Enouranois leaflet


The Enouranois group is investigating the allegations of the American scientist J. Marvin Herndon


that the atmosphere of the earth is being sprayed secretly with  material derived from the fly ash discharged by coal-burning power stations

In response to these allegations, the administrators of the declare: “This is ridiculous. The ash from Greek lignite goes has for years gone into producing cement… If anyone believes that cement manufacturers would allow a material they are supplied with virtually free to be “sprayed” from the sky, then for sure we are threatened by mass psychosis. Unfortunately, as it seems, the Enouranois group has no clue about what happens to fly ash and confuses Greece with America, danger-mongering for no reason.”

So there.

What does the Greek Lignite blogspot have to say about the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference?

At the end of the month the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) will be launched in Paris. Under the predominant – in the Western world – ideology of “anthropogenic global warming” there will be an attempt to impose on other countries even more wind farms and photovoltaics, so that there can continue to be “green” workplaces in industrial countries.

December will be winter in Paris and it will be very interesting to see how the weather will be, given that meteorologists predict that this year’s El Niño will be the strongest of recent decades. I haven’t seen any prediction for France but on the other side of the Channel in Britain they are already preparing themselves for a very heavy winter! How different is it going to be in Northern France?

With one of the worst El Niños, early October snows, low temperatures, problems with transport, deaths from the cold, some “global warming” may well be welcome. And it will be very interesting to see if in the first ten days in Paris they should happen to be discussing “global warming” in the midst of some snowstorm or unusually low temperatures. And it will be even more pleasant if one of the airports should happen be closed by the snow, at the beginning or end of the Conference…”

It seems that Greek Lignite blogspot is not aware that the other side of these low temperatures at temperate latitudes is exceptionally high temperatures in the Arctic. In the winter of 2014 average temperatures in Texas were lower than at the North Pole. Temperatures in Alaska were twenty degrees lower than normal, whereas in the mainland United States temperatures were twenty degrees higher than normal.

According to the American activist Dane Wigington of the Geoengineering Watch website, these phenomena are not due to climate change but to climate modification. Through the application of aerial spraying and directed energy the jetstream is being diverted so that, apart from the short-term economic benefits of warming the Arctic, there is also the benefit of generating political confusion, i.e. reinforcing the sceptics’ (and Greek Lignite’s) view that global warming is a fraud. This is what is argued by Dane Wigington.

It is easy to understand why Greeklignite blogspot should be dismissive of the idea of coal ash being sprayed in the atmosphere. But why are the opponents of lignite so totally against investigating allegations so incriminating for the defenders of generating electricity in this way? Why are they not interested in knowing whether the supporters of lignite are really complicit in such indescribably outrageous practices? Particularly when climate activists are so much more uniformly opposed to lignite than they are, say, to nuclear energy!!!

These are questions which – we hope – Enouranois will be raising in Paris.



Video: Related VMedia discussion with Christos Kotsireas

Nuclear Chemist Publishes Paper Detailing: “Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity via Geoengineering”

Dialogue on Fly Ash and Geoengineering

Richard Sacks
Saturday, December 12, 2015

On the fly ash issue, I worked for years with fly ash, and for this reason and others I don’t think this is what’s being sprayed on us.

Wayne Hall
Sunday, December 13, 2015

I would like more information on this (fly ash), because your view is also the view of Dr. Katsaros.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

My feeling that fly ash is not what is being sprayed on us is mainly for a few reasons.  First of all, being very familiar with fly ash first hand, what residue from it looks like and somewhat with its chemical profile, I don’t think it fits what is being found in tests of soil, water and air.  Also Carnicom has found dried blood and other biological components have been added to the mix, which are certainly not from fly ash.  In addition, Kristen Megan the air force whistle blower has reported tanks of aluminum dioxide and the other metals in the spray being loaded onto the tankers in pure form, not as fly ash.  I think it’s a much more sophisticated list of recipes being used, definitely multiple mixes, each used for a different application, judging by the differing effects in different places. There are also a few people who can smell and taste the spray residue and are sensitive enough to detect the difference in the recipes as they fall to Earth.  Fly ash doesn’t smell anything like what they are reporting.

J. Marvin Herndon
Sunday, December 13, 2015

Aluminum, barium, and strontium were first identified in rainwater tests. I have identified 8 elements, including those three, in rainwater samples I took; their relative amounts match quite well corresponding amounts determined in the water extract of coal fly ash. There is a comparable agreement for 14 elements between dust collected with high-efficiency air filters and coal fly ash samples:

I have unpublished results comparing 26 elements in a fibrous material with coal fly ash. In America, we have an expression, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…..

The more one comes to understand, the better one becomes at uncovering disinformation. The CIA and military are happy with people believing that those three elements (Al, Ba, Sr) are being sprayed as oxides; the truth that the main ingredient is coal fly ash, (tens or hundreds of million tons of it), a toxic-nightmare, is the Achilles heel of the program. I suspect that Kristen Megan was either deceived about “tons” of those three elements or she is part of the disinformation team. (….) Coal fly ash differs somewhat in color and composition depending on the origin of its original coal. There may be different additives for specific purposes, but coal fly ash is a low cost fine-grained substance, readily available in mega-ton quantities from existing out-of-sight production facilities, that is ideal for weather modification: it holds heat in, retards rainfall, makes water droplets more electrically conducting: Ideal, if you have no conscience and no concern for humanity or for life on this planet.

(….) I have raised the bar. Those who object should publish those objections in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. That is the appropriate forum for discussion. The work I have done on that subject transcends the unfounded opinions that are common in Internet discussions. There is a concerted effort by professionals (CIA?) to discredit my work (and yours too, I’ll bet); there are others who simply do not understand, contributed in part from the absence of truth and the presence of untruth.

Sunday December 13, 2015

Well, it may be what is being used for the main bulk ingredient as you say.  It does fit the profile of an extremely toxic substance which I believe is the main characteristic our rulers at the top level are looking for.  I am just doing my best to learn more, as we all are, and am not out to defend my own impressions or theories, just to find out what is true.  This is way beyond anyone’s ego.  And yes it is true that coal ash is available in large quantity with no problem. Customizing recipes could be done with additional ingredients.  I wonder what Clifford Carnicom would think of the theory?  He has been on our show and is a serious researcher into the composition of the residue.  He found dry blood cells, and nanotech organisms not normally seen in nature.  His opinion would be interesting.

Whatever it is they are spraying, it would be good to stop it so there can be some chance of recovery.  Our rulers have no intention of doing what the people want, though, only trying to engineer public opinion by deception.  Their presence in positions of power is pretty much the key problem, and they don’t intend to leave.  They have already gamed this out, and expect us to come to the conclusion that we will see no option other than violent force.  But that would be suicide on our part, as it is the eventuality they expect.  We need a higher level of creativity.

Discussion from “Melbourne Against Chemtrails” Facebook group

(A test case in what happens when activists work together rather than against each other)

Karen: I need some help in response to this please. Facts only. This is someone who is adamant that the scientific community cannot be wrong about climate change and that carbon dioxide is causing it. Absolutely against Geoengineering possibility and believes nothing bad about Paris treaty.

This was the last response:

“Over 97% of climate scientists accept the science of global warming and that fact is established by a number of independent studies. Your suggestion that thousands of climate scientists are somehow all corrupt is utterly unrealistic and simply not true. There is utterly no evidence that suggests CO2 is not playing the major role in warming our planet. Yes, if you want to listen to the denialist blogs, they will tell all sorts of stories but scientific facts are very clear and supported by every scientific institution on the planet. You are certainly entitled to your opinion on the issue but you cannot have your own facts.”

Emily: I wouldn’t bother because they are clearly ‘blindsighted by science’ (or what they think is science) as if it were a religion. If they cared about research they would do it themselves.

Karen: I want to bother though because it’s the first time a friend of mine has been open enough to post anything on it and put herself out there so she needs support.

Shane: Do you know the effects of carbon emissions have on trees? They love it, they grow faster and healthier balancing the thermal and oxygen input / output. I would provide links but I am working from my phone.

Karen: I do but I need some really good evidence. I am not silly enough to punch above my weight. I am not a scientist so like most people here I get laughed at and don’t always have the exact scientific numbers in front of me. I am a mum who is concerned about the future of this planet for my children, their health, my health and how the hell we get people to ‘see’ this. Thank you, if you do have some links I will very much appreciate them.


Karen: Thank you.

Julie: I’d point her in the direction of this initially. Then to something called “climategate” where a group of scientists hid the decline in a graph indicating that global temperatures are going down not up. There is also a petition signed by a number of scientists who are saying that the official story is not settled. Can’t remember where I’ve seen it though. Don’t trust Wikipedia though. Anything the agenda wants pushing is changed on Wikipedia.

Sezur: It’s always just OUR opinions or facts isn’t it? I would respond in the following manner: Yes the globe is in meltdown. How else would ice caps be melting, methane hydrates thawing, record-shattering temperatures in countries and oceans around the world being measured, sea levels rising, hotter water fish being found in normally cold waters, etc. However, if carbon was the primary factor for global warming, according to YOUR establishment’s scientists, for every degree Celsius rise there should be 7 percent more moisture in the atmosphere therefore raining more often. Carbon-laden rain would stimulate more growth hence absorbing more carbon. That is earth’s natural way of self-repair. But what do we have instead? Record droughts and the occasional deluge. Oceans are layering and building up with heat. The El Nino should have occurred long ago but what is stopping it? The ozone layer is being torn apart. The UV is far more intense every summer. What is causing this? Surely its not only CFCs or HFCs (refrigerant gases) considering the rate of UV intensity. I work in the industry and I for one can tell you how strict they are becoming around Western countries with the handling of the gases. Surely this same scientific community know there’s something missing in this equation and what it is. The reason why they don’t speak out is because: A. some of them are very heavily brainwashed. B. Compartmentalisation, therefore the bigger picture cannot be formed amongst them with their collective data. C. A lot of them are afraid to speak out as they have signed non-disclosure agreements. D. A lot people only care about self-preservation so they turn a blind eye to the corruption they witness, worry about the pay check and retirement. E. Some do speak out and we see what happens to whistle blowers. At best their reputation is ruined, at worst they incidentally suicide by shooting themselves 3 times in the head. Any person that has a basic sense of reasoning and acknowledges the human condition’s potential to create evil, especially on grand scales as it has occurred in history, should have the common sense to estimate the possibility of global coordinated crime, especially in a world where people are subjected to fear and are controlled by money. Otherwise don’t bother with them.

Karen: Thank you Sezur.

Julie: Brilliant. It’s true actually. I used to really get uptight about trying to convince people but I started to realise that that was my Story… Wanting to be “right”… Now I realise that all you can do is give them information and let them do what they will… Sometimes it sticks and they will go on to research themselves… Sometimes it won’t …l learnt to live MY truth. They will get to theirs one day. But I continue to talk about and I know that it’s their fear that stops them believing. Don’t forget the massive change in worldview that happens when you wake up.

Sezur: I always respond to such deniers by saying our perception is irrelevant.The truth is relevant and I strive to align my perception with the truth. Generally if I feel that they keep adding stones to their wall as I speak I keep it short and move on. Either way the truth will eventually rip their heads out of the ground.

Julie: A lot are paid to disagree in this medium.

Wayne: If all else fails there is an alternative approach that I try out in this video. It makes it clear that it is irrelevant which side of the mainstream climate debate you are on because there is a built in irrationality in the debate as a whole. The following presentation also, from Amsterdam has a couple of useful links: one in which Paul Mac extracts from a member of the IPCC an acknowledgement that “geoengineering” is already being implemented: It also includes an anti-ecologist rave from a Berkeley activist that might make an impression. This last-mentioned I leave to your discretion because the activist concerned, Vivian Warkentin, might be too easily classifiable as a “climate denialist”, despite her display of “liberal credentials”.

Karen: Thank you so much.

Fiona: Max Bliss mentions several academic papers or documents in his video. You could glean info here or send it to your friend to watch.

Wayne: “Punching above one’s weight” is exactly what happens when the rank-and-file chemtrails activist tries to get involved in the mainstream climate debate. It is not necessary. In any case both sides of that debate are corrupted. They studiously avoid any contact with our problematic. They would much rather argue with each other endlessly and heatedly than have a sober discussion with us.

Karen: Which is why I don’t want an argument about it because I realise this but supporting people who are awakening to what’s going on is very much needed. I have noticed that when the heat gets put on and questions asked by ‘shills’ or whatever they are called today that everyone runs for the hills and doesn’t come out of private Facebook groups to support, encourage and educate. No fighting required, needed or wanted but support from a knowledgeable community is. Kind regards.

Fiona: Yes it is hard when people do not turn up for events and stay behind facebook cover. We have to get so determined to make an impact to change the status quo – for our kids and grandkids. Righteous anger is what drives me to do whatever it takes. The next thing I intend to do is go to our local MP for a meeting armed with documents I have printed and quote out of them face to face. Let them know that I know this is a classified program and I won’t buy the contrail fluff script they have ready for us. Then make them accountable to bring it up at parliament. Worth a shot anyway.

Paul Mac:

Karen: Thank you so much.

Paul Mac: The data is clearly being twisted and cooked to suit the “peer reviewed” science communities and govcorps own ends. Karen, one can present gold plated truth and it will be denied as fabrication by these people. The agenda must be pushed forward by them in no uncertain terms….and we must resist.

Wayne: Nevertheless, political alliances with climate sceptics who are not first and foremost chemtrails activists do not seem to be feasible. They will agree with all of the analysis about the cooking of the books to suit the “peer reviewed” science communities. They will aggressively put forward this critique themselves. But they will NOT accept that global spraying is an established reality. Meanwhile the predominant side in the climate debate, the side that is organizing COP21, are perpetually on the lookout for evidence that we, the “conspiracy theorists”, are enemies because we are climate change sceptics.

Karen: So essentially we are trying to be honest and do the right thing but we are fighting an unbeatable beast? No wonder I get down about all of this. Hope is just about gone in me. All I truly give a shit about is stopping this crap impacting my family’s life and health and ensuring there is any kind of decent future for my children. The science stuff shits me to tears because I recognise both sides are bought and paid for. I have no idea who to trust any more so I trust no one, but I am a mum at her wit’s end watching tyrannical governments, insane scientists and idiotic people tax the crap out of our lives, drop chemicals on our heads and knowingly participate in destroying the planet. I think I am close to shutting all this off, going to my farm and hoping I can live in peace because nothing else is making much sense anymore. Thanks for the help guys. I will just leave it alone, I think. The beast is bigger than me.

Paul Mac: It doesn’t mean we do not try, this is why we have been attending climate change rallies and handing out information to people who clearly only have half the picture and half a lie…our silence (otherwise) becomes consent.

Wayne: Paul Mac’s attitude of determination is right. I think it is better not to weaken ourselves by trying to win two arguments at the same time, but giving up is worse.

Karen: Kinda feel like I am damned if I do and I am damned if I don’t. I have been belittled and attacked by both sides (of climate change and of geoengineering) now on multiple occasions (mostly because I am not a ‘scientist so therefore how do I know anything’) and have continued to be passionate about what I have learned, what I see and have personally experienced while living in the USA and Europe and how my health and my family’s health has been impacted, but as everything ramps up I feel very lost some days in a sea of insanity that I am starting to wonder about absolutely everything and everyone’s intentions – no friggin wonder the world is in the state it is in. I have attended every March Against Monsanto (one in London) and also some climate change gatherings in Europe, one meet up here in Melbourne but the numbers at every single event were so embarrassingly dismal it took me a while to regain belief in myself that my voice can actually do anything in the sea of minions and against the immense power and corruption that exists. Not a nice feeling as a mother of small children when I am not sure some days how to explain the world to my children. Thank you for your information I have seen some of them but will go through it all.


Wayne: Jolanda are you assimilating what we are talking about?


This guy has facts:

Wayne : Jolanda, Greek lignite is actively campaigning against the “greatest hoax of the 21st century”. But do you see what he says to us? Please don’t just post another link. If there is an economic incentive behind the spraying of coal ash in the atmosphere (a profitable way of disposing of it) then the climate change debate is irrelevant and the “greatest hoax of the 21st century” even more irrelevant.

Paul Mac:

Some great information and discussion in this thread.

Allegations of Spraying of Coal Ash in the Atmosphere

Public meeting in Athens, Greece, on the subject of J. Marvin Herndon’s conclusion that the material being used in the ongoing clandestine global spraying is fly ash from coal-fired power plants. Key speaker Dr. Nikos Katsaros.

Reaction from “Greek Lignite” (

Greek Lignite: Thank you for the video and the reference to our blog. Unfortunately both you and Mr. Katsaros seem to be unaware of the facts concerning fly ash and confuse Greece with America, danger-mongering for no reason. I suggest that you become better informed. It would be good for you to refer to the responsible section of the Chemical Engineering Department of the National Polytechnic.

Wayne Hall: If you have watched all the video you will have seen that Mr. Katsaros says the same as you, i.e. that the allegations do not apply for Greece. Mr. Katsaros defends you and you should acknowledge it. I communicate the assertions of Mr. Herndon and ask questions. If what Mr. Herndon says is true, albeit without active involvement of Greece, then we are not danger-mongering for no reason. Isn’t that so?

Greek Lignite: It would be good for you to become better informed on matters you don’t know about and not hold lectures on such specialized subjects.

Wayne Hall: Mr. Katsaros is not uninformed about your field and, as I said, he is defending you. Do you dispute that he is defending you? On the other hand, how well informed are you on the matters that concern Mr. Herndon?

Some input from Belgium:

The comment of Josefina Fraile was right. We do need in-depth research into the disposal of coal ash, all over the world. This, I guess, would be a good subject for an EU law proposal. I know a little about this business since I live only some 200 meters away from a gigantic fly ash, open air, disposal site!


This “forest” is built on a six-meter-thick layer of radioactive coal fly ash. It also stands six metres high from the surrounding fields like a basin with sloping earth walls. Entry is strictly forbidden except for the baron who owns this land. Dr. Katsaros is mistaken when he concludes that no-one in his right mind would ever use coal ash for spraying purposes. If one knows about, and considers, the atrocities the United States has committed in this connection, dumping fly ash in the atmosphere is only a minor calamity.

Serbian journalist Mara Knezevic-Kern’s interview with J. Marvin Herndon

The Russian writer Leo Tolstoy made an interesting observation regarding the role of scientists in maintaining untouchable dogmas.

 “Science in our time occupies exactly the place that hundreds of years ago was occupied by a pagan priesthood. The same type of priest-teacher is involved, the same caste system, with a priesthood of science in the Academy, in universities, at conferences. The same trustfulness and the same absence of criticism from the faithful. Among the priesthood the same differences that for some reason do not start a process of creative confusion. The same incomprehensible words. Instead of thought and reflection the same self-confident pride. “

Has anything in the meantime changed?

No. Sadly, human nature does not change on a time scale measured in hundreds of years.

You have become a victim of a scientific inquisition. The Grand Inquisitor Wikipedia has shown its face. What can you say about the Orwellian deletion of texts from your Wikipedia profile?

Wikipedia, like many Internet sites, has a major flaw by allowing “screen names” to be used instead of one’s verified identity. Anonymity often cloaks deceit. If people could only make comments under their own identities, there might be some improvement. Even so, those with their own agendas will act to shield and/or promote those agendas. Wikipedia cannot be trusted, and I know of no activity to improve that situation.

What is the role of the “politically correct” scientific elite in suppressing the truth about climate engineering.

In 1951 the USA was by far the undisputed leader in science, and was a world role model to be followed. In that year the US National Science Foundation was established and literally wrote the rules on how civilian research would be supported. But the rules were flawed, and those laws have led to a persistent corruption of science. For example, one’s competitors were allowed to review proposals for financial support, and were allowed to review them anonymously.

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what happened. And what happened is just like what happens in a totalitarian government with secret police. If a scientist wanted to get support he/she had to be very careful not to contradict anyone that might be a reviewer. Science is all about finding out what is wrong with existent ideas and presenting an improved understanding. But if a scientist did that, then there is a strong possibility that someone would seek revenge through the anonymous peer review. So, the scientist adopted the idea of “political correctness” before that term came into being.

More than a half century of such behavior has led to a severe weakness in the scientific community. So, when the whole “global warming”/“climate change” agenda came into place academic scientists were well trained to become willingly subservient. The real agenda, though, has been driven by military and commercial interests. Academic scientists, at universities and at some prestigious research institutes, have acted like pawns or shills.

It is deceitful that such scientists should talk about geoengineering as if it might be some future possibility, when in fact it is an ongoing activity that has been going on at full scale for several years, and experimentally perhaps for 15 years. (N.B. Dr. Herndon is here underestimating the length of time that the spraying has been in progress.)

Would David Keith defend his crazy ideas if there were be an open forum for dialogue with serious opponents?

There should be in science serious dialogues, but people are afraid to speak out because, if they do, they might lose their financial support. In 1979 I was a young scientist looking towards a career in academia. I came to realize that the inner core of the earth might not have the composition that people had thought for 40 years.

I wrote a paper suggesting a different composition; it was communicated to the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London by Nobel laureate Harold C. Urey, and I received a highly complementary congratulatory letter from Inga Lehmann, the woman who had discovered the inner core. I thought that there would be debate and discussion, and I thought that people with well-established laboratories would take up the idea and make many advances. Instead, there was silence: it was as if the paper had never been published, and soon my proposals for funding encountered obstacles. I was excommunicated. And the science environment has worsened since that time.

The campaign against the scientists willing to speak up ranges from belittling their scientific credibility to their physical liquidation. What motivated you in such circumstances to speak out about the dirtiest secret – the spraying campaign?

At the beginning of 2014 I noticed the near daily spraying, which increased to daily spraying. Nobody seemed willing or knowledgeable to find out what the composition is of the main substance being sprayed. What I found is strong evidence that the main substance being sprayed to make artificial clouds is coal combustion fly ash. This is a toxic nightmare, a substance that in the presence of water releases many toxic elements, including aluminum in a highly mobile form. When utilities burn coal, the heavy ash settles out, while the very fine particles, the so-called fly ash goes up the smokestack. But coal fly ash is so toxic that in Western countries regulations require it to be trapped electrostatically and not allowed to go up the smokestack into the environment.

I think one of the best military secrets is that coal fly ash is the main component being sprayed in the troposphere for weather modification or geoengineering reasons. You have to wonder what kind of fools are our political leaders that approve aerial spraying of a substance such as coal fly ash. Maybe they were not told what would be sprayed? Maybe they never asked? Maybe they were deceived? But they are allowing the people who elected them, as well as their own families, to be exposed to this toxic substance.

When coal formed, millions of years ago, it trapped many toxic elements. When coal is burned, those toxic elements become concentrated in the coal fly ash. Consider just one of the toxic substances, aluminum. The crust of the earth contains approximately 8% aluminum, but the aluminum is tightly bound as oxides and as silicates; it takes extreme chemistry to render that aluminum into a form that it dissolves in water. Recall the debate in the 1970s about acid rain. One of the major concerns about acid rain is that it would liberate aluminum in a chemically mobile form, which could lead to forest die-offs, for example.

The fine particles of coal fly ash sprayed into the air can enter the body through the lungs, through the mouth, through the skin, and even through the eyes. These very fine particles embed themselves in deep into the lungs which can cause inflammation; moisture from the body can extract the toxins including aluminum in a chemically mobile form. Aluminum has been implicated in autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurological diseases. With the ongoing spraying, is there any wonder why these neurological diseases are on the increase?

For the military, coal fly ash is an ideal substance. It is a cheap by-product, the production and transportation infrastructure is already in place, the particles are extremely fine and remain suspended in the atmosphere for some time. They also retard Earth’s loss of heat as well as retarding rainfall. Moreover, the elements that leach out into the tiny droplets of water make that water electrically conducting, which plays into the bigger picture of controlling the movement of clouds. Coal fly ash is ideal for the military’s application, as long as the military and political leaders have no regard for humanity, which seems to be the case.

The role of coal fly ash then, as I see it, is the main substance for the military’s weaponizing weather and geoengineering. It is also a base substance to which all sorts of other substances can be added for specific purposes, such as to precipitate ice, or perhaps to control populations. There is no limit to the nature of experiments that the military is permitted to use over unsuspecting populations. There is no moral fiber, there is no humanity.

In addition to the presence of aluminum powder in the form of nanoparticles and heavy metals you also find dust created by burning coal – “coal combustion fly ash”. What is the role of this component?

At first we saw the white marks in the sky. They call them contrails. Now it is “persistent contrails”. More recently we can see darker elements – black shadows – is this a sign of fly ash? At first I saw, and now I see sometimes, the typical white trails that diffuse into cirrus-like clouds which further diffuse into a white haze. Sometimes this spraying is so heavy that the clouds take on a brownish appearance. Sometimes huge masses are dumped at once. These make brownish clouds that gradually spread out and become whitish clouds, eventually becoming a white haze. I think the brownish appearance IS a result of the coal fly ash.

What are the consequences of inhaling these particles?

Studies have shown that air pollution particles less than two micrometres in size can shorten human life. Coal fly ash particles can do the same thing, plus they release a multitude of toxins deep in the lungs including radioactive uranium and thorium, which can cause cancer. One of the toxins that are released is arsenic, which can cross the placenta of a pregnant woman and get into her yet unborn child. I am sure that I am describing just the tip of the iceberg, a very dirty iceberg indeed.

Do you believe in the story of anthropogenic causes for warming the planet, and the role of CO2?

The simplistic anthropogenic global warming story is based upon a flawed understanding of the dynamics of our planet. It is based upon the assumptions that the heat from the sun is constant and that the heat exiting Earth from within is constant. These are flawed assumptions. Heat coming out under the ocean, for which there is evidence, heats the ocean which releases some of the dissolved CO2. That is not taken into account in the simplistic global warming/climate change models.

But then one must really ask the question, with all the ongoing geoengineering that changes the climate, whether the warming we are witnessing is a natural phenomenon or is induced by the spraying. Is the goal to cool planet Earth or to melt the Arctic ice to make available the oil beneath it and to open Northwest passages?

Obama recently announced that cow dung emits methane, which is more dangerous than CO2. He declared war on cow dung, and proposed that the cows must eat food additives to reduce the methane in their dung. On that occasion it was announced that the feed industries already own the formula for this supplement. Can we expect the Environmental Protection Agency to adopt a law on mandatory feeding of these supplements to livestock, regardless of the lack of testing on the functioning of such modified meat and dairy products on the human body?

The EPA, NASA, NIH and presumably all government agencies are “in the tank”. They are party to what’s going on and have no independence. They are not to be trusted. Early in 2014, instead of ruling that coal fly ash is a toxic substance as many expected, the EPA classed coal fly ash as a solid waste. Previously, the EPA had raised the permissible limits for aluminum and barium in drinking water by a factor of four.

Does the FDA ever carried out by measuring samples of water and soil to aluminum and other heavy metals?

I doubt they measure samples; they are primarily concerned with food and medicines.

You did it independently by yourselves. Do they accept your findings?

There is a major effort to suppress my scientific publications. The first paper in Current Science received a whole list of criticisms and a demand for retraction. The editor provided verbatim comments and wisely asked me to respond in writing, which I did. The person complaining however would not allow his name to be used, so my response was never published. The editor of my second paper in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health was similarly attacked. He never provided verbatim comments and retracted my paper based upon lies and misrepresentations.

I am enclosing an attachment that describes the situation. I do not accept that retraction. I have filed a formal complaint against the editor for academic malfeasance at his university and I will continue to file formal complaints throughout the international scientific community until truth and reason prevail. Incidentally, I recently was shown a quote from someone on the web who bragged that he had paid a visit to the editor and after five minutes conversation convinced him to retract my paper. There are serious matters of ethics-failure here.

The Serbian scientist Milutin Milankovitch, a mathematician and author of scientific papers related to “celestial mechanics”, around 1920 published a formula for calculating the temperature of our planet, foreseeing its gradual cooling up to a final ice age. Are you familiar with his scientific work?

I am familiar with the Milankovitch Cycles.

Modern science does not take into account these cosmic changes and their impact on the climate? Do you think that Milankovitch’s work can help in understanding this influence?


You’ve drawn attention to the ‘modellers’ and said that quasi-science is unable to predict future climate. Can you predict the consequences of climate engineering for the living world?

Climate engineering of the kind presently ongoing will, if allowed to, devastate all the creatures of the earth, corrupt our planet’s natural systems of equilibrium and ultimate enslave human populations.

Indian scientists have approached you regarding your research papers on the impact of aluminum and coal fly ash. To what extent is India open to scientific dialogue?

India (praise be) has not yet capitulated to the new Empire that is flexing its muscles.

Spraying is observed over countries that are NATO members or sympathizers. When did spraying start in  India?

I have no reason to believe that spraying is actually taking place in India, although spray may reach their shores.       

A video from India suggests the contrary. [W.H.]    

In Serbia the spraying began after the “democratic changes” of 2005 that brought the pro-NATO politicians to power. They signed a protocol on “Open Skies” with NATO, the content of which has not been disclosed. From that moment on there was an obvious presence of aircraft leaving persistent trails, with an effect on the albedo. Our mainstream media call them “persistent con trails”. What will be the next step in the Paris conference – legalization of clandestine activities?

That is the fear of many rational scientists who look at the sky in dismay.

Serbian activists have tried to get an answer from the Ministry of Nature Protection about the nature of the substance being released from the planes, but we found out that no ministry in Serbia  is responsible for monitoring the presence of heavy metals in air and water. Is it the same in your country?

The government does not tell the truth in my country.

What do you expect from the meeting in Athens?

I hope it will help to bring to public consciousness the crimes against humanity being perpetrated. I will give a short address via video.

Interviewer: Mara Kern

Mara Kern

Geoengineering Expands As Industrialized Civilization Spirals Into Collapse


Dane Wigington

As the global economic house of cards continues to collapse with increasing momentum, the vast majority of global populations are, unfortunately, still looking through a very tainted and distorted lens. They cannot bring themselves to accept reality on countless fronts. Denial is especially tenacious in regard to the ongoing climate engineering atrocities occurring in our skies. Our sense of reason is our greatest gift, but for most this sense has long ago been overridden by societal conditioning, programming, and propaganda. The image below is of Dubai, a city built on sand, powered by finite fossil fuels complete with toxic geoengineered skies.


The Burj Khalifa is the glittering jewel in Dubai’s construction crown. Photo Credit: Iwan Baan

​The implosion of the temporary reality we have all known is already well under way, the collapsing Chinese stock markets are only a harbinger of what is to come. Global shipping is in free-fall as shipping rates plunge, unlimited money printing can no longer hide what is unfolding around the world.  China has kept its deceptive GDP (Gross Domestic Product) going in the past in the same manner as the rest of the global economy – with smoke, mirrors, and lies. “Ghost cities” were one of the methods used by the Chinese to keep the illusion of growth going. Now, the inevitable is taking hold, the illusion is disintegrating by the day. The images below are cities with no inhabitants which were constructed to keep the wheels of industry turning and the GDP rising in the East.


An eerily vacant Yingkou is only one of numerous ghost cities in China


The Chinese have constructed ghost cities in locations as far away as Angola

The image below is from what has been termed “The scariest housing bubble”

A general view of newly-built houses at Dadun village of Lingshui ethnic Li autonomous county

The largely empty city of Ordos in inner Mongolia

The completely out of control manufacturing of automobiles to create the illusion of a recovering auto industry is an extension of the Chinese ghost cities philosophy.


Above is an image of thousands upon thousands of unsold cars parked up on a airport runway near St Petersburg in Russia.  They are all imported from Europe, and then parked and left to rot. Consequently, the airport is now unusable for its original purpose.

The end of the reality we have all known draws nearer at blinding speed. Those who cannot see this inevitability will very soon have their eyes opened, they will have no choice but to face the truth. Modern society is comparable to a snake eating its own tail. In the last 40 years the human population has doubled while global wildlife populations have declined by over 50% in the same amount of time, is it rational to believe such a trend could continue?  The epitome of human insanity is the attempt to manipulate the climate, the attempt to control Earth’s very life support systems.


Geoengineered aerosol skies over New York City

Industrialized civilization is the mechanism by which climate engineering has been conducted and perpetuated. If the total collapse of this paradigm brings an end to the geoengineering juggernaut of planetary omnicide (and an end to countless destructive factors related to militarized civilization), is that not a step forward for what is yet left of life on Earth? The global elite have long since been preparing for total collapse which their own actions and governance has helped to fuel from the beginning. We all have a responsibility to face reality head-on. Only in doing so will we have any chance of altering the outcome of what is unfolding in a positive direction. If our existence is not about fighting for the greater good (regardless of the odds), what is it about? If it is not about fighting for the future of our children, then what right did we have to bring them into the world? We owe our lives to the children and to the planet they will need to survive. If we can expose and halt climate engineering before the power structure is ready for this to happen, before global collapse is total, we could yet change the outcome. If all of us work together, without fear and trepidation, with focus and conviction, who can say what we may still accomplish for the greater good even at this dark hour. Make your voice heard while there is yet time.

New Science Study Confirms Contamination From Climate Engineering Assault



The “International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health” has just published an in depth research report from Dr. Marvin Herndon that directly implicates the use of highly toxic coal fly ash with 99% certainty as base material in the ongoing climate engineering programs. Why would such a material be utilized for climate engineering? Because coal ash is light enough to remain suspended in the atmosphere for extended periods. Additionally, it would give the climate engineers a form of plausible denial in regard to the source of materials raining down on us. Using a refined form of coal ash as a base material for climate engineering would also effectively disposes of the extremely fine coal ash particles in the process which has always been a problem for the industry.

The curtain of lethal deception continues to be pulled back exposing the total tyranny of those in power. While they claim to be attempting to clean up our air, all available evidence makes clear the fact that highly toxic materials have been intentionally and continuously sprayed into our atmosphere as part of the ongoing climate engineering experimentation programs. The newly published study at the link below is a very important breakthrough in the ongoing effort to expose the weather warfare assault on humanity. It is a huge addition to reports already posted on by Dr. Herndon. My sincere thanks to Dr.Herndon for his valuable efforts in this critical battle for life on Earth.

Click here for the full article >>

Dane Wigington

The Case of Foteini Athanasopoulou

Foteini Athanasopoulou was forced to resign her candidacy for vice presidency of Greece’s Food Authority when parliamentarians from the former governing party PASOK and the new “centre” party POTAMI used personal facebook material to publicly expose her as a “conspiracy theorist”.

Mrs. Athanasopoulou is a leading member of ANEL, (Independent Greeks), SYRIZA’s sovereignist coalition partner in the present Greek government. POTAMI would like to see SYRIZA split with its left wing and form a government that would also exclude the “right-wing populist” ANEL and include POTAMI, in a “centre-left” coalition of a type very familiar in Europe and representing what is regarded as “normality”. POTAMI is evidently prepared to hit below the belt to achieve this (probably unachievable) objective and they have many willing helpers in the European Union “mainstream”.

Despite the brief public scandal that ensued from Mrs. Athanasopoulou withdrawing her candidacy, and despite pressing requests from the mainstream media, she did not take her case to them. She went back to her own area (she is a professor at the University of Thessaly) and spoke only to a local television station in the town of Trikala, where her relations with people are personal. This is the interview, with English subtitles:

As a footnote, it might be worth mentioning that a former president of the Food Authority is Nikos Katsaros, one of the earliest activists against the global clandestine aerosol spraying (popularly known as “chemtrails”).

POTAMI was established as a “centre” party, at the initiative of the journalist Stavros Theodorakis. But before moving into politics, Theodorakis had made a programme whose purpose was clearly to intimidate “conspiracy theorists” whose claim is that “they are spraying us”. This included the seven or so parliamentarians who have raised the subject in the Greek parliament.

Here is a relevant extract from this programme, with English subtitles:

The entire programme is also online, with English subtitles, unfortunately not well synchronized:

There is an examination of the course of POTAMI from the programme against “conspiracy theorists” to the subsequent participation in the European elections and the election of two Europarliamentarians, including Giorgos Grammatikakis, a participant in the programme  It starts on p. 13 of the 19-page text with the words: “And what do the mainstream media in Greece have to say about us?”