onboard radar, emitting pulses and deploying aerosol payloads, there is virtually no limit to how large these storm systems can grow. As they track further north and merge with ice nucleated storms, intensifying the pressure gradient still further, they accelerate the breakdown of Arctic ice. In combination with the geoengineering already deployed there, they add to the already enhanced cloud content, and bring precipitation and warmth to the region enough to raise the temperature of the North Pole above freezing in the middle of winter. These factors accelerate as the area of open water in the Arctic ocean increases.




Did a January Hurricane Just Set off a Massive Greenland Melt Event in Winter?








Uneven Warming Patterns


This campaign is the true cause of the uneven global warming. CO2, a gas that spreads evenly across the planet, is not.

The video below showing surface measurements of CO2 varying over different latitudes from 1979 to 2006 demonstrates this clearly.



It is clear from the temperature by latitude NASA GISS map below showing the trend in temperatures annually (Jan-Dec) from the1980 – 2015, that the warming is predominantly a northern hemisphere and particularly Arctic phenomenon. 

It can hardly be said that both poles are warming more than the equator as would be the case in if CO2 were the driver.




Fig 1: Global map

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Goddard Institute for Space Studies


From 1980 global temperatures go up despite the winding down of the solar cycle.

If the sun and climate have been going their opposite ways since 1980, then the sun cannot be the cause of the recent global warming. At the same time, the implication is that up to that period, there was a strong correlation between solar activity and global temperatures.




Solar cycle length (red) vs Northern Hemisphere temperature (blue) (Stauning 2011).



Philanthropogenic Global Warming has the effect of shifting the 3 atmospheric convection cells poleward. The Hadley cell in the tropics expands and the Polar cell contracts. The Ferrell cell in between these two cells, is moved polewards along with them. This shift results in the dry, sinking, high pressure region around 30 ° N, associated with the world’s deserts, being moved further north over the western and southwestern US and other regions of the world such as Mexico, Brazil, southwestern Australia, southern Africa, northern Africa, the mid-Mediterranean and southern Europe. All these areas have been experiencing severe drought as a result of this shift.