“Herd Stupidity”: The Manufactured Covid Crisis, the Gene-based mRNA “Vaccine” and “The Pinnacles of Wealth and Power”

No matter how lethal, how injurious, or how fraught with other catastrophic consequences, the mass inoculation project is being pushed forward at warp speed.

By Prof. Anthony Hall

The pandemic is contrived for sinister motives. Everything connected with Covid is Junk Science foisted on a fearful and gullible world. The virus, the lock downs, the masks, the abuse of PCR for diagnosis, the temperature checks at commercial entrances, the ubiquitous little bottles of alcohol, the relentless propaganda and most especially the soon-to-be-mandatory lethal injections are all Junk Science.

The people behind all this are masters – or hire masters – of crowd psychology and have the most sinister and evil intentions for all of us. – Anonymous, Comment 651, “The Covid Debate: To Vaxx or Not to Vaxx,” Unz Review, 15 August, 2021

Doing More Harm Than Good

The development, distribution and injection of COVID jabs gives new meaning to the term, “deregulation.” From beginning to end, the whole process appears to be devoid of hard-and-fast rules. Tried-and-true methods have been overturned for no apparent reason. Old methods have been set aside. These abandoned methods have sought to priorize the safety, wellbeing and security of patients over the business interests of drug makers, hospital owners and medical practitioners.  

It is made to seem like the only imperative that is consistently pursued is the push plunge COVID jabs into as many arms as possible as fast and as widely distributed as possible. Other than that, the underlying philosophy could be described as… dam the reports of extremely harmful health impacts… full steam ahead.

Nothing is allowed to get in the way of the carrot and stick approach to raising the numbers of injected people. No matter how lethal, how injurious, or how fraught with other catastrophic consequences, the mass inoculation project is being pushed forward at warp speed without any decent regard for the precautionary principle.

Great precaution should accompany the introduction into the biosphere of all new technologies, but especially those affecting living organisms and delicate biological relationships among them. The precautionary principle has particular bearing on experiments that alter the biological workings of human beings, both individually and collectively as when contagious illness is involved.

A mostly compliant medical profession is largely going along with the infraction of many professional promises, sacred trusts, and obligations in pushing forward the scheme of jabbing every arm with untested medical products. By being instrumental in advancing the project of near-universal inoculation, scores of medical practitioners as well as the leadership of most of their professional associations and colleges are conspicuously going against a core provision of the Hippocratic oath.

On an unprecedented scale, medical doctors have been violating their professional vow that they will do no harm. In Israel, for instance, 59% of new hospitalizations for COVID-19 are fully vaccinated. This statistic is just one of a barrage of indicators that the push towards the universal vaccination of national populations is doing more harm than good.

Many vaccinated people are themselves spreading viral contagion and becoming sick themselves reportedly from the “Delta Variant.” The Delta Varian is one of many mutations of the supposedly new coronavirus. 

See this.

The propagandistic press to maximize the number of injection recipients exposes a pervasive disregard for the terms of the Nuremburg Code. The Nuremburg Code was created as part of the victors’ justice trial of the Hitlerian brain trust. The Nuremberg Code stipulates that human subjects in medical experiments must not be coerced into taking part. Nor should those seeking to become human subjects in medical tests be denied the conditions enabling them to give truly informed consent for their decision to participate.

Vaccines and Bioweapons

How can the requirements of informed consent be fulfilled by glitzy advertising campaigns that consistently overstate the benefits and blatantly ignore the risks of taking the jabs? What does the publicized testimony of movie stars, pop singers, sports heroes, and business moguls have to do with enabling human subjects in medical experiments to realistically evaluate the nature of the possible dangers facing them?  

In this instance, basic experimental protocols were left behind when the designers of the experimental procedures made humans stand in for lab rats and guinea pigs in the course of initial tests.

A decision was made to bypass the usual medical procedure of trying out new medical products by administering them first to animals.

Our thanks to Large and JIPÉM

This caricature by Large + JIPÉM  explains our predicament:

Mouse No 1: “Are You Going to get Vaccinated”,

Mouse No. 2: Are You Crazy, They Haven’t finished the Tests on Humans”

There is good reason to believe that this strategy was deployed because, every attempt so far to make vaccines that would stop the spread of coronaviruses came to an end with the death of animal test subjects. Both the common cold and the flu infections are caused by coronaviruses that form the proprietary basis of at least 4000 patents according to patent attorney David E. Martin.  See this. 

Martin’s research and professional involvement in what might be labeled the coronavirus industry call into question whether COVID-19 is a genuinely new coronavirus. In his publications and filmed commentaries, Martin is developing compelling characterizations of the overlap between the development of bioweapons and vaccines that create the context from which COVID-19 virus and the COVID jabs emerged.   

Image on the right is from Children’s Health Defense

The experimental phase in the production of the COVID jabs is still underway.

In fact the COVID jabs continue to be the objects of the largest experiment on human subjects ever mounted. Martin makes it clear that, in his view, the proper culmination of this saga of malfeasance should end up with the multiple criminal prosecutions of the likes of Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak, Zheng-Li Shi, Bill Gates, Dr. Neil Ferguson and many more.   See this.

David Martin also takes aim at an elaborate Canadian aspect of the unfolding scandal. This scandal continues to swirl in and around the nefarious business activities of many culprits including those of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. See this.

Martin points to the role of the Life Sciences Institute at the University of British Columbia in developing systems for the movement of lipid nanoparticles in the architecture of “gene therapy” products including the COVID jabs developed by Pfizer and Moderna. See this.

The UBC initiative produced two spin-off companies, Arbutus Biopharma and Acuitus Therapeutics. Along with Alnylan Pharmaceuticals, these entities seem to have a place in the combination of military and medical research that has been taking place at the Level 4 Pathogen Biolab in Winnipeg Manitoba. Many questions have been asked about the movement of lethal viruses from Canada’s National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.  See this.

This questioning led to a significant finding by investigative journalist Elaine Dewar. She discovered that Xiangguo Qui, who held high-ranking research positions in both the Winnipeg lab and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, collaborated closely with Wei Chen, a prominent Chinese virologist who holds the rank of Major-General in the People’s Liberation Army. Qui, for instance, helped General Chen in conducting Ebola research in the Winnipeg Lab.

The Wuhan Lab is the home institution of Zheng-Li Shi, an authority in bats and coronaviruses. Zheng-Li Shi worked closely with Ralph Baric and other US-funded researchers at the University of North Carolina on Gain of Function projects. Gain of Function research seeks to render viruses more dangerous to human health. Some of this research activity took place after 2014 at the Wuhan Lab, the institution with the world’s largest collection of coronaviruses. See this.

The Canadian facet of this narrative forms an aspect of the still answered questions about where COVID-19 virus originated. Only recently it was deemed to be heresy to veer away from the interpretation that the virus jumped from an animal to COVID victim number one in an open market in Wuhan.

Then suddenly it became acceptable to surmise that the virus has some of its origins in one or more labs, including possibly the Fort Detrick Lab in Maryland. Those who think the organism leaked from a Chinese lab sometimes point to Xiangguo Qui’s operation at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Ron Unz counters this interpretation by arguing that COVID-19 is a US-made bioweapon released by a US soldiers at the Wuhan Military Olympics in October of 2019. See this.

Citizens and Wards

The mass inoculation is being pushed forward without even rudimentary adherence to the need for medical screening and consultation on a case-by-case basis. Instead, the one-size-fits-all approach is being deployed with a stunning degree of disregard for the unique set of medical issues adhering to every individual patient. This standardized approach to mass vaccinations treats all recipients as if they are identical organisms being processed on a medical assembly line.

Such a stark display of deregulatory zeal in this hit-and-miss display of health care on-the-fly is unlike anything that has come before it. I am not aware of any episode in history that even comes close to the systemic failure of many professional figures to adhere to even the most basic rules, standards, procedures and protocols in the creation, distribution and delivery of COVID jabs. The jabbing began in the final days of 2020.

To re-iterate, it seems that the existing public health rulebook has been trashed in the rush to come as close as possible to universalizing the jabs. These COVID jabs do not prevent disease transmission even as they set up vaccine recipients as major sites of viral mutations meant to perpetuate the manufactured COVID crisis. The weight of evidence points to the conclusion that the decision to draw out and exploit the crisis, rather than to end it, has been entirely purposeful on the part of those seeking to extend the magnitude of their wealth and worldly power.

Image below: Dr. Mike Yeadon (Source: The Last American Vagabond / Odysee)

The program of mass vaccinations is meant to advance the global imposition of vaccine mandates as the basis of more elaborate systems of so-called vaccine passports. Former Pfizer Vice-President, Dr. Mike Yeadon, has warned us of a major motivation driving this imposition of vaccine mandates. These mandates are meant help create the foundations for the future development of a standardized and universalized means of amassing data on every person on earth. See this.

The imposition of vaccine passports by various authorities is already quite far advanced in, for instance, France, Italy and Israel. There the imposition of medical apartheid, separating out the Vaxxed from the unvaxxed, is being pushed ahead against considerable popular resistance.   See this.

If rendered pervasive and comprehensive, the extension of the vaccine passports could be exploited to bring about many new departures in history.  The collection of data could extend beyond the health realm to cover, for instance, finances, education, employment, networks of friends and families, police records, sexual orientations and proclivities, as well the DNA attributes of every person on earth. This list is far from complete. The process of vaccination is one means of inserting into humans the nanotechnology of bio-digital interfaces.

So far China is leading the world in the collection of genetic information from human genomes that can be readily computed and conveyed on the Internet. See this.

The Chinese government’s collection of DNA data is thought to extend beyond its own people to other parts of the world including the United States. In fact questions have been raised about whether or not DNA information is being garnered from COVID-19 testing and then channeled to China. See this. 

Genetic information on individuals and groups is increasingly valuable in many applications including in the development of Artificial Intelligence. The combination of advancements in biological and AI research is extending the potential of so-called transhumanism into deepest recesses of consciousness, capacity and behavioral modifications. The mastery of data systems facilitating the extension of surveillance and control provide their owners and operators with levers to repress, enslave and rule a tyrannized civilization on scale far more menacing than anything we have seen thus far.

One means of repression would be to combine control of the movement of money in a cashless society with a system of social credits and demerits. Social credit systems could be made to merge with the means of switching on or off the conditions of life or death, the conditions of incarceration or freedom of movement.  

One way of conceptualizing the changes being sought through vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, or “green passes” as already exist in Israel, is to picture these initiatives as procedures to remake fundamental attributes of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. The promise of a return to something like citizenship is apparently to be reserved for those who agree to risk their lives and future health by receiving the injections.

This promise of citizenship for the vaccinated comes after people began to be treated in 2020 without their consent as wards of their respective governments. The demotion of populations from citizens to wards occurred along with the mass submission of people to the house arrests, also known as lockdowns. The relationship between wards and governments is similar to the legal relationship that puts children under parental custody.

Tens of Thousands, or Hundreds of Thousands, or Millions of Injection Deaths?

2021 is the year when the COVID jabs came on stream. The producers of these jabs received contingent emergency use authorization from corrupted regulatory agencies that have broken many of their own rules. This failure of regulation forms an aspect of deregulation. A telling marker of this autocratic control of health care is that that we cannot presently be sure whether the number of deaths already caused by the jabs is to be counted in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or the millions.

This astounding level of uncertainty is not only allowed, but it is seemingly tightly guarded by government and media authorities that have allowed themselves to become tools of those who have engineered this manufactured COVID crisis. How could a medical experiment of this magnitude be allowed to go forward without a credible overseeing agency to capture, assess and report on core indicators of the success or failure in this venture into the medical terra incognito?

The uncertainty over the number of vaccine injuries and deaths is a recent manifestation of the web of deception accompanying most statistical evaluation of the pandemic. So-called “case numbers” were tremendously inflated through the misapplication of inaccurate PCR tests. These tests were produced with the intent of obfuscating statistics to create public acceptance of lockdowns.

Similarly, the numbers used to report COVID deaths have were radically inflated in ways that allowed significant changes in the wording of rules for issuing of death certificates. Many nursing home occupants who died of co-morbidities were automatically counted as if they passed away exclusively from COVID-19.

Now the focus of controversy has shifted to the numbers of people suffering vaccine deaths and injuries. Instead of inflating the statistics as happened in in the reporting of COVID cases and deaths, the emphasis is now on deflating numbers of fatalities and disabilities caused by the injections.

One of the difficulties in this process is that every country has its own system for counting vaccine deaths and injuries. Moreover, where GAVI-connected organizations like the World Health Organizations and the Johns Hopkins medical establishment were fast to present the big global picture on supposed COVID cases and deaths, the same is not true when it comes to the reporting of the international rate of deaths and injuries from the COVID vaccines.

The United States has the VAERS system. See this.

The European Medicines Authority reports similar figures for the EU area. The Yellow Card system does the same for the United Kingdom. Other reports come from, for instance, Canada, Australia, Israel, India, Malaysia and Japan. Generally speaking the effort seems to be to leave the public in the dark about the negative consequences flowing from primary means on offer to lower COVID symptoms.

While the VAERS system reports about 13,000 vaccine deaths as of mid-August, a whistle blower earlier declared in an affidavit that the real figure is more like 45,000. A study of the effectiveness of the VAERS system estimated that only 1% of vaccine deaths and injuries get reported. If that assessment is accurate, then the real number of deaths in the United States alone could be 1.3 million.

Official sources, namely EudraVigilance (EU, EEA, Switzerland), MHRA (UK) and VAERS (USA), have now recorded many more deaths and injuries from the COVID-!9 “vaccine” roll-out than from all previous vaccines combined since records began.

Below are the latest data as at 30 August 2021:

EU/EEA/Switzerland to 28 August 2021 – 23,252 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 2,166,285 injuries, per EudraVigilance Database.

UK to 18 August 2021 – 1,609 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 1,165,636 injuries, per MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.

USA to 20 August 2021 – 13,627 Covid-19 injection related deathsand 2,932,001 injuries, per VAERS database.

TOTAL for EU/UK/USA – 38,488 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 6,263,922 injuries reported as at 30 August 2021.   

Source: D4CE

Copious anecdotal evidence points to the insistence of many medical authorities that they do not want to investigate let a lone report and treat vaccine deaths and injuries. The reporting takes a considerable amount of time and it is not remunerated. Some medical professional clearly fear that by even acknowledging let alone treating vaccine deaths and injuries, they will bring on the professional reproaches of their colleagues.

The failure to set up reliable and credible systems for reporting vaccine deaths and injuries before embarking upon this huge medical experiment is indicative of incompetence or bad intent or both. Joseph Mercola discussed this phenomenon in early July of 2021 just before he was targeted by the Biden White House as one of the “Disinformation Dozen.” In an article entitled, “COVID Vaccine Deaths and injuries Are Secretly Buried,” Mercola writes

Failing to require vaccine makers to put together a comprehensive system to capture adverse event data is a sign of incompetence at best. But that’s not all. The FDA really starts appearing deceitful when refusing to acknowledge that the VAERS reports indicate there are problems. To call “coincidence” more than 35,000 times is simply not believable, and to dismiss the risks of permanent disability and death as being “worth it” is beyond heartless, seeing how we have safe and effective treatments and no one actually needs to gamble their health on an experimental gene therapy. See this.

The inability of people to know if tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of humans have already died from vaccines is indicative of a highly deregulated process. This phenomenon edifies the great weight of evidence that deception and obfuscation are being made to prevail, not the precision and transparency associated with conscientious adherence to the scientific method.

Another indicator of bad faith by unethical regulators is the paucity of autopsies done on the corpses of people who die shortly after vaccinations. In the manufactured COVID crisis, autopsies are either not encouraged or outright discouraged. What would account for such a lack of curiosity to get to the bottom of what is really going on in causing vaccine deaths? Neither are health officials encouraged to collect and analyse vaccine vials, a frequent practise in the era before the supposedly new coronavirus dominated the entire infrastructure of health care. See this.

Clot Shots

Among lethal ingredients of the witches’ brews in the clot shots being pushed upon us so aggressively, are ingredients whose effect is the mass replication of HIV-containing spike proteins. The fertility-destroying clot shots contain the means of replicating blood-damaging spike proteins throughout the huge extent of the inside surfaces of the veins and arteries and many miles of tiny capillary channels that constitute our cardio-vascular systems. The disruption of blood cells and blood flows is particularly intense in female uteruses and male testes so that the COVID jabs may well be creating the basis for much infertility.

Expectations that the COVID vaccines contained the capacity to generate blood clots, blood hemorrhaging, thrombosis, and ailments of the heart were already well advanced among many medical practitioners well before these problems began to attract significant publicity. In a letter dated 28 February, 2021 to Emer Cooke, Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency, twelve medical authorities, all distinguished in their respective medical fields, demanded answers to key questions. They asserted that these questions deserved evidence-based answers before the granting of emergency use authorization to the three vaccine makers.

The terms of the request by Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) were outlined as follows:

Should all such evidence not be available, we demand that approval for use of the gene-based vaccines be withdrawn until all the above issues have been properly addressed by the exercise of due diligence by the EMA. [Their bold italics]

There are serious concerns, including but not confined to those outlined above, that the approval of the COVID-19 vaccines by the EMA was premature and reckless, and that the administration of the vaccines constituted and still does constitute “human experimentation”, which was and still is in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

In view of the urgency of the situation, we request that you reply to this email within seven days and address all our concerns substantively. Should you choose not to comply with this reasonable request, we will make this letter public See this.

Of the 7 points outlined, 3 of them contend that the gene therapy vaccines would do extensive damage to vascular systems and the blood flowing through them. Not surprisingly the language is quite technical beginning with a reference to “endothelial damage.” Such damage would involve injury to the inside walls of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. The doctors explain,

4. If such evidence is not available, it must be expected that endothelial damage with subsequent triggering of blood coagulation via platelet activation will ensue at countless sites throughout the body. We request evidence that this probability was excluded in pre-clinical animal models with all three vaccines prior to their approval for use in humans by the EMA.

5. If such evidence is not available, it must be expected that this will lead to a drop in platelet counts, appearance of D-dimers in the blood, and to myriad ischaemic lesions throughout the body including in the brain, spinal cord and heart. Bleeding disorders might occur in the wake of this novel type of DIC-syndrome including, amongst other possibilities, profuse bleedings and haemorrhagic stroke. We request evidence that all these possibilities were excluded in pre-clinical animal models with all three vaccines prior to their approval for use in humans by the EMA.

6. The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein binds to the ACE2 receptor on platelets, which results in their activation Thrombocytopenia has been reported in severe cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Thrombocytopenia has also been reported in vaccinated individuals. We request evidence that the potential danger of platelet activation that would also lead to disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) was excluded with all three vaccines prior to their approval for use in humans by the EMA.

Here is yet more evidence that the European drug regulators were negligent in heeding the intervention of well-known authorities in their fields. In ignoring the well-founded scientific intervention of 28 February, the regulators only heeded the interests of the pharmaceutical companies, not the interests of the public. Negligence in regulation tends to translate into effective deregulation.

Deregulation and the Public Interest

Generally speaking, deregulation subjects most people together with our governments to increased levels of corporate rule. Hence, deregulation favors the power of wealth over the power of average people. The proliferation of deregulation itself is a reflection of the reality that ordinary people have been shown to “have little or no independent influence” on government policies. See this.

Deregulation is a word popularized in the 1980s when US President Ronald Reagan promised that he would free corporations from intrusive government interference in their business activities. The deregulation of the Wall Street-based financial services industry in 1999 led directly to huge excesses in the manipulation of a large array of weird financial instruments known as derivatives. Derivatives derive value from underlying assets including commodities, money, and stocks. In 2008 the exuberant excesses of betting on derivatives crashed stock markets and local economies throughout the world.

The very financial institutions whose excessive speculation had caused the financial debacle in the first place were then empowered to raid national treasuries. In the name of deregulation, the big Wall Street banks and their international partners helped themselves to $29 in bailout funds This Federal Reserve giveaway to large financial institutions was funded on the basis of secretly foisting massive debts on the shoulders of taxpayers. See this.

With Wall Street’s BlackRock Inc serving as a kind of proxy for the big banks that own controlling interest in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the deregulated money spigots are once again being opened up in 2021. The creation of new money is finding its way into all manner of nefarious activities including the creation of political slush funds to reward cronies of governing kleptocrats. The secretive expansion of the money supply stems largely from the attempt to smooth over the economic wreckage brought about through the proliferation of house arrests, unemployment, and small business failures done in the name of government-mandated COVID lockdowns.

The current round of highly-inflationary money creation is replicating and extending many of the most kleptocratic patterns established in response to the bank-generated economic meltdown of 2008. See this.

Once again a disproportionately large portion of the new money being generated, is going to enrich the already wealthy by further indebting the most indebted class of citizens. This pattern is being replicated across many forms of deregulation. Typically, most of the rewards of deregulation go to the interests of privilege while the financial security, health, and overall wellbeing of those inhabiting the middle and bottom portions of socio-economic hierarchies are severely undermined.

The waging of class assault directed downward on the masses from the very pinnacles of wealth and power is well illustrated by the financial dimensions of the manufactured COVID crisis. This crisis is providing cover for secret manipulations by financial insiders in the process of bringing about the greatest upward transfer of monetary wealth in history. Billionaires are making a killing while the middle class is being decimated to create a society polarized between rich and poor with very little in between.

This propensity is well demonstrated during lockdowns when big box store chains like Costco and Wal-Mart can remain open while local governments regularly shut down ma-and-pa businesses by the score. Wall Street gets the gravy while the small business entrepreneurs on Main Street are regularly shut down and forced out of business. See this.

The Industrial Capture of Regulatory Agencies 

Deregulation is not always bad. Sometimes regulatory regimes become so onerous and complex that they need to be cut back. Deregulation, however, generally has grave destructive impact when industries succeed in taking over regulatory agencies in ways that impact the quality of our food, air, and water.

The same is true of pharmaceutical drugs, a commercial realm where pharmaceutical companies seed their own agents throughout government agencies like Health Canada, the US Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Authority, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the National Institute of Health. Throughout the manufactured COVID crisis Anthony Fauci, a major owner of patents in fields where he exercises regulatory authority, has become an embodiment of the kind of conflict-of-interest where the industrial capture of the regulatory authority of governments has become the rule rather than the aberration.  

The manufactured COVID crisis is presenting us with an especially stark example of how readily the deregulation of the provision of health care can be exploited by the interests of wealth and power. This exploitation gravely disadvantages the public interest. The public interest is best expressed in the application of common sense to public policy.

With deregulation, industries took control of regulating their own commercial activities.

A major aim of most deregulation is to privatize the accumulation of more wealth by the already wealthy and to leave the expense of, say, industrial clean up or the rehabilitation of injured or traumatized workers to be covered out of the purses of taxpayers. A classic illustration of this pattern is the government agreement going back to 1986 to indemnify vaccine manufacturers against being sued.

Pharmaceutical companies thereby privatize profits from the vaccine business even as they pass on to average citizens the expense of the damage their industry leaves behind. The heaviest weight of this expense comes in the form of the gruesome suffering accompanying vaccine deaths and injuries imposed on victims and their families.

The government decision to render drug companies immune from the damage that they do continues in full force at this point in the manufactured COVID crisis.

The corruption of the regulatory process was put on full display in the sweetheart deal extended by the FDA to the Pfizer Company in late August. Pfizer was able to retain the emergency use authorization extended to its existing COVID vaccine. This emergency use authorization is based on the false claim that vaccines are the sole remedy available to fight the viral illness. Along with unfounded claim comes a continuation of Pfizer’s immunity from being sued.

At the same time the FDA gave full approval to a presently non-existent vaccine to be named Comirnaty. The closed-door process leading to the granting of this approval did not entail even a meeting of the FDA’s already rigged oversight committee. It seems that the approval to Pfizer is intended to weaken resistance to the imposition of vaccine mandates on many classes of workers, soldiers, students, travellers and such.

The new Comirnaty product has “approval” but it lacks indemnification for Pfizer against being sued. It seems unlikely that Pfizer will release for public distribution the Comirnaty gene therapy concoction until it is indemnified. It remains unclear if Comirnaty will do double duty as the replacement for the current Pfizer BioNTech product as well as a booster shot against the Delta Variant that is said to be targeting vaccinated people most aggressively.  See this.

The whole boondoggle of the emergency use authorization depends on the fiction that vaccines offer the only remedies for COVID-19. That thesis has been shown to be false by Drs. Vladimir Zelenko and Didier Raoult. There are a number of very effective remedies for the viral infection named COVID-19. These include hydroxychloroquine with zinc as well ivermectin. These more natural remedies are not patented. Hydroxychloroquine was wrongfully sidelined through a very ambitious fraud involving Lancet magazine and a concocted company of liars known as Surgisphere. See this.

Immunizing Ourselves Against Herd Stupidity

The violation of so many fundamental rules of scientific methodology, standard medical procedures, and normal public health practices are by and large not inadvertent. The violations have instead been calculated to establish a host of very significant precedents. Taken together these precedents are meant to set in motion significant transformations in the political economy of human interactions with one another and the rest of nature.  

These precedents are being set at a moment in history when humanity is at the point of almost unfathomable change. We are facing ecological, financial and government breakdown on a massive scale. We are facing the breakdown of family values and all manner of social cohesion in a milieu where we are subject to destructive assaults coming at us from many directions. These assaults are emanating especially from Israel First Zionists of various religious backgrounds.

Unlike the fictions attached to Muslim patsies set up on 9/11 as enemies to be spurned and invaded, the malicious dividers seem genuinely to despise our freedoms. These foes clearly want to sabotage the best of our Western civilizational inheritances that are currently being both protected and menaced by competing streams of Christianity.    

While these are times of tragic breakdown and wreckage we also face a range of new opportunities that could be ours if we could get a sane and constructive handle on many powerful new technologies already in our midst or fast coming our way. We cannot surrender to the exclusive jurisdiction of the very rich the design of how these new technologies are to be configured.   

Presently Bill Gates embodies the very antithesis of this sane approach we need to technological innovation. Gates’ career trajectory from the Microsoft monopoly to Monsanto’s GMOs and now to depopulation through vaccine eugenics represents a concerted and profoundly destructive effort to limit the range of our possible destinies.

The manufactured COVID crisis is calculated to chain us to a future of captivity before we have had a chance to properly survey, assess, and debate the full range of our options in a time of great technological transformation.

We have much to sort out and discuss before rushing ahead with any plan to alter ourselves genetically or to mix our biology with the computational power of Artificial Intelligence. In order to regain some say in determining our own destinies we must insist on a return to informed consent as the basis of every aspect of our self-governance.

The manufactured COVID crisis created a platform for those who seized the initiative to display the utter poverty and profanity of their xenophobic conception of where we should be headed.

The lack of any focus on the phenomenal character of our natural immunity reveals the Godless and sterile style of their impoverished thinking. Let’s begin to make our stand by actively cultivating and exercising the tremendous capacities of our own immune systems. Let’s immunize ourselves against anymore lapses into herd stupidity.

When men on the chessboard get up and tell you where to go

Where the managers of global capitalism gather in Davos, Switzerland, from the 21st to the 24thJanuary 2020 during the 50th meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), a grand project was announced.

This was the development of a 2019 nCoV “vaccine” manufactured by Moderna and based on mRNA technology. It was to be carried out with support from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). CEPI, a front for Big Pharma, is the result of a partnership between the WEF and the Gates Foundation.

This announcement was less than a week before the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) on January 30th by Tedros Adhanom. The first stage of the engineered crisis. In an epic conflict of interest Tedros had himself attended the WEF meeting in Davos, and the Gates Foundation is the WHO’s largest donor.

The WEF is a key think-tank, a non-governmental organization (NGO) where the groups behind the tax-exempt foundations, international financial institutions, and key corporations meet.

The regular core attendees – business leaders, represent 737 tightly inter-woven key corporate shells along with a handful of individual Oligarchs, 1.7% of all trans-national corporations, controlling 80% of all important sectors and markets.

Sociopathic Super Syndicate nested within the economic “Leviathan.

Financial Monopoly

Ground-breaking research from a trio of Swiss researchers in 2011 revealed that at the top of this syndicate is a super-entity composed of 144 trans-national corporate fronts, ¾ being financial institutions, effectively interlocking into one monopoly of titanic proportions, controlling 40% of the global economy, all the most important sectors.

The 108 financial institutions within this super-entity, 0.25% of all transnational corporations, directly controlling 30% all important sectors, make up a monopolising banking syndicate that Jeff Nielson refers to as the “One Bank.”

These private financial institutions, investment and commercial banks, are the real power behind the global network of central banks, some of which are outright privately-owned, others quasi-governmental and therefore de-facto privately-controlled.

Central banks such as the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve are not as portrayed. They are not governmental institutes to protect the public from private interests. Rather, they are the primary interface whereby the private interests exert their influence over governments, enabling them to prey upon the public.

In the past they did this directly by means of their mysterious privilege to conjure money from the very air and lend it out at interest. Later, this power to create money was quietly shared with the private banks. Central banks came to play more of a symbolic role as the pretended regulators and overseers of the private banking system. Their major function is to support any bank or financial institution that gets into trouble, with money that has been taxed from the public or created Ex-Nihilo via accounting legerdemain, a hidden tax on the public. They are run by representatives of the private financial networks and governmental officials who are also de-facto representatives of the private financial networks.

The same applies to such institutions as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the International Labour Organization (ILO), and the loan-sharks to developing nations – the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Fronts for the financial super-entity.

Central banking leaders, private banking leaders and financial governmental officials, OECD, WTO,  ILO, World Bank, and IMF leaders along with a handful of individual oligarchs, usually enjoy pride of place among the core-attendees of WEF meetings in Davos.

It is no coincidence that the country where the WEF is held – Switzerland, is also home to the central bank of central banks – the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) based in Basel. Switzerland’s neutral status during the 2nd World War enabled the BIS to serve as the Nazi Reichsbank’s secrecy jurisdiction and conduit for hard currency in exchange for gold seized from occupied nations and the teeth of death camp victims. This moral taint was washed clean by the B.I.S’s powerful friends who saved it from liquidation at the Bretton Woods conference in 1944. It now enjoys unique legal status making it inviolable.

It shares this feature in common with around 60 other nodes of offshore tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions located on a web of gossamer threads that span the globe, nested throughout the US, Europe, and the covert remnants of Britain’s former Empire. This last group of havens is the most significant, forming a three-layered spider web network. These are a diverse array of tax-havens, such as Hong Kong, in the outer ring, the Overseas Territories, such as the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and the British Virgin Islands, in the second outermost ring, Britain’s Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man in the inner ring and the most important node in the global offshore system – The City of London at the centre of the web. Taken together, the City and its outer rings accounts for half of all international bank assets.

While half the world’s trade passes through tax havens, these nodes perform functions that go beyond enabling multinational corporations to evade taxes. Along with the circumvention of tax laws, comes the circumvention of criminal laws, financial regulation and transparency requirements, amongst others. Wealth and financial affairs are concealed from the rule of law.

The offshore world is the biggest force for shifting wealth and power from poor to rich in history, yet its effects have been almost invisible.”

Nicholas Shaxson – Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World

The rich hold about a quarter of all global wealth offshore. The web as a whole also serves as a storage mechanism preventing this wealth and offshore assets flowing directly to the overt economy where it would cause havoc with inflation.

Criminal proceeds from corrupt activities such as drug smuggling, racketeering, bribery, and terrorism find their way here by the same subterfuges that corporations use – shell banks, trusts and dummy corporations.

Offshore connects the criminal underworld with the financial elite, the diplomatic and intelligence establishments with multinational corporations. Offshore drives conflict, shapes our perceptions, creates financial instability and delivers staggering rewards to les grands — to the people who matter. Offshore is how the world of power now works.

Nicholas Shaxson – Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World

The fifth sector of the economy, focused on control of human services – the highest level of decision makers or policy makers, including senior business executives, government officials, research scientists, financial and legal consultants and so on, is logically dominated by the Financial Super-entity. The fifth sector is therefore placed at the top of the visible neo-feudal pyramid.

  1. Quinary sector (human services)

Industrial Oligopoly

Underneath, reliant upon, and in lock-step with the financial super-entity, is a gigantic oligopoly of 590 corporations that controls another 40% of the world economy. The leaders of these corporations are also regular attendees at the WEF.

These are the key corporations that dominate the first four of the five industrial sectors of the economy. To view their position in the neo-feudal pyramid we shall place them in descending order of the hierarchy.

  • Quaternary sector (information services)
  • Tertiary sector (the “service industry”)
  • Secondary sector (manufacturing and construction)
  • Primary sector (the raw materials industry)

Corporate Parasitoids

Nested within these corporations in key positions, is a hierarchy of high-functioning, Machiavellian sociopaths. The key feature of these individuals, making up around 0.2% of the general population but concentrated in such institutions, is a lack of empathy, enabling them to more freely employ deception and manipulation upon their fellows.

Like the larvae of parasitoid wasps infiltrated into the body of a caterpillar, these human parasitoids nested inside a corporation, feeding off the “nutrients”  in the “blood” – money and assets, keep the host alive by avoiding damage to the “vital organs” – the essential structure of the corporation.

Parasitoid wasps, along with their eggs,  inject viral mRNAs that compel the caterpillar to express proteins that modify the host’s defences, physiology and behaviour, in some cases transforming them into zombies that carry out the will of their masters. Parasitoids are parasites and predators rolled into one.

Their human analogues – the sociopathic operatives, emplaced in key positions, inject morphic memes – behavioural analogies to genes and mRNA particles. These take the form of pernicious ideas and behavioural patterns that propagate themselves through the socio-cultural sphere of the corporation in a similar fashion to contagious viruses. These parasitic memes injected into the corporation compel it to reorient and reconfigure its organizational structure and behaviour towards gratifying the vested interests of those who have infiltrated it. Just as the viral mRNAs from the wasp are actually transcribed into the caterpillar’s own DNA, the parasitic memes are  “transcribed” into the corporation’s own “DNA” – the policies and standard operating procedures that code for the “proteins” – the organizational structure and behaviours that render it subservient. The corporation, analogous to the zombified caterpillar, is transformed into a sociopathic institution.

Just as sociopaths collude together, so it is with the corporations they have infiltrated. They interlock to form syndicates. A sociopathic business syndicate is a group of entities that share the same sociopathic self-interest. Such corporate networks were infiltrated a long time ago by generations of parasitoid sociopaths, passing down their inherited morphic memes to new generations of sociopaths.

Institutional Parasitoids

The word “corporation” derives from “corpus”, the Latin word for body, or a “body of people”.

The word is not limited to commercial corporations, commerce being one type of activity that bodies of people engage in. It can also apply to the municipal corporation, a term for a local governing body, including cities, counties, towns, townships, charter townships, villages, and boroughs.

Bodies of people make up all kinds of organisational bodies both informal and formal.

An institution is an organizational body or corporation having a specific purpose. In fact, the word has two meanings, the other refers to an established law or practice.

The word “institute” comes from a Latin word “institutum” meaning “facility” or “habit

Institutions, according to the political scientist Samuel P. Huntington, are “stable, valued, recurring patterns of behavior.

The scientist Rupert Sheldrake takes this a step further. He posits the idea of morphogenetic (form-shaping) fields, which suggests that organisms, in both their structure and behaviour, are shaped by fields both within and around them, fields containing the potential form and behavioural patterns, that link individuals to other members of the species.

Sheldrake suggests that this phenomenon is also at work in human groups, embracing the work of social psychologists on “collective behaviour” such as that of crowds, football hooligans, rioting mobs, lynching mobs and rapidly spreading social phenomena such as fashions, fads, crazes, rumours, and jokes. We should think of whole societies and social groups as being coordinated by morphic fields, with the groups themselves coming together and dissolving as teams and crowds do. Societal fields are more enduring and we dwell within these fields all the time: family fields, or national fields, or local fields, the fields of various groups to which we belong.

Corporations and institutions are societal morphic fields. Morphic fields resonate and draw their cohesion from recurring patterns of behaviour, from habits. Many of the activities of societal fields are concerned with maintaining and stabilizing the continued existence of the group field itself. Traditions, rituals, customs, and manners are perpetuated to maintain pattern, structure and organization in a group field.

Each individual both draws upon and contributes to the collective memory of the field it inhabits. A group of sociopathic individuals interspersed within a corporation or institution will resonate with its field but will also resonate with their own sociopathic field which  influences the larger field. If they occupy key positions within this larger field, their cohesive force overwhelms it and it will come to resemble a zombified host. This analogy between intraspecific parasitoid humans and interspecific parasitoid wasps is compelling because analogies and metaphors themselves are expressions of morphic resonance.

Parasitoid wasps have been around since the dawn of natural history and parasitoid humans have been with us since the dawn of human history. And so, we can deduce that corrupt institutions have also been with us since the dawn of human civilization.

This must have included that most influential of institutions, the state.

The word “state” is defined as the “political organization of society”, or the “body politic”, or, more narrowly, the “institutions of government”.

Phrases such as the “body politic”, “head of state” and “arm of the law” demonstrate that within our language is the metaphor of human society as a superorganism.

This evokes the Hobbesian vision of the great biblical monster, Leviathan, which he used as an analogy for society, with the sovereign as the head. However, Hobbes depicted the natural condition of mankind “the state of nature” as inherently violent and permeated with fear. In his view, the only thing that holds the Leviathan together and prevents it devolving into constant warfare of “everyman against everyman” is the social contract, enforced by the sovereign power and its attendant ruling class – the state.

Hyper-Parasitic Elite

As we have seen, hierarchies of human sociopaths collaborate to form a sociopathic super syndicate, a gigantic parasitoid, nested within and preying upon the titanic Leviathon that is human society, including the “head of state”, the “body politic” and the “arm of the law.”

Yet, co-existing within and threading between these overt hierarchies is an invisible, subtle hierarchy of high-functioning psychopaths making up around 0.02% of the general population but concentrated in the upper echelons of the elite, constituting its covert leadership.

This informal, fluid, and secretive network of influential individuals makes up a relatively small but profoundly powerful and coherent field that compels the sociopathically-compromised public structures which appear to be directing individual nation states to align with its interests. This field, the hidden hand that moves the pieces on the 4D chessboard, has many names but is best referred to as the Supra-National Deep State.

It is analogous to the hyper-parasitical virus that coevolved over the aeons in collusion with the parasitoid wasps. A hyper-parasite is a parasite whose host is also a parasite, most often a parasitoid. Approximately 100 million years ago, these viruses are thought to have infected the parasitic wasps. This collusion between virus and wasp, this interspecific conspiracy, holds the master key to the nature of parasites and the success of the strategies they employ on their hosts.

The DNA of this virus is integrated into the wasp genome. The wasp uses this DNA to form the coat, the package around its own mRNA that it injects along with its eggs into the host caterpillar. These alien mRNAs then become transcribed into the caterpillar’s genome that codes for the proteins and behavioural patterns that transform it into a zombie host.

In the mechanistic model, the genetic information coded in DNA forms the genetic program, but as Rupert Sheldrake tells us, this is a leap of faith projecting properties onto DNA that it does not have.

DNA and mRNA, the single stranded molecules of RNA that correspond to the genes within the DNA, code for the sequence of amino acids which form proteins – the materials from which the body is constructed.

James V. McConnell and others in the 1960s proposed memory transfer by means of memory RNA as living cells produce and modify RNA in reaction to external events. They found that memories could be stored outside the brain but were unable to pin down the exact mechanism.

There is no molecule called “memory”.

This is because DNA and RNA do not code for the plan, the form that the body takes nor for the patterns of behaviour, including memories, it exhibits.

This is the business of the morpho-genetic field within and around the organism that shapes its form and behaviour. Like the components of a radio transistor, genes are an essential part of these organizing fields but they do not explain the organization itself.

By means of a range of strategies such as  invisibility through camouflage, mimicry, evasion, distraction, decoy, misdirection, and bait & switch, the parasite passes through the defences and infiltrates into key locations within the host, usually by means of the bloodstream. Once established, the parasite then releases chemicals such as mRNAs that hijack the functioning and influence the behaviour of the host in alignment with the parasite’s interests.

Memes, the behavioural analogies to genes and mRNA particles, are in fact behavioural morphic fields. While, unlike RNA, they do not require physical molecules to pass on information, they correspond to the invisible aspect of the RNA field that contains the plan.

These morphic memes in the form of parasitic strategies are the means whereby the Deep State Hyper-Parasites and their parasitoid hosts exert their pernicious influence over key corporations and institutions.

From the Temple-State to the Deep-State

These groups and their morphic memes hail back to the emergence of city-states in ancient Mesopotamia which were, in fact, temple-states. These have been described as networks of temple corporations.

These people were among the first to evolve a methodical, disciplined approach to the management of large-scale, complex organizations. This method and discipline, however, will have been secondary to the primary phenomenon of morphic resonance, the invisible group soul uniting separate individuals into functional societies.

At the top of the overt hierarchy was the priest-king, followed by the nobility, the priests and priestesses, the upper class, the lower class, and the slaves at the bottom.

The state and temple corporations were the only bodies with the resources to establish widespread commercial relations. The temple served as the bank of the community where grain and precious metals were stored. Money in the form of either of these commodities could be lent out at interest. There is a reason why major bank buildings today look like temples.

It is speculated that at some point, there developed another group alongside the palace and the temple, both overtly and in the shadows. This group came from the upper class and consisted of merchants. With their private companies, the international extent of their trade ranged from the city of Ur to the whole of the known world. It was carried across land and sea by letters of credit, bills of exchange and promises to pay – clay promises.

By its very nature, this group, or societal morphic field, would have inveigled itself into that of the group or societal morphic field of the temple-state. Much like the ancient virus inveigled itself into the DNA of the parasitoid wasps. Once nested within the temple, the merchant bankers then began to issue false receipts against the contents of the state warehouse and thereby began to manipulate the money supply itself. With the fraudulent power to issue money the infected priesthood gained untoward influence over the nobility and eventual infiltration into their ranks also. The temple-state became compromised. As this modus operandi spread from state to state, control was secured over bullion mining and bullion itself. This required armies of soldiers – mercenaries and armies of workers – slaves, and so the merchant bankers’ dominion extended beyond commodities to war and slavery.

The facsimile of money, a form of parasitic mimicry – the ultimate bait & switch, is the master morphic meme. Those who control the supply, issue counterfeit money to themselves and their cronies and spend it into circulation, obtaining goods and services of real worth before the prices rise through inflation to reflect the extra supply. They effectively transfer wealth from the poor to the rich.

Money is a form of energy used by the “Leviathon” of human society analogous to the nutrients in the blood that a parasite feeds upon, and the facsimile of money meme is like the alien mRNA that the parasite uses to trick the host into allowing this feeding to continue unimpeded. By issuing this facsimile money as debt, the merchant bankers established a parasitic cycle of boom and bust, whereby they ensured the masses were kept in a perpetual state of debt slavery, as wealth was periodically de-distributed up the pyramid.

The traditional activities of finance such as investing, lending, borrowing, budgeting, saving, and forecasting, had already, at the dawn of recorded history, been monopolised and abused by hyper-parasitic elites.

The ancient Deep State operated behind the façade of theocracy, just as the modern Deep State operates behind the façade of demockcracy.

The Demockratic Façade

Today, this façade is crumbling.

Thus far these high-functioning psychopaths and their sociopathic minions have enjoyed a certain invisibility but now they are out of the shadows, they are at their most vulnerable.

If one looks for them, they will be found among the majority shareholders of the super-entity composed of 108 financial institutions – the banking oligarchs of banking groups both private and central, and the financial oligarchs of the billionaire hedge funds, investment LLCs and investment insurance companies.

They will be found among those individuals camouflaged as philanthropists, the  founders of the Tax-exempt Foundations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Think Tanks.

They will be found among the real leadership of worldwide intelligence agencies, both public and private, key positions of government both elected and non-elected and a select few of the most powerful law firmsmainstream mediacommercialindustrialmilitary and criminal groups.

They will be found among the most obscenely rich individuals on this planet, that 1% that, before 2020, held around 43% of the world’s wealth as against the poorest 80% that held only around 6%.

Between the four months of April and July 2020 alone, the total wealth of the richest around the world  grew from $8 trillion to more than $10 trillion.

At that point, during the most severe global economic depression in human history, the 1% held around 54% of the world’s wealth while the poorest 80% held around 4.5%.

This hidden hand that moves the pieces on the cobweb-ridden 4-dimensional chessboard, has now showed its hand, even a glimpse of its face at the window. We can still only look through this glass darkly, concealed as it is behind a grand conspiratorial latticework of parasitical mimicry. More light is required, and an expanded vision beyond the gossamer threads that are being spun around humanity ever more tightly.

Speaking out through this window, WEF founder, Klaus Schwab laid out the hyper-parsitic elites’ plans for the end game – The Great Reset.

The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future.”

A window to reflect and reimagine indeed, but not so fast, Professor Schwab.

Who are you?

Schwab is what Wikispooks defines as a Deep PoliticianHe is one of the hidden decision-makers whose machinations evade scrutiny by the corporate media. At the deepest level of the Deep State, they are even masked from their cut-out lower-level operatives and puppet parasitoids. Most people have only come to know of Schwab since 2020, when the Deep State decided to offer an inverted mirror image of itself to the world. He is the mouth of that supra-national entity that decreed the public should wear masks to conceal their empathy for their fellows, just as the Deep State psychopaths wear masks behind masks to conceal their lack of empathy.

It is fitting that the word for “mask” in Latin is ”larva” or “ghost”.

The masks worn in Japanese Nō theatre and Basel carnivals for example, are referred to as “larva.” Death masks are also called “larvae.” In Roman mythology , the “larvae” were the evil ghost spirits of death, those who parasitize the living, as opposed to the benevolent “lares.”

a blanket or a false face, with which the face is disguised

Richard Weihe: The paradox of the mask: history of a form

The word “larva” also denotes the disguise of a person who wants to hide his evil plans.

“Larva”, a term coined by Linnaeus himself, is also a stage of development in insects as we have seen.

A Caterpillar is a larva, this stage masks the butterfly “plan” nested within it.

A Parasitoid wasp larva masks the wasp “plan” nested within it.

The Parasitoid wasp masks the hyper-parasitic virus “plan” nested within it.

Masks behind masks, false faces behind false faces. This is how the Syndicate operates.

Parasitoid politicians have long subverted the two-party system where on the right sit those aligned with the interests of the upper or dominant classes, and on the left are supposed to sit those aligned with the lower economic or social classes.

Those on the left wear the mask of the “people”, concealing their true alignment to the upper or dominant classes. Dark empaths, who are in reality sociopaths, lacking empathy, that have learned to mimic empathy with the plight of the poor, the downtrodden working class, in order to manipulate them.

All State Socialism, in reality, is State Capitalism in disguise – Deep State Monopoly Capitalism mimicking socialism.

Now those on the right also wear the mask of the “people”, concealing their true intent to impose statism on the masses. They feign traditional values, property rights, reluctance to impose lockdown measures etc but are, in reality, fully complicit in the push for totalitarianism.

Totalitarianism where the rulers are the ultra-wealthy and everyone else, slaves, is the end goal of both Fascism and Communism.

The illusion of choice, often two choices, both of which lead to desired results is a favourite strategy of manipulators – left or right, lockdown or vaccination, Pfizer or AstraZeneca, poison or poison.

What “plan” does the Great Reset mask?

The world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions… Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”

The parisitoid sociopaths in every country, from the United States to China and in every industry, from oil and gas to tech, have already acted jointly in collusion with the hyper-parasitic psychopaths over several decades in a desperate attempt to paralyze the genuine metamorphosis of society with a decoy metamorphosis. This parasitic mimicry is intended to dupe humanity into a re-institution of slavery.

Slavery is the ultimate form of parasitism.

Like the Deep State, slavery has been with us since the dawn of siphilization, when whole economies were run on slaves. Its supposed absence is a rare anomaly in the modern era. In fact, it still exists in the 21st century to some extent in its overt manifestations and is thriving in its covert manifestations.

Something happened back in the 18th century which transformed slavery forever. This period saw countless numbers of merchant ships laden with muskets and cannons, crossing the Atlantic to Africa where the slave traders, having gone beyond merely kidnapping slaves with their private mercenary armies, would inveigle African tribal leaders into exchanging war captives in return for weapons of mass destruction. Eventually in this African arms race, all pretence of self-defence was discarded and tribes engaged in raiding purely for slaves. The human produce of this perpetual destabilisation was shackled in holds and transported to the Americas under the cruellest conditions in human history. There slaves were sold on to the slave owners who worked them to early death, or a fate worse than one, on their plantations. The world’s first slave society in service to a nation’s capitalist industry. The fruit of this shameful labour – sugar, tobacco and cotton, was then shipped to Britain to complete the vicious triangle.

Legions of abject, abducted Africans laboured at gunpoint to produce one of the earliest raw materials for the Industrial Revolution – cotton. It had an advantage over wool, previously Britain’s major industry, as it could be processed through machinery more efficiently. At the heart of the international trade in arms and human cargo, was the reliance on bills of credit. Slave traders, planters, sugar barons, arms dealers and maritime insurers, all relied on paper contracts written in human.

This morphic meme, this hyper-parasitic modus operandi had been passed down through history in the shadows of dynastical families to the dawn of Deep State Capitalism in the City of London in 1694 when the W.A.S.P larvae were laid onto the belly of the beast. In collusion with slave-trading, arms-dealing, drug-peddling, sugar barons, these first lords of capital established their parasitic interface whereby they exerted their influence on the English monarchy.

Certain species of parasitoid wasp infest social spiders of the Ecquadorian Amazon. They lay eggs on the abdomen of the spiders. When a larva hatches, it then feeds upon its host’s blood, growing until it subsumes much of the spider’s body. As it feeds, it injects a brain-altering hormone into the spider’s blood stream. This hormone hijacks the host’s brain and behaviour, compelling it to abandon its colony and build a cocoon web. The parasitic wasp larva then devours what is left of its host and slithers into the cocoon which it uses an incubator. After it emerges as a mature wasp, the cycle begins anew.

The queen spider infested in 1694 was the Bank of England, the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, and her whole colony of bankers, compelling them to abandon their compatriots, extract wealth from them and spin cocoons to nurture its parasitic life cycle through to today. This bloated arachnid and its compromised children, infested with numerous groups of privileged kleptocrats, now ply gossamer threads that span the globe.

Slavery wasn’t limited to the Caribbean. In Britain, farmers and farm workers, the necessary workforce for the new factories and mines, were driven off the land into the ever-increasing squalor, pollution, filth, infestation, and misery of the overcrowded cities and towns.

Luddites, the hand-weavers and craftspeople who attacked the introduction of the automated loom were also rebelling against the inhumane working conditions in the factories. The automated loom was the inspiration for Babbage’s difference engine and an early conceptual origination of the computer. As Vladimir Nuri suggests:

“The original Luddite movement could just as well be regarded as an opposition or rebellion to technological slavery.”

“…the supposed “march of progress” culminating in today’s wildly rampant technological age may not have abolished slavery, only streamlined, optimized, and perfected the system for implementing and managing it.”

Technology is a morphic meme that has evolved alongside humanity. Beginning with the use of the first stick, then morphing, combining with other forms and later forms, steam engines, machines, railroad and telegraph networks, streamlined and perfected over time to the most sophisticated super-computer, it leverages man’s ability to manipulate the environment.

While no one can say that a nuclear warhead has the same moral valence as a bicycle, technology itself is neutral. It is the intent of the user that determines its morality. The industrial revolution is also the story of the monopolization of technology.

Behind the mask of Democracy lies the mask of Techno-Corporatocracy and behind that lies Klepto-Plutocracy.

The development of technology has been infiltrated and co-opted by corporate and financial interests. It now leverages sociopathic man’s ability to manipulate his fellow man and wreak havoc on the environment.

This is what the Fourth Industrial Revolution is really about – the culmination of automation and the large-scale redundancy of the general population. An ever-growing divide between the “elite” and the “useless class” as defined by the economic and political system.

As Schwab tells us:

“It is our defining moment”

 “Many things will change forever”.

“A new world will emerge”.

“The societal upheaval unleashed by COVID-19 will last for years, and possibly generations”

“Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is:


Overtime the Deep State has streamlined, optimized, and perfected the system for parasitizing human society. This streamlining includes the strategies of mimicry and masquerade.

Mimicry and masquerade are actual scientific terms for deceptive strategies employed by species for predation, evasion of predation, or for parasitism.  It can take the form of resemblance of the parasite to cues of an object of no interest to the host – leaves, sticks, stones etc or the resemblance of the parasite to features of the host. This is in order to evade defences.

Psychopaths feel no empathy, guilt or remorse, neither do the corporations and institutes they control. They see others as merely pawns on a grand chessboard.

Yet, high-functioning psychopaths have become successful in hiding and deceiving the public about their underlying psychopathic traits. They have learnt to simulate “normal human responses”. A term for this is “dark empath”. This is not sharing someone’s feelings –  affective empathy – but being able to intellectually to know and understand another’s perspective – cognitive empathy. Cognitive empathy is not empathy at all. It is the intellectual simulation of empathy for emotional mimicry. Any high-functioning sociopath or psychopath can become a “dark empath.”

As Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Perpetua Neo explains:

Reports from my clients and personal experience have shown that many dark personality types obsessively watch films and television programs in order to learn “normal human responses” for emotional mimicry. In other words, to develop cognitive empathy.”

And this explains why many have reported to me how dark personality types exhibiting the “correct behaviors,” like cuddling after sex or saying the right thing when someone is distressed, always feel off. In other words, the empathy you think you are receiving from people who only have capacity for cognitive empathy is “fake empathy,” or empathy that is potentially weaponized against you.

The Deep State in the midst of all its mass abuse, after global rape and pillage, is attempting to “cuddle” humanity while whispering sweet blandishments into its ear.

The dark entity that has maintained obscene wealth inequality through the ages is telling the world that “affluence is the biggest threat to our world.”

This is now the world’s greatest threat – and it’s not coronavirus.

Affluence is the biggest threat to our world, according to a new scientific report.”

“The World Economic Forum has called for a great reset of capitalism in the wake of the pandemic.”

As Peter Koenig outlines:

The amassing of extreme affluence is only possible because the west is living in a turbo-capitalist system, or in a neoliberalist scheme which is slowly but surely turning into a form of economic neo-fascism with the political consequences that will likely follow. As an example, in the two months from mid-March to mid-May 2020 – so far the worst corona crisis months, when the world was basically shut down, when unemployment and accompanying misery and famine soared to proportions never known in mankind’s history – the billionaires in the US have added another 434 billion dollars to their wealth.”

If it were sincere, it would put its money where its mouth is, it would be bailing out people not oligarchs, getting the economy back on its feet, and redistributing wealth from the wealthy via a true wealth-tax, not de-distributing it up the pyramid.

Instead, it is doing the opposite of what it claims it intends to do. Its solution is for the masses to relinquish what little wealth and autonomy they have left and offer it up to those self-same psychopathic oligarchs that regards the majority of them as superfluous to requirements, and the rest as slaves. Everything it seems to offer in mimicry of socialist and environmentalist values comes with insidious caveats.

Winter Oak puts it best:

“The scam is essentially the same: using a façade of combatting climate change, or a virus, or even social injustice, this criminal mafia intends to force us, our children, and our children’s children into a miserable future of slavery, while they install themselves as undisputed rulers of the world.”

In part 8, we will glean further insight into how this hyper-parasitic entity and its parasitoid puppets  employ mind control of the masses.

Wayne Hall: It is not a conspiracy theory that “they are spraying us”

Interview with Natasha Blatsiou from vice.com

Source: http://aeginalight.gr/article.php?id=63895

Natasha Blatsiou: When I was given the task of writing about whether we are being sprayed I felt a pang of boredom. I was going to have to watch television programs, stone cold. I was going to be required to read screeds of commentary on social networks fulminating against our “conspiracy theorist” fellow-citizens (30% of the population: they are not few in number!), to analyse the speech of politicians attributing the limitation of modern Greece’s revolution against the crisis to the dimensions of an armchair……… to the spraying! I was going to have read dozens of similar views from a variety of specialists – psychologists, sociologists not to mention celebrated physical scientists all trying (in vain) to counter the collective derangement triggered by the white lines from aircraft which for hours soil the clarity of our skies.

Is it possible that an expression that will shortly be included as modern Greek slang: “psekasmenoi” (the sprayed) conceals within it a tiny dose of seriousness? I decided to talk with a person who was among the first to bring to Greece the discussion on the spraying and who, although an old anti-nuclear activist, has remained independent from the mass movements. The reference is to the Australian Wayne Hall, who is probably more of a Greek, because he has spent the greater part of his life in Greece. Today he lives in Aegina.

In the interview he gave me I don’t know if I was persuaded that they have already started to spray us. But it did start me wondering whether in Greece, where the environment has been consigned to among the last of priorities for the state and society, it will be possible for many people to get past the quaint bipolarity of they are spraying us/they are not spraying us and start to take part in the global debate under way between scientists, with an extensive literature in the most reputable American periodicals, over whether one should be, on a theoretical basis, for or against the spraying. On what scientific grounds should one be for or against technological intervention on the planet, such as through global spaying, that might make possible the reversal of climate change?

VICE: What made you believe suddenly that the white lines from aircraft contain some chemical substance that isn’t just water vapour?

Wayne Hall: The time that I first noticed the spraying my questions about the unexplained phenomenon were resolved through the research of the Canadian journalist William Thomas, who started using the term chemtrails in 1999. His film “Chemtrails – mysterious lines in the sky” was indeed screened in Aegina in 2003.

What response did the film get?

Even before the screening of the film, the first European attempt to take legal measures had started. The then municipal council Nektarios Koukoulis had presented the subject to the municipal council and the then and now (at the time of publication of this article in Greek) mayor Dimitris Mourtzis decided to attempt prosecution of unknown parties. But the lawyer to whom he had assigned the case was not able proceed because, she said, of lack of evidence.

How do you believe that the spraying is conducted?

The spraying is conducted secretly using both commercial and military aircraft.

By whom is it conducted?

It started with state agencies in the US but unregulated private initiative plays an ever larger role.

Can you explain in simple words why “we are being sprayed”?

What is projected, though not specifically admitted, is that these are programs of implementation of geoengineering, i.e. climatic interventions with a view to dealing with climate change. Remember that in 2010 in Nagoya, Japan, the 193 states supporting the U.N. agreement on biodiversity imposed a moratorium on all private or public experimentation aimed at manipulating the temperature of the planet.

How difficult is it for a group of activists, such as yourselves and others, to prove that the white trails from aircraft are not just clouds?

The question you ask is not the right approach. I don’t have any obligation as a citizen to prove anything. The scientists who promote geoengineering have an obligation to show that what they say themselves, i.e. that the aerial spraying is not taking place, is true.

Is your assumption that the discussion over “them spraying us” is wrong because it is not proven?

Let’s start from something more basic. The discussion about whether “we are being sprayed” does not have to do just with Greece and this is not the only country where the discussion has been diverted with a view, of course, to making it incomprehensible to the general public. In reputable scientific journals there is a discussion of the scientific potential of what is called geoengineering (specifically “solar radiation management”). The position of activists is that this kind of “geoengineering” is already being implemented. What I say is that it is a mistake simply to look the sky. One must also discuss geoengineering as a proposition. And then see how permissible it is to manipulate the climate in this way, and indeed secretly. This is the discussion to be held.

What was the participation of activists against the spraying in global climate mobilzations?

In Melbourne of the 30,000 climate activists only three were activists against the spraying. In Athens there were none. That doesn’t mean that there are so few activists against the spraying. It is just that few activists against the spraying think that there is a point to participating in climate mobilizations.

Perhaps the movement has gone into a downturn?

The fact that ordinary people are not participating does not mean that the phenomenon is not real or that the solution for action against geoengineering is to take to the streets. Today there is a situation of generalized confusion. The scientific world is dominated by lobbies, each with an agenda. The European Union believes that commercial aviation contributes to global warming. The exponents of geoengineering argue that aircraft can be used to cool the planet. For me the solution is to create a second chamber of the European Parliament, a chamber of active citizens capable of raising these issues without them being distorted by filtration through malicious media.

Are ecologists divided over geoengineering?

The only ecologists who recognize that geoengineering is not a theory but a planetary reality are the Greens of Cyprus.

In all these years of activism what have you achieved?

The petitions facility of European Parliament judged that the demand of the Skyguards group which sought recognition that the spraying is a reality and should be banned was legitimate. That such recognitions can be reversed is also a fact, as is the reality that reversals can be reversed.

Has it occurred to you that economic crisis can provoke something like collective irrationality?

No activist, even those with little formal education, links the economic crisis to the spraying in the sense that “they are spraying us so that we don’t react to what they are doing to us”. That approach is a fabrication of the media or of some politicians who want to derive advantages from ridiculing the discussion. What there can be differences of opinion about are the objectives behind the spraying. That is to say how much the motives have to do with dealing with climate change and how much the motives are “military” or profit-driven. Of course these are not mutually exclusive explanations. Climate modification for military purposes is nothing new. The American Project Popeye in Vietnam is one of the best known examples.

So couldn’t the spraying be just another conspiracy theory?

The conspiracy theory idea is a post-Cold War construct that can be explained through the eclipse of ideological conflict. The only charge I accept as in any way justified is that quite a few so-called “conspiracy theorists” are superstitious people with little belief in the potentialities of citizens.

So there is no way that they could be “spraying us”?

I have already said that I am not going to discuss whether they are “spraying us” or not. Let’s just leave it that what is being called “geoengineering” is something that is already happening…

Published in Greek: 28-10-2014


The Covid-19 “Experimental” mRNA Vaccine. Are You Being Told the Truth?

Source: globalresearch.ca

Terminate the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and Complete Phase 3 Trials

The American people are not being told the truth about Covid, masks, social distancing, lockdowns, mortality or vaccines. In fact, the only thing of which we can be 100 percent certain, is that the government, the public health officials and the media have been lying relentlessly and remorselessly on virtually every topic for the better part of the last year. As far as I can see, lying has become the official state policy. Am I wrong?

For example, we are now being told that the sudden uptick in deaths in various parts the country, are the sign of a “4th Wave”. Naturally, these fatalities are being blamed on the “variant” which is the current ‘hobgoblin du jour.’ What the media and the pundits fail to mention is that the unexpected rise in cases and deaths is only taking place in areas that are engaged in mass vaccination campaigns, a fact that can be easily extrapolated from the chart below.

I don’t know why this is happening, and I certainly don’t think the drug companies have laced their injections with Covid-19. But it certainly deserves to be investigated, don’t you think? And the people deserve to know what’s going on instead of being hoodwinked with some far-fetched fiction about a respiratory infection that persists into the summer months. That’s not what’s happening at all. Here’s how talk show host and author, Steve Deace, summed it up in an article at The Epoch Times:

“The two main objectives of our health care system—informed consent and second opinions—were denied to us at COVID… If the average American knew that almost half of the deaths in America with COVID occurred in nursing homes where less than one percent of Americans live, we would have never ever gone along with this level of subjugation. These are the sorts of data points that have been kept from the American people, so they have not been given the right to informed consent.” (“Steve Deace on ‘Faucian Bargain’: Second Opinions About COVID-19 Denied to Americans” The Epoch Times)

What we need to know now, is whether the Covid vaccines are safe or not? It’s a simple question, but getting answers is like pulling teeth. As everyone knows, any information that doesn’t support the ‘pro-vaccine agenda’ is scrapped by the media and promptly removed from both FB and Twitter. How does that serve the public interest? How is “informed consent” possible without a thorough airing of contrary views in public forums and the media?

It’s not possible, and that seems to be the point. The managers of this campaign seem to prefer brainwashing and mass coercion over dialogue and debate. And their method appears to be working too. Just look at the way that pregnant women and children are being lured into vaccinations that pose significant risks to their health but provide no tangible benefit. The people in these age groups have a better chance of being struck by lightning than killed by Covid, so why take the risk? Why roll the dice on dizziness, nausea, migraines, Bell’s Palsy, myocarditis, blood clots or death, when there’s nothing to be gained? Check out this article in the UK Daily Mail titled “Pregnant women should be fast-tracked for Covid vaccines”:

“Pregnant women should be fast-tracked for Covid jabs because the disease greatly increases the risk of health problems for mums-to-be, a leading medic has said. A study led by a top Oxford expert found that the virus raises the risk of serious maternal complications by more than 50 per cent, including a fivefold risk of mothers needing intensive care.

It doubles the risk of premature birth and newborn illness and also significantly raises the chance of the mother dying, according to a study of more than 2,000 expectant women…..

Covid in a pregnant woman increases complications that can lead to premature birth, which is the number one contributor to newborn death and long-term disability.’” (Pregnant women should be fast-tracked for Covid vaccines because the virus greatly increases their risk of health problems, leading expert says in surprise U-turn”, Daily Mail)

Is this true? Are pregnant mothers better off getting vaccinated? Dr. Joseph Mercola doesn’t think so. Here’s what he said:

“By injecting pregnant women with novel COVID-19 mRNA gene technologies, the medical establishment has thrown away one of the most fundamental safety edicts of medicine, which is that you do not experiment on pregnant women.

None of the COVID-19 vaccines on the market are licensed. They’ve only received emergency use authorization, as basic efficacy and safety studies are still ongoing. Yet pregnant women are urged to get vaccinated, and are lining up to get the shot

This experimentation is doubly unforgivable seeing how women of childbearing age have virtually no risk of dying from COVID-19, their fatality risk being a mere 0.01%.

…it’s important to realize that this is a time during which experimentation can be the most hazardous of all, as you’re not only dealing with potential repercussions for the mother but also for the child. Any number of things can go wrong when you introduce drugs, chemicals or foreign substances during fetal development…

On the whole, injecting pregnant women with novel gene therapy technology that can trigger systemic inflammation, cardiac effects and bleeding disorders (among other things)…”
(“Pregnant Women Should Not Get a COVID Vaccine“, Mercola.com)

While I agree with Mercola in principle, the clinical trials are ongoing so we really don’t have sufficient data to make the determination one way or the other. That’s the problem of putting a vaccine into service before long-term Phase 3 clinical trials are concluded; you’re essentially “Flying blind.” The regulatory agencies seem to be ‘okay’ with that situation, but for pregnant women, it should be a matter of gravest concern especially when you read posts like this on author, Alex Berenson’s Twitter account:

Reports of medium- and-late-term pregnancy crises after the mRNA vaccines keep arriving in VAERS. Including case 1168104-1, a 38-year-old Virginia woman who suffered an apparent case of disseminated intravascular coagulation 16 days after vaccination. She and her fetus both died.

Yes, the fatalities are rare, but there is a common thread, isn’t there? Once again, we’re talking about a “clotting disorder” that could be triggered by– you guessed it– the Covid vaccine. And that is the central theme of this article, the vascular problems that one might experience after getting vaccinated. The connections of course are not always clear, but we suspect that scientists will eventually connect the dots. Consider, for a minute, this disturbing piece titled: “Thousands of reports of menstrual irregularities, reproductive dysfunction following COVID vaccines”. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

“Thousands of women around the world are reporting disrupted menstrual cycles after receiving injections of COVID-19 vaccines. The U.K.’s government vaccine adverse event system has collected more 2,200 reports of reproductive disorders after coronavirus injections, including excessive or absent menstrual bleeding, delayed menstruation, vaginal hemorrhaging, miscarriages, and stillbirths.

In the U.K., the Yellow Card adverse event reporting system includes 2,233 reports of “reproductive and breast disorders” after reception of AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines.

The U.K. Yellow Card program reports 1,465 reactions involving reproductive systems as well as 19 “spontaneous abortions” (miscarriages), five premature labors, and two stillbirths in association with the AstraZeneca vaccine as of April 5. (Note–according to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) “462 pregnant women reported adverse events related to COVID vaccines, including 132 reports of misscarriage or premature birth.”)

The reports include:

255 cases of abnormal uterine bleeding

175 cases of heavy menstrual bleeding

165 cases of vaginal hemorrhaging

55 reports of genital swelling, lesions, rashes or ulcerations

19 cases of postmenopausal hemorrhaging

The U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) documents similar reproductive complications.” (“Thousands of reports of menstrual irregularities, reproductive dysfunction following COVID vaccines”, Lifesite News)

There was another article on this same topic in The Chicago Tribune just this week. Here’s an excerpt:

“Some people are reporting abnormal periods after a COVID-19 vaccine. U. of I. professor is looking for answers…. Clancy outlined her personal menstruation experience in a February tweet, after receiving her first dose of the Moderna vaccine. Hundreds of women and people who menstruate replied in the comments with their own experiences.

One Twitter user wrote, “I haven’t had a period in years and I’m about 3 weeks out of my second shot and I’m gushing blood I freaked out but now I see I’m not the only one. This is crazy.”

Another responded, “Two weeks exactly after shot number 2, my cycle started 12 days earlier and heavier than it’s been for the last three years.”

“I ended up finding a lot of people with similar experiences,” Clancy said…. “If you are a post-menopausal person who has experienced bleeding, you should really talk to your doctor,” Clancy said. “And if you have any significant or concerning symptoms alongside your changes to your menstrual cycle, you should also see a doctor.”…

The survey is a joint effort between Clancy and Katharine Lee, a postdoctoral research scholar at Washington University School of Medicine. As of Monday, Lee said more than 25,000 people have filled it out.” (“Some people are reporting abnormal periods after a COVID-19 vaccine. U. of I. professor is looking for answers“, Chicago Tribune)

Why is this happening? Why are so many women reporting “delayed menstruation”, “heavy vaginal bleeding” and miscarriages? Is there a link between the unusual menstrual bleeding and the clotting issues? Why didn’t any of these conditions show up in the clinical trials which were praised for their thoroughness? What does it all mean?

We don’t know, do we, because the Phase 3 trials are ongoing and we don’t have the results yet. But we do know that the CDC advisory board thinks these issues are trivial enough to ignore and to allow the failing vaccines to be put back into service. We know that for certain. Here’s the story:

“The CDC’s independent advisory panel Friday voted 10 – 4 to recommend the continued use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after the single-dose shot was paused over blood clotting concerns. The panel did not recommend adding any extra warning about the risk of rare blood clotting disorders.” (Children’s Health Defense)

No “extra warning” about blood clots? Really?

People died, isn’t that worth mentioning to the people who are weighing the risks-benefits of getting vaccinated?

And how rare are these blood clots? According to the media they are “rare, rare and REALLY RARE.” But, are they? According to an article in The Atlantic:

“Last Friday, (Andreas) Greinacher and his team published a paper on their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine. In a press briefing, he said they’d analyzed blood from several dozen people who had experienced blood abnormalities after exposure to the AstraZeneca vaccine, and that every single person tested positive for antibodies against platelet factor 4, and against platelet factor 4 joined with another molecule.

On the same day, a separate group in Norway published similar findings from five patients there who had received the AstraZeneca vaccine. Then, in a meeting this week of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which helps the CDC make vaccine recommendations, it was reported that five of the six American patients who developed this same blood condition after receiving the Johnson & Johnson shot had been tested for antibodies to platelet factor 4—and all were positive. “It is, in my opinion, absolutely clear that there’s a causal relationship” between the presence of these antibodies and the abnormal clotting, Greinacher had said at last Friday’s briefing. “There’s no doubt about this.” (“The Blood-Clot Problem Is Multiplying”,The Atlantic)

So, while it’s easy to dismiss the clotting deaths as “just a handful of people”, the reality is that a much larger number of people have been impacted, which means that something in the vaccine is triggering vascular problems that remain undiagnosed but could cause serious complications in the future. We don’t know for sure, because the long-term trials were never completed. So, it’s all a big crapshoot.

“So, why are they doing this?. Why are they rushing this vaccine back into service when the clotting fatalities might just be the tip of the iceberg”? Doesn’t that strike you as a bit reckless?

If I’d been vaccinated, I’d be mighty worried right now. The regulators, the government, the public health officials and the media, are all being extremely cavalier about people’s safety while–at the same time– they are vastly expanding their list of potential candidates. Did you notice that they’ve started Covid vaccine trials on children? Keep in mind, that children are at no risk of death if they contract Covid, but can experience severe adverse side effects from the vaccine. Simply put: The risks far outweigh the benefits. This is from the Daily Mail:

“‘Core planning’ documents have been leaked showing schoolchildren will be given one dose when they go back to class after the summer…A source told the Sun: ‘Plans are in place to vaccinate children aged 12 upwards, and senior government officials have been briefed...

Health officials are also said to be looking into jabbing children as young as five from July in a ‘worst case scenario’.” (“Children as young as 12 ‘will get Covid vaccines in September”, Daily Mail)

This is utter insanity and, yet, the same scenario is unfolding in the United States. Here’s the story from the San Jose Mercury:

“Last month, Pfizer announced that its vaccine was safe and effective in adolescents as young as 12. So the vaccine is now being tested in much younger children.

Pfizer’s nationwide trial of 144 children will unfold in phases. It is testing three different doses — 10, 20 and 30 micrograms — in bundles of three different age groups: children ages 5 through 11; ages 2 to 5, and ages 6 months to 2 years. After safety and dosage studies, research will expand into more children and seek signs of efficacy.

Pfizer has already requested an amendment from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of its Emergency Use Authorization to expand the use of its vaccine to adolescents 12 to 15 years of age, about 2.5 million Californians.” (“Stanford begins testing Pfizer vaccine in babies and young children”, Mercury News)

This goes way beyond “unethical”, and medical professionals have admitted as much. Here’s what Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D said on the matter:

“You are endangered when you take the vaccine. Your family is endangered when they take the vaccine. Your children are going to be endangered (if they take the vaccine.). I am horrified that children are now being vaccinated in clinical trials. This is criminal. I hope you realize that this is criminal, that you are endangering your own children. How can you do this?” (“Perspectives on the Pandemic– “Blood Clots and Beyond”, You Tube)

There’s no reason to vaccinate children for Covid-19. It is entirely unnecessary and deeply suspicious. Why are they doing this? What is their objective?

Here’s how the former Vice President of Respiratory Research for Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, summed it up. He said:

“Can you think of a benign explanation for why you would want to give an experimental-use, gene-based vaccine to tens of millions of people who will not die if they contract this virus? And, I say “no” you can’t, can you? And if you can’t think of a benign explanation then can you think of a malign explanation?”

Great question, but what’s the answer?

I don’t know, but I find it extremely unnerving.

Clearly, a great many people feel that the vaccine has given them their lives back. They can see their friends again, go out to dinner and hug their grandchildren. Unfortunately, the substance they have injected into their arms has already spread to their bloodstreams where it is trapped and gathering in the tissue surrounding the blood vessels. This is no small matter because this genetic material is “biologically active” and can potentially change the body’s immune response. This is the immune response that has preserved the species from the beginning of our collective existence on earth. These gene-based vaccines can alter that response, in fact, that was the intention. The scientists who created these vaccines did not want to simply insert live or dead virus into the body like a traditional vaccine does. They wanted to teach the cells “what to do”, thus, changing the immune system into a vaccine factory. The downside risk, of course, is that this tweaking will confuse the immune system causing it to attack vital organs in the body. That’s commonly referred to as an autoimmune disease “which is a condition in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your body. The immune system normally guards against germs like bacteria and viruses. When it senses these foreign invaders, it sends out an army of fighter cells to attack them.” Robert F Kennedy Jr. had this to say on the topic:

“What we know about coronavirus from 30 years of experience is that a coronavirus vaccine has a unique peculiarity, which is any attempt at making the vaccine has resulted in the creation of a class of antibodies that actually make vaccinated people sicker when they ultimately suffer exposure to the wild virus.” Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Could this happen? Could this new regime of vaccines create an immune system that is so hyper-vigilant that it wages a war against its own body?

Indeed, it could, in fact, this condition already has a name. It is called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) which means that your immune system has been “primed” to unleash its defensive arsenal against its own organs, blood vessels etc. We expect that ADE will become a household name in the years ahead as medical problems linked to this misguided mass vaccination campaign begin to pile up and the public outcry touches off a political firestorm. (Maybe then we’ll see some accountability, but don’t hold your breath.)

As for what happens next, well, we can’t say for sure but an “Open Letter” sent to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) by a number of doctors and scientists, points us in the right direction. Here’s part of what they said:

Dear Sirs/Mesdames,

“As physicians and scientists, we are supportive in principle of the use of new medical interventions which are appropriately developed and deployed, having obtained informed consent from the patient. This stance encompasses vaccines in the same way as therapeutics….

(but) we are concerned that there has been and there continues to be inadequate scrutiny of the possible causes of illness or death under these circumstances, and especially so in the absence of post-mortems examinations.”….

The letter then veers into the “meat and potatoes” of their complaint: Safety. Are the vaccines safe or not. Here’s what they say:

“Following intramuscular injection, it must be expected that the gene-based vaccines will reach the bloodstream and disseminate throughout the body…”

This is a critical point: The vaccine might be injected into a muscle in the arm, but it eventually gets into the bloodstream where it is “entrapped in circulation” and spread throughout the body including the brain. It is then taken up by the layer of cells (endothelial cells) that coat the blood vessels. Where the blood-flow is slower– like in the abdomen– more of the vaccine substance is taken up. This could be a very big problem in the future, but there’s no indication that the vaccine manufactures even thought about it. Here’s what happens next:

“…. during expression of the vaccines’ nucleic acids, peptides derived from the spike protein will be presented via the … pathway at the luminal surface of the cells. Many healthy individuals have …lymphocytes that recognize such peptides, which may be due to prior COVID infection, but also to cross-reactions with other types of Coronavirus…. these lymphocytes will mount an attack on the respective cells….It must be expected that endothelial damage with subsequent triggering of blood coagulation via platelet activation will ensue at countless sites throughout the body.”

So now your lymphocytes– which are the white blood cells that help to fight infectious diseases— are attacking the cells that are thought to be foreign invaders. (Sounds alot like ADE, doesn’t it?) This, in turn, leads to damage to the blood vessels and organs or the creation of blood clots which result in stroke, heart attack or other serious medical conditions. Here’s more:

“… this will lead to a drop in platelet counts, (Platelets are the smallest of our blood cells that are literally shaped like small plates) appearance of D-dimers in the blood, and to myriad ischaemic lesions ( ischaemia is a restriction in blood supply to tissues…..Ischemia is generally caused by problems with blood vessels, with resultant damage to or dysfunction of tissue) throughout the body including in the brain, spinal cord and heart. Bleeding disorders might occur in the wake of this novel type of DIC-syndrome including, amongst other possibilities, profuse bleedings and haemorrhagic stroke.”

Okay, so none of this is good, right? You don’t want blood-clots, you don’t want to have a stroke and you sure don’t want to die. So, why is this the first time you’ve read about this? This isn’t fiction and I’m sure as hell not making it up. These conditions have happened and will happen in the future as long as this gene-based gunk remains “entrapped in circulation” in a closed system wreaking “endothelial damage” (Endothelium is a single layer of squamous endothelial cells that line the interior surface of blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels)and forming blood clots. This is going to be the new reality for alot of people who took these experimental vaccines thinking they were fighting a deadly virus. Here’s more:

“The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein binds to the ACE2 receptor on platelets, which results in their activation. Thrombocytopenia has been reported in severe cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Thrombocytopenia has also been reported in vaccinated individuals. We request evidence that the potential danger of platelet activation that would also lead to disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) was excluded with all three vaccines prior to their approval for use in humans by the EMA.”

What does that mean in plain English?

Well, Thrombocytopenia is a condition in which you have a low blood platelet count. Platelets (thrombocytes) are blood cells that help blood to clot. Platelets stop bleeding by clumping and forming plugs in blood vessel injuries. The term “disseminated intravascular coagulation” is the same as saying ‘widespread blood-clotting in the circulatory system’. In other words, the scientists want assurances that the vaccines were tested to prevent the kind of fatalities we’ve already seen with various vaccines that are still in service today. Here’s more:

“Should all such evidence not be available, we demand that approval for use of the gene-based vaccines be withdrawn until all the above issues have been properly addressed by the exercise of due diligence by the EMA. (The European Medicines Agency) There are serious concerns, including but not confined to those outlined above, that the approval of the COVID-19 vaccines by the EMA was premature and reckless, and that the administration of the vaccines constituted and still does constitute “human experimentation”, which was and still is in violation of the Nuremberg Code.” (“Urgent Open Letter from Doctors and Scientists to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns”,Doctors for Covid Ethics)

Keep in mind, this letter was posted weeks before the first blood clotting event took place, which means the problem could have been anticipated by anyone who understood the science. Even so, the EMA breezily ignored the letter and has done everything in its power to downplay the fatalities.

What are we to make of this? How can we trust our regulatory agencies when they cynically brush aside the legitimate concerns of respected professionals? And when have medical professionals ever put their names and reputations on the line to oppose the distribution of a vaccine?

Never. It’s never happened before, but growing numbers of professionals are stepping forward now because they think the consequences from allowing this campaign to continue unopposed, are just too horrific to ignore. 84 million Americans have now been fully inoculated. Imagine if–in two- or three-years’ time– the longer-incubating diseases emerge with a bang, that is, imagine if we’re hit with a tidal wave of vascular, heart and neuro degenerative diseases unlike anything we have ever experienced before. Imagine how that will impact our threadbare public health system leaving millions to fend for themselves.

And what if our efforts to defeat Covid have actually made matters worse? Here’s another clip from Berenson’s Twitter site:

“A reader points to a VERY worrisome finding in the @cdcgov Chicago nursing home report: patients L19, a 49-year-old staffer, and M20, a 77-year-old resident – both had very low PCR threshold counts (the nurse’s was under 17) and NO symptoms. Why does this matter?

Lower PCR counts mean a person has a heavier viral load – and is thus both more likely to be very sick and more infectious…. These two should have been extremely symptomatic. Instead, the vaccine seems to have protected them from feeling sick – but not from being thoroughly infected and potentially spreading the virus. THIS IS EVIDENCE FOR A POSSIBLE MAREK’S DISEASE OUTCOME, where vaccinated people spread the virus aggressively to the unvaccinated.” Alex Berenson

An article on PBS explains Marek’s Disease. Here’s an excerpt:

“The deadliest strains of viruses often take care of themselves — they flare up and then die out. This is because they are so good at destroying cells and causing illness that they ultimately kill their host before they have time to spread. But a chicken virus that represents one of the deadliest germs in history breaks from this conventional wisdom, thanks to an inadvertent effect from a vaccine. Chickens vaccinated against Marek’s disease rarely get sick. But the vaccine does not prevent them from spreading Marek’s to unvaccinated birds. “With the hottest strains, every unvaccinated bird dies within 10 days. …

In fact, rather than stop fowl from spreading the virus, the vaccine allows the disease to spread faster and longer than it normally would, a new study finds. The scientists now believe that this vaccine has helped this chicken virus become uniquely virulent….over the last half century, symptoms for Marek’s worsened. Paralysis was more permanent; brains more quickly turned to mush….

vaccination extended the lifespan of birds exposed to the hottest strains, with 80 percent living longer than two months. But the vaccinated chickens were transmitting the virus, shedding 10,000 times more virus than an unvaccinated bird.

“Previously, a hot strain was so nasty, it wiped itself out. Now, you keep its host alive with a vaccine, then it can transmit and spread in the world,” Read said. “So, it’s got an evolutionary future, which it didn’t have before.” (“This chicken vaccine makes its virus more dangerous”, PBS)

Are the vaccines allowing sick people –who are carrying a heavy viral load and shedding like crazy– to get on like they are not sick?

Nobody knows, just like no one seems to understand the correlation between mass vaccination and the short-term uptick in fatalities. (See Here)

On so many critical questions, we have no answers and, yet, the response of the public health czars, like Dr Fauci, seems to be that we should simply stop thinking altogether, roll up our sleeves and take the jab. But what if he’s wrong? What if we are paving the way for a disaster the likes of which were outlined by pediatric rheumatologist, Dr. J. Patrick Whelan, who said the following in a letter to the FDA:

“I am concerned about the possibility that the new vaccines aimed at creating immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein have the potential to cause microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in a way that does not currently appear to be assessed in safety trials of these potential drugs….

“Before any of these vaccines are approved for widespread use in humans, it is important to assess in vaccinated subjects the effects of vaccination on the heart. As important as it is to quickly arrest the spread of the virus by immunizing the population, it would be vastly worse if hundreds of millions of people were to suffer long-lasting or even permanent damage to their brain or heart microvasculature as a result of failing to appreciate in the short-term an unintended effect of full-length spike protein-based vaccines on these other organs.” (“Scientists Challenge Health Officials on Vaccinating People Who Already Had COVID”, Global Research)

Whelan’s logic is unassailable, and he is joined by so many others all of who are saying the same thing: ‘The virus is showing signs of easing, so take your foot off the gas and let’s complete the vaccine trials before rushing ahead.’ Isn’t that the more rational approach? Here’s more:

“In his public submission, Whelan sought to alert the FDA about the potential for vaccines … spike protein to cause injuries.

Specifically, Whelan was concerned that the new mRNA vaccine technology utilized by Pfizer and Moderna has “the potential to cause microvascular injury (inflammation and small blood clots called microthrombi) to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in ways that were not assessed in the safety trials.”(“Could Spike Protein in Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines Cause Blood Clots, Brain Inflammation and Heart Attacks?“, Global Research)

Once again, the same menacing buzzwords continue to pop up: “microvascular injury”, “blood-clots” and “spike protein-based vaccines”. Forget about the messenger RNA, that dissipates quickly. The central problem is the spike protein’s effect on the vascular and immune systems. That’s what we need to worry about.

The gene-based vaccines release a spike protein that spreads throughout the body, gets trapped in the bloodstream and collects in the layer of cells (endothelial cells) that coat the blood vessels.

Then–according to Dr. Hyung Chun, a Yale cardiologist– the cells “release inflammatory cytokines that further exacerbate the body’s inflammatory response and lead to the formation of blood clots. Chun has stated: “The ‘inflamed’ endothelium likely contributes not only to worsening outcome in COVID-19, but also is considered to be an important factor contributing to risk of heart attacks and strokes.”

This seems to suggest that the spike protein from the vaccine can have the same effect as the spike protein from the infection. Here’s more:

“Individuals with COVID-19 experience a vast number of neurological symptoms, such as headaches, ataxia, impaired consciousness, hallucinations, stroke and cerebral hemorrhage.
But autopsy studies have yet to find clear evidence of destructive viral invasion into patients’ brains, pushing researchers to consider alternative explanations of how SARS-CoV-2 causes neurological symptoms….

If not viral infection, what else could be causing injury to distant organs associated with COVID-19?

The most likely culprit that has been identified is the COVID-19 spike protein released from the outer shell of the virus into circulation. Research cited below has documented that the viral spike protein is able to initiate a cascade of events that triggers damage to distant organs in COVID-19 patients.

Worryingly, several studies have found that the spike proteins alone have the capacity to cause widespread injury throughout the body, without any evidence of virus.

What makes this finding so disturbing is that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines manufactured by Moderna and Pfizer and currently being administered throughout the U.S. program our cells to manufacture this same coronavirus spike protein as a way to trigger our bodies to produce antibodies to the virus.” (“Could Spike Protein in Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines Cause Blood Clots, Brain Inflammation and Heart Attacks?” Global Research)

Can this possibly be true? In other words, if Covid-19 is a bioweapon –as some have suggested– then the instigators of the plan may have concocted a cure that is so similar to the virus itself, that no forensic investigation will ever conclusively identify the real perpetrators. This goes way beyond “plausible deniability”. In effect, the perpetrators –if there are perpetrators(?)– have wiped the fingerprints off the smoking gun before the crime has even been committed. Could anyone be that clever?

I have no idea, but it doesn’t change the task before us which is to extricate ourselves from this public health nightmare and piece-together what’s left of our fractured society. That starts with terminating the mass vaccination campaign until Phase 3 trials are completed and product safety can be assured. Better to be safe than sorry.

Putin and Orthodoxy

Je suis Marxiste, tendance Groucho

One problem with this analysis (or at least a popularized variant of it) is that the Orthodox Church has a history of collaboration with foreign, and even non-Christian, invaders. This is certainly true of the Ottoman Empire. Putin is not to blame. He had to find an ideology after Marxism, weakened by Stalin and then by May ’68 and its aftermath, revealed its limitations. As an ideology “Orthodoxy” is not good enough. Eurocommunism was a brave attempt to upgrade Marxism, but proved to be too cerebral and intellectual. What is the answer? No serious answer. Perhaps Marxism is OK, but let it be the Marxism of Groucho and Monty Python, with Zeus and the gods of Olympus for dessert. Let it be realized, though, that locking everyone down is synchronized with NATO’s war preparations.

Site: globalresearch.ca

We are up against the so-called policy of containing Russia. This is not about competition, which is a natural thing for international relations. This is about a consistent and quite aggressive policy aimed at disrupting our development, slowing it down, creating problems along the outer perimeter, triggering domestic instability, undermining the values that unite Russian society, and ultimately to weaken Russia and put it under external control, just the way we are witnessing it transpire in some countries in the post-Soviet space. 

Not without a touch of wickedness, Putin added this was no exaggeration: “In fact, you don’t need to be convinced of this as you yourselves know it perfectly well, perhaps even better than anybody else.”

The Kremlin is very much aware “containment” of Russia focuses on its perimeter: Ukraine, Georgia and Central Asia. And the ultimate target remains regime change. 

Putin’s remarks may also be interpreted as an indirect answer to a section of President Biden’s speech at the Munich Security Conference ( Here is an excellent analysis, in Russian). 

According to Biden’s scriptwriters,   

Putin seeks to weaken the European project and the NATO alliance because it is much easier for the Kremlin to intimidate individual countries than to negotiate with the united transatlantic community (…) The Russian authorities want others to think that our system is just as corrupt or even more corrupt.

A clumsy, direct personal attack against the head of state of a major nuclear power does not exactly qualify as sophisticated diplomacy. At least it glaringly shows how trust between Washington and Moscow is now reduced to less than zero. As much as Bidens Deep State handlers refuse to see Putin as a worthy negotiating partner, the Kremlin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have already dismissed Washington as non-agreement capable.  

Once again, this is all about sovereignty. The “unfriendly attitude towards Russia”, as Putin defined it, extends to “other independent, sovereign centers of global development.” Read it as mainly China and Iran. All these three sovereign states happen to be categorized as top “threats” by the US National Security Strategy. 

Yet Russia is the real nightmare for the Exceptionalists: Orthodox Christian, thus appealing to swathes of the West; consolidated as major Eurasian power; a military, hypersonic superpower; and boasting unrivalled diplomatic skills, appreciated all across the Global South.  

In contrast, there’s not much left for the Deep State except endlessly demonizing both Russia and China to justify a Western military build-up, the “logic” inbuilt in a new strategic concept named  NATO 2030: United for a New Era.  

The experts behind the concept hailed it as an “implicit” response to French President Emmanuel Macron declaring NATO “brain dead”. 

Well, at least the concept proves Macron was right.  

Those barbarians from the East 

Crucial questions about sovereignty and Russian identity have been a recurrent theme in Moscow these past few weeks. And that brings us to February 17, when Putin met with Duma political leadersfrom the Liberal Democratic Party’s Vladimir Zhirinovsky – enjoying a popularity surge – and the Communist Party’s Gennady Zyuganov to United Russia’s Sergei Mironov, as well as State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin 

Putin stressed the “multi-ethnic and multi-religious” character of Russia, now in “a different environment that is free of ideology”:  

“It is important for all ethnic groups, even the smallest ones, to know that this is their Motherland with no other for them, that they are protected here and are prepared to lay down their lives in order to protect this country. This is in the interests of us all, regardless of ethnicity, including the Russian people.” 

Yet Putin’s most extraordinary remark had to do with Ancient Russian history: 

Barbarians came from the East and destroyed the Christian Orthodox empire. But before the barbarians from the East, as you well know, the crusaders came from the West and weakened this Orthodox Christian empire, and only then were the last blows dealt, and it was conquered. This is what happened…we must remember these historical events and never forget them.

Well, this could be enough material to generate a 1,000-page treatise. As it stands, let’s try at least to – concisely – unpackage it.  

The Great Eurasian Steppe – one of the largest geographical formations on the planet – stretches from the lower Danube all the way to the Yellow River. The running joke across Eurasia is that “Keep Walking” can be performed back to back. For most of recorded history this has been Nomad Central: tribe upon tribe raiding at the margins, or sometimes at the hubs of the Heartland: China, Iran, the  Mediterranean.  

The Scythians (see, for instance, the magisterial The Scythians: Nomad Warriors of the Steppe, by Barry Cunliffe) arrived at the Pontic steppe from beyond the Volga. After the Scythians, it was the turn of the Sarmatians to show up in South Russia. 

From the 4th century onwards, Nomad Eurasia was a vortex of marauding tribes, featuring, among others, the Huns in the 4th and 5th centuries, the Khazars in the 7th century, the Kumans in the 11th century, all the way to the Mongol avalanche in the 13th century.  

The plot line always pitted nomads against peasants. Nomads ruled – and exacted tribute. G. Vernadsky, in his invaluable Ancient Russia, shows how “the Scythian Empire may be described sociologically as a domination of the nomadic horde over neighboring tribes of agriculturists”.  

As part of my multi-pronged research on nomad empires for a future volume, I call them Badass Barbarians on Horseback. The stars of the show include, in Europe, in chronological order, Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Huns, Khazars, Hungarians, Peshenegs, Seljuks, Mongols and their Tatar descendants; and in Asia, Hu, Xiongnu, Hephtalites, Turks, Uighurs, Tibetans, Kirghiz, Khitan, Mongols, Turks (again), Uzbeks and Manchu.    

Arguably, since the hegemonic Scythian era (the first protagonists of the Silk Road), most of the peasants in southern and central Russia were Slav. But there were major differences. The Slavs west of Kiev were under the influence of Germania and Rome. East of Kiev, they were influenced by Persian civilization. 

It’s always important to remember that the Vikings were still nomads when they became rulers in Slav lands. Their civilization in fact prevailed over sedentary peasants – even as they absorbed many of their customs.   

Interestingly enough, the gap between steppe nomads and agriculture in proto-Russia was not as steep as between intensive agriculture in China and the interlocked steppe economy in Mongolia. 

(For an engaging Marxist interpretation of nomadism, see A.N. Khazanov’s Nomads and the Outside World).    

The sheltering sky  

What about power? For Turk and Mongol nomads, who came centuries after the Scythians, power emanated from the sky. The Khan ruled by authority of the “Eternal Sky” – as we all see when we delve into the adventures of Genghis and Kublai. By implication, as there is only one sky, the Khan would have to exert universal power. Welcome to the idea of Universal Empire. 

In Persia, things were slightly more complex. The Persian Empire   was all about Sun worship: that became the conceptual basis for the divine right of the King of Kings. The implications were immense, as the King now became sacred. This model influenced Byzantium – which after all was always interacting with Persia. 

Christianity made the Kingdom of Heaven more important than ruling over the temporal domain. Still, the idea of Universal Empire persisted, incarnated in the concept of Pantocrator: it was the Christ who ultimately ruled, and his deputy on earth was the Emperor. But Byzantium remained a very special case: the Emperor could never be an equal to God. After all, he was human. 

Putin is certainly very much aware that the Russian case is extremely complex. Russia essentially is on the margins of three civilizations. It’s part of Europe – reasons including everything from the ethnic origin of Slavs to achievements in history, music and literature. 

Russia is also part of Byzantium from a religious and artistic angle (but not part of the subsequent Ottoman empire, with which it was in military competition). And Russia was influenced by Islam coming from Persia.

Then there’s the crucial nomad influence. A serious case can be made that they have been scholarly neglected. The Mongol rule for a century and a half of course is part of the official historiography – but perhaps not given its due importance. And the nomads in southern and central Russia two millennia ago were never properly acknowledged. 

So Putin may have hit a nerve. What he said points to the idealization of a later period of Russian history from the late 9th to early 13th century: Kievan Rus. In Russia, 19th century Romanticism and 20th century nationalism actively built an idealized national identity. 

The interpretation of Kievan Rus poses tremendous problems – that’s something I eagerly discussed in St. Petersburg a few years ago. There are rare literary sources – and they concentrate mostly on the 12th century afterwards. The earlier sources are foreigners, mostly Persians and Arabs.  

Russian conversion to Christianity and its concomitant superb architecture have been interpreted as evidence of a high cultural standard. In a nutshell, scholars ended up using Western Europe as the model for the reconstruction of Kievan Rus civilization. 

It was never so simple. A good example is the discrepancy between Novgorod and Kiev. Novgorod was closer to the Baltic than the Black Sea, and had closer interaction with Scandinavia and the Hanseatic towns. Compare it to Kiev, which was closer to steppe nomads and  Byzantium – not to mention Islam. 

Kievan Rus was a fascinating crossover. Nomadic tribal traditions – on administration, taxes, the justice system – were prevalent. But on religion, they imitated Byzantium. It’s also relevant that until the end of the 12th century, assorted steppe nomads were a constant “threat” to southeast Kievan Rus. 

So as much as Byzantium – and later on even the Ottoman Empire –  supplied models for Russian institutions, the fact is the nomads, starting with the Scythians, influenced the economy, the social system and most of all, the military approach.     

Watch the Khan  

Sima Qian, the master Chinese historian, has shown how the Khan had two “kings”, who each had two generals, and thus in succession, all the way to commanders of a hundred, a thousand and ten thousand men. This is essentially the same system used for a millennia and a half by nomads, from the Scythians to the Mongols, all the way to Tamerlane’s army at the end of the 14th century.    

The Mongol invasions – 1221 and then 1239-1243 – were indeed the major game-changer. As master analyst Sergei Karaganov told me in his office in late 2018, they influenced Russian society for centuries afterwards. 

For over 200 years Russian princes had to visit the Mongol headquarters in the Volga to pay tribute. One scholarly strand has qualified it as “barbarization”; that seems to be Putin’s view. According to it, the incorporation of Mongol values may have “reversed” Russian society to what it was before the first drive to adopt Christianity.    

The inescapable conclusion is that when Muscovy emerged in the late 15th century as the dominant power in Russia, it was essentially the successor of the Mongols. 

And because of that the peasantry – the sedentary population – were not touched by “civilization” (time to re-read Tolstoy?) Nomad Power and values, as strong as they were, survived Mongol rule for centuries. 

Well, if a moral can be derived from our short parable, it’s not exactly a good idea for “civilized” NATO to pick a fight with the – lateral –  heirs of the Great Khan.


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This article was originally published on Asia Times.

Pepe Escobar, born in Brazil, is a correspondent and editor-at-large at Asia Times and columnist for Consortium News and Strategic Culture in Moscow. Since the mid-1980s he’s lived and worked as a foreign correspondent in London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Singapore, Bangkok. He has extensively covered Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia to China, Iran, Iraq and the wider Middle East. Pepe is the author of Globalistan – How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War; Red Zone Blues: A Snapshot of Baghdad during the Surge. He was contributing editor to The Empire and The Crescent and Tutto in Vendita in Italy. His last two books are Empire of Chaos and 2030. Pepe is also associated with the Paris-based European Academy of Geopolitics. When not on the road he lives between Paris and Bangkok.

He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.



My name is Andrew Kaufman. I am a medical doctor and certified forensic psychiatrist. This pandemic is not a real medical pandemic. The COVID19 vaccine is not proven safe or effective because there has not been enough time. In addition there has not been any definition of any clear disease for which it can be tested against. There has not been a virus which has been purified or shown to be the cause of an illness. Thus there is no target for a vaccine. However, the bottom line is that since no additional deaths have occurred in relation to a new disease there is simply no need for a new vaccine.

Dr Hilde de Smet: Hi, my name is Hilde de Smet. I’m a Belgian medical doctor and I’d like to say that the new COVID19 vaccine is not safe and that there is no global medical pandemic. For almost twenty years the pharmaceutical industry has been trying to develop corona vaccines but never managed because they saw in the animal trials that there were serious side effects: auto-immune disorders when the animal was exposed to a new wild-type virus. These auto-immune disorders are comparable with the complications we have seen in some COVID19 patients. Now due to the excuse of a global pandemic the pharma industry has the permission to skip the animal trials. This means that we humans will be the guinea pigs and we might get severe side-effects when we are exposed to new viruses.

Nils Fosse: My name is Nils Fosse. I’m a medical doctor in Bergen, Norway. The COVID19 vaccine has not been proven safe and effective. It’s a new technology and it’s been tested on a few thousands of people in a few months. Please do your own research. This is not a real medical pandemic. They death rates in Norway are not higher than in an average year.

Dr. Elizabeth Evans: Dr. Elizabeth Evans, retired doctor and co-founder of the UK Medical Freedom Alliance. The COVID19 vaccines are not proven to be safe or effective. We believe that it is reckless and unnecessary to roll out these essentially experimental vaccines that are using a completely new MRNA technology to millions of people when there is only limited short-term safety data, no evidence that they will prevent transmission of the virus and no long-term safety data to rule out late-onset negative effects like auto-immune diseases, infertility and cancers.

Dr. Mohammed Adil: This is Dr. Mohammed Adil from the United Kingdom. I am a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of the UK and consultative surgeon. I have been working for the national health services for the last thirty years with an unblemished record. I am chairman of the Global Nishtarian Organization, All-Pakistan Medical Association UK, and recently we have developed World Doctors Alliance, in collaboration with thousands of health professionals across the world. Recently we had a very successful webinar which had been viewed by millions of people across the world. I am standing for the cause of humanity, especially in the current situation of downstating of fact in the Corona virus and the restriction imposed on the public. Many thanks.

Dr. Vernon Coleman: Doctors aren’t allowed to question COVID19 in public. Material containing the truth about the alleged disease and the vaccine is banned. In the last year I’ve been demonized and lied about and a fifty-year career and reputation trashed by those promoting a pandemic that never was and a vaccine that was never needed. The whole COVID19 scam is, as I said in March 2020, the greatest hoax in history. The principle of informed consent is essential in medicine, but patients now having vaccines can’t give informed consent because they aren’t being informed. Thank heavens for sites such as Brandnewtube, which carry uncensored videos by doctors who have been censored or banned elsewhere.

Dolores Cahill: My name is Professor Dolores Cahill. I’m a molecular biologist and immunologist and we have good news. The Corona virus and lockdown was not as severe as was thought. We know that we can treat the symptoms of COVID19 very successfully with vitamins D, C and zinc and with very safe medicines. So therefore the lockdown and the measures like social distancing, quarantining and masks were not necessary. And also a vaccine is then also not necessary. There has never been a licence or any vaccine and this is not because there have been many clinical trials but that in the safety studies there have been many adverse events and death in the animals that were used in these studies over the past twenty years.

Zac Cox: My name is Zac Cox. I’m a holistic dentist and a homeopath. I’m a founder member of the World Doctors Alliance. I believe that the pandemic is fundamentally over and was so in the summer. I also firmly believe that there is no long-term safety data on any of the COVID vaccines. This means that they are essentially experimenting on us, which is against the Nuremberg Code. I will not be taking the vaccine.

Dr. Anna Forbes: Hello. I’m Dr. Anna Forbes. I’m a UK medical doctor here representing the UK Medical Freedom Alliance. This is a growing body of scientists, academics, doctors and lawyers. We believe that there has been an overestimation of the public health risk from SARS-COP2 due to misrepresentation of data and inappropriate use of the PCR test. We call for the preservation of informed consent, medical choice and bodily autonomy. As doctors we believe this is absolutely crucial to maintain. Thank you.

Dr. Ralf ER Sundberg: I am Ralf Sundberg M.D., Ph.D. former associate professor in transplant surgery at Karolinska Institutet. My opinion of this corona virus crisis is that the PCR test is inaccurate. It actually causes so many false positives. So we are scared to vaccination and I don’t trust this vaccine.

Johan Denis: My name is Dr. Johan Denis from Belgium. The corona vaccine is not proven safe or effective. There is no medical emergency. It is a fake pandemic. The corona virus is in terms of harmfulness, mortality and transmissibility comparable to a seasonal flu and I can only reject the extreme disproportionate measures taken by our governments. There is no emergency situation. It was all orchestrated to make you fearful enough to take the vaccine. This vaccine is just not proven safe. It has been developed too quickly. We have no idea what the long-term effects will be. It needs much more investigation. There is no hurry or emergency. It might possibly change your DNA. This is irreversible and irreparable for all future generations. An experiment on humanity. I would never give it to myself, my patients or my loved ones. We are no guinea pigs.

Dr. Daniel Cullum: Hi. I am Dr. Daniel Cullum, chiropractic physician from Turpin Oklahoma USA. This is not a real medical pandemic the world is enduring at this time. The vaccine has not been proven safe or effective, and I will not be taking and/or recommending it because there is no safe vaccine. Period.

Moritz von der Borch. My name is Moritz von der Borch. I am working as a journalist in science and medicine and I’m from Germany. Do not take this vaccine. This vaccine is dangerous. This pandemic is a fraud.

Dr. Anne Fierlafijn. My name is Anne Fierlafijn. I’m a medical doctor from Belgium, specialized in chronic infectious diseases such as Lyme, Epstein-Barr, Maltz, etc. The COVID19 vaccine is not proven safe nor effective and I think it is unacceptable that all liabilities have been waived for the companies that are producing it. If pharma doesn’t take responsibility for the product they make, how can they expect doctors to inject them to their patients without doubt of doing harm? More and more, we see that this is not a medical pandemic. The measures for Corona cause far more collateral damage than the virus causes itself. World wide we see that the numbers of cases are falsely presented in order to drive the population to obedient behaviour and to vaccination. So please be critical. Do your own research. And don’t let the media manipulate you. I think it’s time to react, time to stand up for your freedom, for the future of your children. Don’t give in to anxiety, to polarization, to governmental control and to restriction of your freedom. All under the false pretext of a virus. Because that’s what’s happening.

Dr. Tom Cowan: Hi, this is Dr. Tom Cowan and I just want to remind people that we have to remember that health does not come from the injection of toxins into our bodies but rather from deciding what it means to be human and pursuing that with all your heart.

Dr. Kevin Corbett: I’m Dr. Kevin Corbett, a retired registered nurse and health scientist in the United Kingdom. The COVID vaccines are not proven safe or effective. COVID is not a real medical epidemic. The vaccines use synthetic products that will alter your genes, allow monitoring of your vaccination status and produce dangerous chemical reactions. Scientists are therefore demanding that all COVID vaccinations be immediately stopped. The real epidemic is fear and hysteria. It started in China and quickly spread via the World Health Organization. The hysteria was accelerated by corporations who gain financially through selling fast-tracked flawed medical tests, toxic anti-viral drugs and now unproven and potentially dangerous vaccines. Standard precautions, which normally protect the public, have been disregarded due to ignorance, hysteria and profits. For example, the vaccines have not undergone proper phase 3 tests. The COVID test, the PCR, is fatally flawed. It was never examined in the standard way by the United Kingdom National Health Service and it should never have been used on sick people or those with no symptoms. You can read about the flaws in the PCR test at www. cormandrostenreview.com.

Dr. Carrie Madej: My name is Dr. Carrie Madej. I am an internal medicine physician from the United States of America. I own my own clinic and I’ve been medical director of two different clinics as well as being an attending physician for medical students over the last nineteen years. I’m here to tell you that there is no world-wide pandemic for COVID19. We’re using testing mechanisms called PCR that have never been indicated or created to diagnose any infection. This is not the way we should be diagnosing. In addition hospitals and doctors are getting financial incentives to diagnose COVID19. On top of that we have multiple lab errors happening around the world over and over, indicating more false positives. On top of that I am here to tell you that I will not take the COVID19 vaccine and I will not recommend the COVID19 vaccine for any of my patients. This vaccine is experimental on the human race, because they are proposing to use modified messenger RNA or modified DNA. synthetic to the human body. This is the first time ever this will ever be launched on the human race. We don’t know what could happen to us. In addition they are proposing to use nano-lipid technology or nanotechnology on the human race as well. There are so many different awful things that can happen to us and we need to investigate this before we go forward. This is my alarm call to the world.

Dr. Barre Lando: My name is Dr. Barre Lando and I’ve treated many vaccine damaged children. Due to the lack of proper testing and the spurious conditions surrounding the alleged pandemic I would highly caution anyone considering taking the COVID19 vaccine.

Kate Shemirani: I am Kate Shemirani, natural nurse in a toxic world. Do I believe there is a pandemic? Absolutely not. There is no evidence of that. Do I believe that COVID19 exists? Absolutely not. It has never been proven. Do I believe that the population need this new COVID19 dangerous vaccine that has not had the safety trials done, and it hasn’t ever been done before? Absolutely not. No-one needs it. Do I believe that our government should be arrested for possibly genocide? Absolutely.

Sandy Lunoe: I am Sandy Lunoe, retired pharmacist and I live in Norway. The COVID19 vaccines are not proven safe or effective. I focus on just two safety issues. The vaccines carry the risk of immune enhancement. Instead of protecting against infection the vaccine can actually make the disease worse when a vaccinated person is infected with the virus. Secondly, in the UK the Medicines and Health Care products Regulatory Agency has made an urgent request: “The MHRA urgently seeks an artificial intelligence software tool to process the expected high volume of COVID19 vaccine adverse drug reactions.”

Boris Dragin: My name is Boris Dragin and I am a licensed acupuncturist based in Sweden. I have been running a private complementary medical clinic for over forty years. This COVID pandemic is not a real pandemic. This is an assault on our human rights, our freedom and our societies. You’d have to be completely mad to accept untested experimental vaccine from a criminal manufacturer that rushes its safety programs and profits enormously from pressuring people to take it. And do you really think that there is an insurance company somewhere in the world that would dare to insure such a vaccine? Let our “leaders” and all other proponents of this toxic mix take it.

Dr. Piotr Rubas: My name is Piotr Rubas. I come from Poland. I work as an intern in Germany. I strongly disagree to getting vaccinated with this experimental preparation called the corona vaccine. Firstly each and every new vaccine has to undergo a period of clinical trials, which is at least five years. Secondly, why should I expose my body to something unknown due to a virus whose mortality rate is similar to that of seasonal influenza virus.

Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo: The COVID19 vaccine is not proven safe or effective. This is not a real medical pandemic.

Dr. Rashid Buttar: I want you to remember that each one of you, every single one of you, independently, is a beacon of light for those around you. So set the example. Stand up. Continue to fight. Continue to speak out. Especially for your children. Let your children see what it means to be free. Allow your children to witness your heroism and that you are willing to stand up and do what’s right, regardless of what’s going on around you.

Dr. Nour de San: The problem is not the principle of the vaccine. The problem is that they want us to believe that it was possible to develop a new vaccine in less than one year, against a new disease, using new adjuvant technologies and to do so on such a very very large scale. It’s not just the target population that will be vaccinated. They plan to vaccinate nearly every person on earth. Anyone who has worked on vaccinations knows that it requires time, so that we are able to collect enough data to ensure its efficacy and safety, and properly understand the long-term effects on our health.

Dr. Kelly Brogan: For the better part of a century vaccination has relied on corrupt science, propaganda, and systemic suppression of true informed consent. With the COVID vaccine we reach an inflection point where the truth is available for all to see. Will you trust GMO, pharmaceutical and 5G subsidizing eugenicist technocrats with your health? Or will you see through their claims to a transhumanist agenda that aims to dispossess you of trust in your body, of any agency around your own life and even of the fabric of your own humanity. Vaccination is penetration of the body, mind and spirit by the State. The COVID19 vaccine is not proven safe or effective. This is not a real medical pandemic.

Prof. Konstantin Pavlidis: My name is Konstantin Pavlidis and I’m a professor of collective science, a biomedical researcher and an integrated health care practitioner in London. I feel that the COVID19 virus is not a real medical pandemic and for this reason the vaccine that is being produced is not proven safe or effective because there are four stages: the latent asymptomatic stage, the developmental stage where there is a manifestation of symptoms: the virus convinces the T-cells that it’s not an invader and that it hacks into the the immune system, and finally the fourth stage is the decline in the virus’s presence where it is undetectable by any test and it is not present in the body liquids. The viral DNA becomes part of the DNA’s host immune cells. So for this reason no COVID tests are truly accurate. And no produced vaccine could be accurate as it tricks the immune system into reacting as if there is a real viral attack. And this triggers monocytes in the attempt to access the immune memory cells. These actions appear as viral symptoms, for example chronic fatigue, muscular contractions or mental health disorders ranging from depression to suicidal tendencies. And all of these are in fact side-effects of the vaccine’s influence.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Know that when they develop this it’s under the umbrella of the 2005 Prep Act. They have complete liability protection. You can’t sue them and you have no recourse if this vaccine harms you. They have been trying to develop a Corona virus vaccine since 2002, since we had SARS, and every animal study that they’ve done, particularly the ferret study, which the ferret’s immune system most mimics the human adult immune system, ferret studies, rats and rabbit studies, all the animals ended up with a paradoxical immune response in which the antibody levels that were very high actually accelerated the infection, made it much worse, and allowed the pieces of the virus to go inside of the cell and be incorporated into the DNA of the recipient of that vaccine, by a process called transduction. That transduction irreversibly puts that virus, snip of virus, into your DNA and transforms your cells.

Senta Depuydt: Hello, I’m Senta Depuydt. I’m a freelance journalist and I represent Children’s Health Defense in Europe with Robert F. Kennedy junior. We want to alert you to the fact that the current COVID vaccines are an experimental product based on the injection of genetic materials into our cells. And the risk of using these new technologies on humans and the environment are unknown, while they could have irreversible consequences. In April the Pandemic Accelerator Act of the European Union allowed vaccine producers to have a free pass for safety and on July 15 the European Parliament agreed to remove the need of risk evaluation requested under the GMO regulation. That decision was made in ten days. There were no scientific reports, no hearings in health commission, no debate and no amendment prior to this vote. So Children’s Health Defense Europe has asked for the annulment of this decision in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. Please share this information as it is extremely important to understand that the current COVID vaccines are not proven safe. All legislators have abandoned the principle of precaution by putting blind faith in a dangerous experiment.

Dr. Heiko Santelmann: My name is Heiko Santelmann. I’m a German medical doctor now working in Norway. I have been working with general practice for forty years, doing research for twenty years, the last ten years especially on vaccines. I have to shout out that this is not a real medical pandemic and the COVID19 vaccine is not proven to be safe or effective. I agree with the British Medical Journal that the testing is not done honestly. The claimed 90% effect us really only a 0.2% if you study the results. I wonder, why did Gates and his conspiracy theorists spend billions to develop vaccines that can sterilize men, women, and even their unborn children.

Dr. Margarita Griesz-Brisson: Uniform enforcement measures, medical measures, are unethical and cannot be implemented on a defenceless population, neither as tests nor as vaccines. Any medical intervention, testing, treatment or vaccine can only be implemented in an ethical and legal way based on an individual medical consideration, well-informed patient consent and clinical evidence of harmlessness beyond doubt. Thank you.

Dr. Mikael Nordfors: My name is Mikael Nordfors. I’m a medical doctor from Sweden and I’m working with integrative medicine. And there is no pandemic. And the vaccine is neither safe nor effective. And to give untested vaccine to entire humanity, use them as guinea pigs, is complete madness, and we must stop it. Now. And it’s even more madness to give it to children when children don’t suffer from COVID19. Nobody died under the age of fifty in my country so far. And there is only side-effects and risks. And costs. And that’s a waste of money and a waste of human life. And safety. So stop it now. And I also bet that there will never be a vaccine as safe and effective as vitamin D, that can reduce mortality between fifty and ninety-five percent depending on the level of vitamin D you have in your blood.

Dr. Elke F. De Klerk: Hello, I’m Elke de Klerk, I’m a medical doctor from the Netherlands. I have informed myself about the vaccine and I want to tell you about three things. First of all this vaccine could be sterilizing women and girls, secondly this vaccine could cause a viral interference, a priming and then it can cause a cytokine storm, which is very dangerous for your health, for people. This has been seen in humans and animals, animal testing with other corona virus vaccines. And thirdly this vaccine could change your genetic blueprint, your genetic codes, your DNA forever, and we don’t know what it’s going to bring. Thank you very much. Inform yourself, protect yourself, protect your children and look it up. Thank you.

Ask the experts.

Thank you to every single expert brave enough to speak out.

Special thanks to Fiona Hine.

Special thanks to Covileaks UK.

Special thanks to Dr. Andrew Kaufman M.D.

The views of Arthur Firstenberg on electrical power – a comparative examination

W. Hall

To the best of my knowledge the “Meeting on Energy” is mostly a creation of the ecological milieu generated out of a problematic on renewable energy sources, i.e. solar and wind energy, which had been promoted by ecologists but started to be subjected to criticism not only by supporters of rival technologies but also from within the ecological milieu itself. Internationally known figures such as Michael Moore added their voices to this negative discourse , causing embarrassment to the ecologists and leftists who had dismissed as conspiracy theorists the people embracing the views they now heard being put forward by Michael Moore.

In the first months of 2020 the insistent condemnations of anthropogenic climate change denial by the school pupil Greta Thunberg was suddenly withdrawn to make room for horror over the corona virus COVID19. The quarantines and lockdowns put paid to a myriad of functions. De facto they necessitated a change of orientation. A prerequisite for investigation of the energy issue, or any other issue, was restoration of political normality.

I would like to introduce two analyses of the derailment of the previous normality. The first is focused on deceit, fraud. It is the study entitled “What on earth is going on? , translated from French by Claire Edwards, former United Nations official who was also one of the authors of the “International Appeal: Stop 5G on Earth and in Space“. The original text of “What on Earth is going on” was compiled by a group of French reserve army officers. Here is the English text.

I quote an extract from the study: “5G is a much larger power of electromagnetic energy than what we have seen before.

It is not just an update of 3G or 4G, which are already harmful enough, but a whole

new part of the electromagnetic spectrum, millimetre waves, more powerful than

anything we have seen before.

The human body is an electromagnetic field.

The brain communicates with the rest of the body, and the cells process thoughts,

information, electrically. When this electromagnetic field is in equilibrium, we are

healthy. When in imbalance or disharmony, we feel malaise, we suffer from diseases, which are manifested in the form of what we call physical or psychological diseases.

We are now bombarded 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by electromagnetic fields generated by technology and WiFi. And in this period of restriction justified by this “virus”, we see 5G being installed in more and more places.

Each rise in the level of radiation results in an epidemic.

Doctors and scientists from 41 countries signed a petition calling for a ban on 5G.

The impact of 5G on health has not been studied, otherwise it would never have seen the light of day. 5G satellites are irradiating every square centimetre of the Earth.

Certain people want this to happen because they seek to manipulate humanity. 5G

poisons the cells; they are poisoned by the electromagnetic field. The cells release the exosomes, and they will test you positive for COVID-19.”

Claire Edwards’ approach emphasizes the element of fraud and disinformation, exposing her to reproach from the official spokespersons for European policy. For example:

“Disinformation in the field of health is thriving, including in relation to the new COVID19 Corona virus. It is important to rely only on trustworthy sources to receive correct information on the outbreak of the virus” the Commission, and its president Ursula von der Leyen, stress.

The Commission notes that the EU maintains the world’s highest standards for consumers.

“This is the reason that we can go into a shop and feel sure about the products we buy. For 5G in particular it can be said that these exceptionally high standards are maintained. In reality our standards are much higher than those indicated in the international scientific data – because in the European Union people come first.

As has been made clear, there is no link between 5G and COVIC-19 and the virus cannot be transmitted via mobile telephone networks.

The corona virus spreads from one person to another through droplets when people sneeze, cough or exhale. 5G is the new generation of mobile telephony, transmitted through radio waves. There is no evidence that 5G is harmful to human health.”

Thus spake the Commission.

The task of exposing the disinformation of official sources at a time when they control almost the entirety of the mass media has the appearance of the labours of Sisyphus. It is something that Arthur Firstenberg does not seem even to attempt. Instead of that, in his book “The Invisible Rainbow” he presents a critique so radical that few will be prepared to face its implications, i.e. that the impasse of present-day civilization is a product of the advent of electrification.

Firstenberg reminds us that electricity was seen first as a component of life, of living organisms. It was employed for nearly two centuries in medicine before it began to be exploited intensively for lighting and powering machines. Initially electricity was direct current because alternating current does not exist in nature except in lightning. The Earth’s magnetic field operates with direct current.

“To some degree”, says Firstenberg “all man-made electrical energy is harmful. To some degree the damage can be controlled, for example through shielding around a wire. Of course, as soon as alternating current is introduced , the shielding problem is made more complicated, but not totally. The difference between the dangers of the past and those of wireless technology is that suddenly it is being broadcast deliberately to every square inch of the Earth. That cannot be fixed.”

The first electrical technology to be harnessed outside medicine was telegraphy. Simultaneously with the appearance of telegraphy a new disease began to be reported in the medical literature. It was called “neurasthenia”. Subsequently, 1889 saw the introduction of alternating current. This new form of electricity, almost unknown in nature, was developed by Nicola Tesla and adopted by Westinghouse. 1889 was also the year of the first modern influenza.

In 1918, when the United States entered the First World War, the intensive use of radio technology began in the context of the war effort. According to Firstenberg the flu epidemic which broke out after the war was caused by the sudden change in the Earth’s electromagnetic environment brought about by the world-wide use of radio for the first time.

Firstenberg acknowledges that “the world will not easily accept the idea that influenza is not an infectious disease”. Because the opposite conviction is so deeply rooted in society, the European Commission’s position that the Corona virus – and indeed influenza – “cannot be transmitted via mobile telephone networks” but spreads when people sneeze, cough or exhale” will remain predominant. A hundred years ago, at the time of the Spanish flu of 1918, persistent efforts were made to prove the infectious nature of influenza. Doctors in various universities recruited hundreds of healthy people, brought them into contact with flu patients and tried to infect them. They tried to infect them by collecting secretions and mucus, throat swabbings from very sick people, and had healthy people swallow it. They put it in their eyes, up their nose, they injected them with sick people’s blood. They were totally unable to infect a single healthy person with influenza from sick people. The same thing was tried with horses. They tried to infect healthy horses with secretions from sick horses, and again they failed. The influence of a flu virus is well-established, says Firstenberg, but the relationship between the virus and the disease is open to question. In contrast, the relationship between influenza and electricity is strong.

While the theses of the study “What on earth is going on?”, translated by Claire Edwards, reproduce the viewpoints of people stigmatized as conspiracy theorists, Firstenberg’s positions are more nuanced. He does not dismiss the possibility that that the activists campaigning over climate change might be in the right. He simply believes that the problem of 5g is much more immediate.

“They asked me if I think the Corona disease is caused by 5g and my answer is: not directly. But the parallel with 1918 is impressive. The 1918 flu didn’t start from a virus but from the proliferation of radio technology to such an extent that it transformed the electromagnetic environment of the Earth. The first, milder, wave of influenza in the winter, spring and summer of 1918 waves was caused by the spread of thousands of wireless telegraph stations, each with limited geographic range. The second wave, which lasted three whole years, caused disease in one third of humanity and killed ten percent of those who fell sick. It was caused by the upgrading of radio technology from the telegraph to the radio, from part-time implementation to full-time implementation, acquiring planetary dimensions.”

Arthur Firstenberg interview